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1984 - Just one month after the accident, Michael had recovered well enough to enjoy his big win at that year’s Grammy Awards on February 28, 1984, taking away a total of eight trophies for the Thriller, including the coveted Record of the Year that had eluded Off The Wall.

Michael attended the ceremony with two dates: Brooke Shields, a close friend who had also been his date at the American Music Awards a month earlier, and child actor Emmanuel Lewis, star of the sitcom Webster, who was a few weeks shy of thirteen, but looked much younger.

At the 26th Annual Grammy Awards Michael won 8 Grammys in ten categories: Album Of The Year ["Thriller"], Best Pop Male Vocal ["Thriller" LP], Record Of The Year ["Beat It"], Best Rock Male Vocal ["Beat It"], Best R&B Male Vocal ["Billie Jean"], Best New Song Of The Year ["Billie Jean"], Producer Of The Year [with Quincy Jones] and Best Children's Recording ["E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial" with narration by Michael Jackson].

Michael's date for the evening was Brooke Shields.

It is the most ever won in a single year and entered The Guinness Book of World Records.

Michael Jackson wins a total of 8 awards at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California.

On receiving the Grammy award for ‘Album Of The Year’ – ‘Thriller’ – Jackson declares:

“This is a great honor, I’m very happy. I’d like to thank Epic Records – it’s the best record company in the world and the best – the best President of any record company, walter Yetnikoff, come up here, Walter, where are ya? Walter Yetnikoff, ladies and gentlemen. […] I – I also would like to say something very important that some people are entertainers, some people are great entertainers, some people are followers and some people make the path and are pioneers. I’d like to say Jackie Wilson was a wonderful entertainer. He’s not with us anymore [voice slightly trailed off], but Jackie, where you are, I’d like to say I love and thank you so much. […] This is one of my best friends in the world, I love Quincy Jones and he’s a wonderful producer and he’s a wonderful person.”
On winning the Producer Of The Year Grammy Award with Quincy Jones, he briefly states: “I don’t wanna take up much time, I just wanna say thank you and I love you all.”On accepting the "Best Recording For Children" Grammy award, he declares:
"Of all the awards I’ve got now, I’m most proud of this one, honestly. Because I think children are a great inspiration and this album is not [only] for children, it’s for everyone. And I’m so happy and I’m so proud..And I’ll just say thank you so much."
He makes the following speech on accepting the award for ‘Best Pop Vocal Performance’ – ‘Thriller’:
“Thank you. Thank you. When something like – when something like this happens, you want those who are dear to you up here with ya. I’d like to ask for my sisters, La Toya and Janet, please come up. My sister, Janet, as well, come up. First of all, I’d like to thank God, who is – Rebbie, I’d like to have you up here too, you know -, also I’d like to thank my mother and father who is – who are with us all the way. My mother, she’s very shy, she’s like me, she won’t come up. [laughs mildly]. [Here is] my other sister. I have three sisters. Also, I’d like to thank all my brothers who I love very dearly, all of – including Jermaine. I forgot to thank Steven Spielberg on the E.T. album [award], I love him very much, and I also forgot to thank Quincy’s wife – Peggy Jones, she was a great help on the E.T. album. I’ve made a deal with myself - if I win more – one more award, which is this award, which is 7th, which is a record, I would take off my glasses. [smiles] You know, I - I don’t wanna take them off, really, but… [fans screaming] [to his approving sisters:] Should I take them off? Okay. Well, Katherine Hepburn, who is a dear friend of mine, she told me I should and I’m doing it for her, okay? And the girl – and the girls in the balcony. [takes them off, gets embarrassed] Thank you.”
‘Beat It’ wins the ‘Record Of The Year’ award.
“I love all the girls in the balcony. [smiles] Again, thank you, my mother and father, thank you, Epic Records Promotion Department, Walter Yetnikoff, thanks, the disc-jokeys, for playing the records. Thanks to the public. I love you all. Thank you.”
Producer Quincy Jones reads his speech, after which Jackson adds:
“I’d like to thank Lionel Richie, who is here tonight, and he’s a wonderful person and a wonderful songwriter. I’ve been knowing him ever since I was 10 years old. Also, I’d like to thank again Quincy Jones and the fans in the balcony.” , says the entertainer
That night, he also wins the ‘Best Male Rock Vocal Performance’ award for ‘Beat It’, the ‘Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for ‘Billie Jean’ and the ‘Best Video Album’ award for ‘Thriller’.

The Jacksons' Pepsi commercials were aired during the award telecast and are amongst the most successful and most popular ads ever, and the first and only set of advertisements ever to be included in the weekly "TV Guide" listings.

