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1984 - The Jacksons' new album, Victory, was released.

1984 - The Jacksons' "Victory" tour's opening concert was performed at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium.
Jacksons Victory Tour
The Victory Tour was the biggest & final concert tour of the U.S. & Canada by The Jacksons, reunited with Jermaine; the tour included 55 concerts to an audience of approx. 2 million over the course of 5 months. With the most ambitious design & execution ever created for the concert stage which took 4 months to construct, the tour showcased Michael's single decorated glove, black sequined jacket & moonwalk, which captivated audiences around the world (Missouri).

The NAACP presents Michael with the 1984 Dr. H. Claude Hudson Medal of Freedom Award. Michael & Tito also accepted the 1984 Olympic Medal of Friendship Award on behalf of the entire Jackson Family (Los Angeles, CA).

1992 – Michael Jackson performs his Dangerous World Tour in Monza, Italy, attending 46,000 at the Brianteo Stadium. At the Monza (Milano) Italy concert Michael Jackson met the sculptor Enzo Arzenton and his wife Laura.

Thriller Capodimonte
Michael Jackson was very interested in promoting the sculpture "Thriller Capodimonte" to collectors, for some reason the deal was never consummated and in the end only six pieces were made.

1997 – Michael Jackson performs his History World Tour at the Olympia Stadium in Munchen.

2002 – Michael Jackson protested with some 150 people in front of Sony Music Headquarters in New York.

Earlier that day, in front of a crowd of 350 people inside Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, Jackson said of Mottola: "He's a racist, and he's very, very, very devilish."
MJ at NANJackson, who rarely makes public appearances, made three on Saturday in New York. At a rally at Sharpton's National Action Network in Harlem, Jackson railed against recording companies but singled out Mottola for criticism, saying he's "mean, he's a racist, and he's very, very, very devilish," according to published reports. Michael Jackson lashed out at the music industry's treatment of black artists -- including himself -- in an appearance on Saturday with New York civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton.
"The record companies really do conspire against the artists," Jackson, 43, told an adoring crowd of around 350 people inside Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters in Harlem. "Especially the black artists."

The former boy wonder of the Jackson Five said generations of black musicians have been hurt and manipulated by profit-grabbing record companies, and called attention to his own dispute with label Sony Music.

"When you fight for me, you're fighting for all black people, dead and alive," Jackson said.
Jackson appeared at Sharpton's House of Justice, dressed in all black—including two black gloves—and before a packed audience of mostly middle-aged or older blacks, spoke of the "conspiracy" of record companies against artists.
"They steal. They cheat. They do whatever they can—especially [to] the black artists," he said. "Sony's Tommy Mottola, the president of the record division, he is mean, he's racist, and he is very, very, very devilish. So, I need your support, not just for me. When you fight for me, you fight for all black people—dead and alive."

Jackson alleged that Mottola referred to another Sony artist as a "fat, black nigger." Sharpton, exhorting the audience about blacks being dissed, stated, echoing the Gloved One, that people had come to Jackson and told him that "this man made racist remarks." Jackson left without taking questions and headed for a rally at Sony's offices on East 56th Street.

Following the demonstration, Jackson attended a fan event where he was awarded with the "30th Anniversary Fan Award".
MJ Fan AwardMichael Jackson personally acepted the 'Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Award' during the '30 Years of Magic' Fan Celebration in New York, USA. It was handed over by Nijel, BPG, the artist who sculpted the award.

The '30 Years of Magic' Fan Celebration has been organized by MJFC and Navi with kind support by The Magical Child, King Of Pop Fanatics, MJJ Forum, The Michael Jackson World Network, Together for a better World, Michael Jackson...Magic, Heal 4 Michael, The Invincibles, and Diana d'Alo'

A huge line began to form around Webster Hall in New York City where Michael Jackson would party with his fans to honor his accomplishments as a recording artist over the past 30 years.
The minute the doors opened at 5:00 pm, pandemonium errupted and many, many fans ran into the ballroom to find a spot in front of the stage. By 6:00 pm, the show began with a very special prayer from little William Hazelhurst. From that point on, Navi opened the show with an amazing MJ medley of songs, then Tom Fox swooned the crowd with two songs including an exceptional version of 'The Lady In My Life.'

Other highlights of the evening were dancer Simone Maurice, Danny Oliver, the Jewel Dancers, Ahmad Buie with his awesome rendition of 'You Rock My World,' and Bling Dynasty who really rocked the crowd.

At roughly 8:30 pm, Michael Jackson arrived at Webster Hall and took his seat on the balcony. He was immediately met with wild, thunderous applause from the audience. Almost taking away the attention of the performance taking place on the main floor. Michael enjoyed much of the second half of the show and was visibly moved by E´Casanova´s performance and words of inspiration dedicated to Michael. Shortly after E'Casanova's performance, TMC and Belgium's own Christ'OF sent the crowd into a frenzy with his performance of MJ classics such as 'You Were There', 'Jam', and 'Billie Jean' just to name a few. But what had to be the most incredible moment of the show was the dance interpretation of 'Heal The World' which was performed by The Unity Kids Choir and the Creative Outlet Dancers. Michael was visibly moved by this performance and began singing along with the track.

In closing the show, Michael was presented with a very special '30th Anniversary Fan Award' that fans from around the world helped to create. Nijel, the designer of the award, addressed the crowd and presented Michael with this award. Michael was very humbled by this award and took the opportunity to thank the fans for making this moment possible and even stopped during portions of his speech to collect signs from the audience. He became partial to one which read, "Tommy Mottola Go To Hell." Michael held the sign high and said, "This says it all." And with a few additional words, he left the stage and the night came to a close.

MJ 30th Anniversary Fan Award
30th Anniv Fan Award
With fans worldwide, who have donated to create this award which is not just an award, it is also a beautiful work of art!
It was carved by the artist Nijel BPG.
With the award was given to Michael a list with the name, country and age of each fan who donated money for this award.
The award was sponsored by MJFC King of Pop Fanatics, The Magical Child, MJWN, MJ Newspage Fan Club Fanship Turns To Friendship ODJF, Dangerous, Jackson Trader Together For A Better World, Scream International Project Jackson Nation and 3Generations.

Source: MJFC, MJFC 3G

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