Michael Jackson is on the Blues & Soul Magazine [United Kingdom].

1986 - Michael telephones and invites 14-year-old Donna Ashlock from California - convalescing after a heart transplant - over to "Hayvenhurst" mansion in Encino, there dining and watching a film with the young patient, the actual visit taking place on March, 8. That same year, he invites 12-year-old Danielle Finmark (attending "Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times", an organization for children with cancer) to the ranch, where she tours the residence, visits his menagerie, has lunch with Jackson and watches movie "Short Circuit" with him, according to Finmark.

1996 - Michael and Janet Jackson take home the “Best Music Video, Short Film” Award for “Scream”, alongside producer Cean Chaffin and director Mark Romanek at the 38th Annual Grammy Award ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca.

2003 - Michael Jackson won an early skirmish Friday in his legal fight to ban a British television company screening unseen footage from a controversial behind-the-scenes documentary about him.

The American singer had asked the High Court in London to grant an injunction preventing Granada Media Group showing any more footage from its hugely popular "Living with Michael Jackson" show but lawyers for both parties said they had managed to reach a private agreement.

Granada's lawyer, Geoffrey Hobbs, told the court that his client had agreed not to exploit copies of the program or any out-takes until a full hearing of the case after March 31.

Feb 29

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Avignon, France.

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1971 - The single "Mama's Pearl," by the Jackson 5, hit #2 in the U.S.

1980 - Michael Jackson won the Best R & B Vocal Performance, Male award for Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough at the 22nd Annual Grammy Awards. The award was his first Grammy.

Michael was greatly disappointed that Off The Wall did not win Record of the Year or Album of the Year (losing to the Doobie Brothers and Billy Joel, respectively) and vowed the next album would not be overlooked in the same way.

1984 - MTV previewed the two 60 second PEPSI GENERATION commercials free of charge.

Jingle based on Billie Jean, which accompanied Michael’s first sponsorship deal with Pepsi Cola in 1984. Pepsi campaign ‘The Choice of a New Generation’ launched at the Lincoln Center, New York. Launch attended by 1,600 people; the programme for the evening came with a 7” promo of Michael’s re-working of Billie Jean, for the advertising campaign.

1997 - ABC-TV aired "Happy Birthday, Elizabeth." Michael Jackson had performed on the show that was taped on February 16, 1997.

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour at Carre Theater in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1983 - Beat It enters the Pop Singles Chart.

Michael is on the Record Mirror magazine [UK]

1984 - Michael attends the premiere of the two Jacksons Pepsi commercials at Pepsi Bottlers Convention at Lincoln Center in New York City.

1993 - Michael is on Entertainment Weekly.

1997 - At the 39th Grammy Awards edition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, "Earth Song" is nominated for the "Best Short Form Music Video"

2002 - Michael Jackson's Neverland Entertainment invested $ 15 million - $ 20 million in Mark Damon's production and distribution company MDP Worldwide, making Michael and his new producing partner Raju Patel major shareholders in the company.

Michael Jackson showed up along with longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor and "Rush Hour" helmer Brett Ratner to tout the deal. Until his arrival, it was not clear whether Michael Jackson would show up at the event, but suddenly he appeared from a nearby dining room and entered the dinner tent to a standing ovation, arm in arm with Elizabeth Taylor.

After making it to their thronelike chairs onstage, Michael Jackson took to the microphone and explained his decision to invest in MDP and enter the independant film business. "I dream great dreams," Michael Jackson said.

"Everything I've achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about. The painter paints, the sculptor sculpts, but they just capture a glimpse of life - of the subject. And film, this medium, you live with the protagonist, you suffer with the protagonist, you laugh with the protagonist, you despair with the protagonist. It's the most artistic, influential medium of all. I am very proud of what we're doing, and I promise you wonderful and fantastical things to come."

After his onstage appearance, the notoriously shy King of Pop elaborated in an interview about his plans for Neverland Pictures. He said he will be involved in all aspects of the company, such as reading scripts, plucking talent and directing. "I have a lot to express in film," Michael Jackson said, revealing that his favorite movie is "To Kill a Mockingbird." "I'll be doing the whole thing, behind and in front [of the camera]. I love it."

Michael Jackson's Neverland Entertainment invest $ 15 million - $ 20 million in Mark Damon's production and distribution company, MDP Worldwide, making Jackson and his new producing partner, Raju Patel, major shareholders in the company. Michael Jackson appears along with longtime friend, Elizabeth Taylor, and "Rush Hour" helmer, Brett Ratner to tout the deal. The entertainer explains his decision to invest in MDP and enter the independant film business. "I dream great dreams," says Jackson. "Everything I've achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about. The painter paints, the sculptor sculpts, but they just capture a glimpse of life - of the subject. And film, this medium, you live with the protagonist, you suffer with the protagonist, you laugh with the protagonist, you despair with the protagonist. It's the most artistic, influential medium of all. I am very proud of what we're doing, and I promise you wonderful and fantastical things to come."

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Bournemouth, UK.

1983 - Jane Fonda presents Michael with a Platinum certification for "Thriller" at the CBS Press conference.

1986 - Songwriters Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie are honored with the "Best Song of the Year" award for "We Are The World", the relief single they wrote for the "USA For Africa" project in 1985, at the 28th Grammy Awards from Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

The song is also voted as the "Record of the Year ", an award accepted by producer Quincy Jones, joined on stage by Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick.

Michael and Lionel accepted the award for the Song of the Year together. On accepting the award he makes a brief speech
Michael stepped to the podium, dressed in black uniform jacket and red shirt, with several gold pins:

"First, I’d like to thank God, and I’d like to say thank you for choosing Lionel and myself to write "We Are The World". I thank Quincy Jones, who was the greatest producer to me. And I also like to say, when you leave here, remember the children. Thank you."
At an ensuing press conference, he is asked about how he creates songs and to comment a little on ‘We Are The World”.
“That’s one of the hardest questions to answer, because it’s a – it just comes, songs just kinda create themselves, so I don’t wanna dissect it really, just I let it happen. […] I wanted something that the whole world could sing.”
After the speech, Michael Jackson exits the stage happily and tightly holding mentour and friend Stevie Wonder's hand. The other honors for "We Are The World" are the "Best Pop Performance By Duo or Group" and "Best Short Form Video".

1998 - Michael attends the investiture ceremony of then South Korean President, Kim Dae-jung, one of the century’s astute fighters for democracy and 2000 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

He stays in Seoul, South Korea from February 20 to February 27. Kevin Sullivan, reporter of Washington Post, who met with the artist at the event, answers that the latter’s purpose for his being present at the event was because “[Jackson] praised Kim Dae-jung's commitment to children, and he said he was considering a concert to benefit starving children in North Korea and around the world. (Jackson did headline two huge concerts in June 1999, one in Seoul and one in Munich, that raised several million dollars for children's charities.)” A day after the artist’s sudden demise, former South Korean president, Kim Dae-jung, who, less than two months later will also pass on due to a multiple organ dysfunction, says “the world has lost a hero… and Korea also lost a beloved friend, who showed continued interest and supported unification of Korean peninsula. Korean people are sad.”

2002 - It was announced that Michael Jackson's Neverland Entertainment was investing about $20 million into MDP Worldwide Entertainment, Inc. Mark Damon, chief executive of MDP, stated that Jackson would be a producer, actor and director for Neverland Pictures.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Entertainment has invested $15 million-$20 million in Mark Damon’s production and distribution company MDP Worldwide, making Jackson and his new producing partner Raju Patel major shareholders in the company.

As part of the deal, MDP will operate a new division, Neverland Pictures, headed by Jackson and Patel along with key executive Lawrence Mortoff.

The company plans to produce a range of projects with a focus on family films and reimaginations of classics, some of which might be directed by and/or star Jackson.

The venture was announced Sunday night during a private dinner reception at Damon’s hillside Benedict Canyon home, attended by 250 guests. Making a rare appearance, Jackson showed up along with longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor and “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner to tout the deal.

Until his arrival, it was not clear whether Jackson would show up at the event, but suddenly he appeared from a nearby dining room and entered the dinner tent to a standing ovation, arm in arm with Taylor. After making it to their thronelike chairs onstage, Jackson took to the microphone and explained his decision to invest in MDP and enter the indie film business.
“I dream great dreams,” Jackson said.

“Everything I’ve achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about.

The painter paints, the sculptor sculpts, but they just capture a glimpse of life – of the subject.

And film, this medium, you live with the protagonist, you suffer with the protagonist, you laugh with the protagonist, you despair with the protagonist. It’s the most artistic, influential medium of all.

I am very proud of what we’re doing, and I promise you wonderful and fantastical things to come.”
After his onstage appearance, the notoriously shy King of Pop elaborated in an interview about his plans for Neverland Pictures.

He said he will be involved in all aspects of the company, such as reading scripts, plucking talent and directing.

“I have a lot to express in film,” Jackson said, revealing that his favorite movie is “To Kill a Mockingbird.” “I’ll be doing the whole thing, behind and in front [of the camera]. I love it.”

Another movie Jackson is fond of is 1994’s “The Jungle Book,” which Patel produced and Damon executive produced, marking the duo’s first collaboration.

After seeing the movie, Jackson called Patel, who also produced “The Adventures of Pinocchio” and “The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo,” to compliment him on his work, and the two became friends.

That brought Jackson and Patel to Damon’s MDP. Patel said he and Jackson chose to invest in MDP and launch Neverland under their banner to gain creative freedom outside the studio system. “Michael wants control, and that’s hard to get at a studio level,” he said. “He wants to be able to go straight from an idea into the marketing.”

Neverland already has a slate of projects, with three of them expected to be announced shortly. Whether any of those include Jackson-directed projects is unclear, but if he’s not willing to hop behind the camera so soon, his close friend Taylor is.

“I wanted to direct for quite a while,” Taylor said in an interview. “I’ve observed and picked up so much from other directors and other actors and learned just by osmosis. I’d like to take the knowledge I’ve learned from them and have a go at it.”

Jackson has had several previous forays into film production, more notable for their ambitious announcements than their actual output: in 1991, he signed a nonexclusive first-look deal with Columbia Pictures through his Nation Films banner.

In 1993, he announced a second feature film company, Michael Jackson Productions Inc., promising to deliver movies with positive and uplifting themes.

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1970 - The Jackson 5's second single, "ABC", was released.

Again produced and written by The Corporation™, it went to #1 in the US, #8 in the UK and sold a massive 4.1 million copies world wide.

A stop and start bass line and drum part, and propulsive percussion -- congas, tambourine, shakers -- horns, a fuzz-box guitar, dual Afro-Cuban-influenced piano parts, and, of course, the adolescent call-and-response vocals of the Jackson 5 brothers drive this Motown classic and one of the sweetest and simultaneously most satisfying confections of the 1970s. The song displaced the Beatles' "Let It Be" in the number one spot on the pop chart. Opening with the fuzz guitar, an off-beat percussive piano note, and a "doo-dooh" vocal hook line, the drums kick in on the down beat with Michael Jackson, then all of 12 years old, who starts in on the school metaphor:

"You went to school to learn girl
Things you never knew before

Like "I" before "E" except after "C"

And why two plus two makes four

Now, now, now I'm gonna teach you, teach you, teach you

All about love girl, all about love

Sit yourself down, take a seat

All you gotta do is repeat after me."
The school scenario was no accident; Freddie Perren, a member of the Corporation, the writing/producing collective behind "ABC," was a former school teacher. He has noted in interviews that producing -- especially a group comprised of teens and preteens -- is much like teaching: outlining a plan and having the students execute it until the teacher is satisfied.

The similarity of the song's groove to the Jackson 5's first hit single, "I Want You Back," is also no accident; "ABC" is essentially the chorus of the former single (and by theory a pop song's catchiest part), repeated and looped for the body of the newer single. The walking bass line forms the backbone -- bass having always been a top priority in Motown recordings. The arrangement builds to a rowdy drum breakdown in the middle of the song, Michael Jackson shouting out to the object of his young heart's desire: "Sit down girl! I think I love you!" He is egged on by his brothers, "No! Get up girl! Show me what you can do!" At which point, the brothers start to harmonize on "Shake it, shake it baby." Through the whole arrangement, the brothers share the lead vocals, trading lines, Michael taking the lion's share. The urgency in Michael's young voice is befuddling; this is no child novelty act -- a youngster propped up and made up to look and sound like an adult; Jackson just belts it out as soulfully as an adult, yet still sounds natural, effortless, and untrained, simply gifted. One wonders why such gifts became watered down and squandered to the extent that they did in the 1980s and beyond. For, while this early stage of his career was often called bubblegum soul, the emphasis must surely be placed on soul. There is little cuteness beyond the knowing school metaphor and Michael Jackson is not handled with kid gloves in the arrangement. The resulting recording avoids a ham-fisted, over-processed, and produced child act.

Deke Richards, the principal author and producer of "The Corporation", was inspired during a special evening during the sixties. "I was working late one night in the bunker - the rehearsal room, to Histville in Detroit," he said, recalling the days when HDH team was the fire company. "And that opened the door and introduced himself? Lamont Dozier. He went to the piano and played a medley of his hits. I still laugh, I remember him joking between agreements and saying, '... then I writing ',' ... then I got with it ...', and '... you should certainly remind you of that one. "Thus I heard. It was simply now recycle their agreements; sometimes taking part of one and embellishing, creating a new one, or a change to a new song. Simple, but brilliant. My state of mind was the latter when I had the chorus of the second single of the Jackson 5. I restrained myself to say 'Do not forget that Lamont has taught you. " There were large sections of 'I Want You Back'. I restrained myself to say, 'find them and use them. " I sat at the piano and I began to quietly play the chords once, until I got to the refrain:
'I want you back yeh yeh yeh yeh.
Bam! It struck me like a train at any speed. That was the groove that I needed. I stopped, and played two different agreements, and so on. Next, I play a melody meeting starts at nice after two agreements. I smile and tell myself ' Bingo, That's the basics! '.
His partner in The Corporation, which ensures that the keyboards on the track, Freddie Perren, added: "The music for 'ABC' was right there. We just took this music and do not stop playing it. However, this was not so simple - it had to be rearranged so that it is a real song. We had to think, not just sing little phrases on the pace. This coincided with the fact that the Jackson 5 had age that they had, and most of their fans went to school."

"After all," continued Richards, Michael was so young. I just needed simple words, that young children could learn in a second. I always liked the title of Len Barry, '1, 2,3 ' . And I thought that learning to love was as simple ABC, not 1,2,3. And then it hit me. "My god, all children know their alphabet!" My head began to swim to a point where I thought she was going to explode.

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in London, UK.

1987 - Pepsi aired a Michael Jackson commercial, "The Spring...The Magic Returns," during the 29th Annual Grammy Awards

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, United States attending 16,960 fans.

Two-year old cancer patient, Allan Bufford, held by his mother, Brenda, meets his favorite entertainer backstage in Kansas City, Missouri on occasion of Jackson’s US leg of his first solo world tour, the Bad Tour. The ill boy obtained his doctor’s permission to attend the sold-out show.

1993 - 35th Grammy Awards edition from Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, Michael Jackson received the Grammy Living Legend Award from his sister Janet.

Michael and his date, Brooke Shields, attended the 35th Annual Grammy Award ceremony. During the ceremony, Michael was honored with the Grammy Legend Award.

The Grammy Legend Award is the most important award in the music business! It's the top honor in the recording industry, given for ongoing contributions and influence in the recording field.

The award was presented to Michael by his sister Janet, who sported a long brown braids. After narrating a lengthy "How To Become A Legend" video scrapbook, showing how her brother became a legend, Janet brought Michael on stage from his front seat at the auditorium.

Looking dashing in black jeans and boots, and a white beaded jacket, Michael embrace Janet. Clearly elated, Michael was in sparkling form, and he was inspired to give his longest ever acceptance speech, poking fun at himself and showing his sense of humor that many haven't had an opportunity to see. One arm hugging Janet close, Michael began on a humorous note:
I hope this puts to rest, I hope this finally puts to rest another rumour that has been in the press for too many years – me and Janet really are two different people!
Michael expressed gratitude to and concern for the world’s children, including the health and economically deprived, then raises consciousness and suggests solutions on urgent global issues, such as the inner city crimes, wars and terrorist attacks, or the overloaded prisons, increasingly entered by young people that were devoid of a proper childhood.
In the past month, I've gone from "where is he?" to "Here he is again," but I must confess, it feels good to be thought of as a person, not as a personality. Because I don't read all the things written about me, I wasn't aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre. But when you grow up as I did, in front of one hundred million people since the age of five, you're automatically different. The last few weeks, I have been cleansing myself and it's been a rebirth for myself. It's like a cleansing spirit.

My childhood was completely taken away from me. There was no Christmas, there were no birthdays, it was not a normal childhood, nor the normal pleasures of childhood - those were exchanged for hard work, struggle, and pain, and eventually material and professional success. But as an awful price, I cannot re-create that part of my life. However, today, when I create my music, I feel like an instrument of nature. I wonder what delight nature must feel when we open our hearts and express our God-given talents. The sound... of approval rolls across the universe, and the whole world abounds in magic. Wonder fills our hearts, for what we have glimpsed, for an instant, the playfulness of life.

And that's why I love children and learn so much from being around them. I realise that many of our world's problems today - from the inner city crime, to large scale wars and terrorism, and our overcrowded prisons - are a result of the fact that children have had their childhood stolen from them. The magic, the wonder, the mystery, and the innocence of a child's heart, are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world. I really believe that.

What, what we need to learn, what we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is everpresent, and only asks to be lived. They know the solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own hearts. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world, including the sick and deprived... I am so sensitive to your pain.
The new social butterfly and his date, Brooke Shields, attended Sony Music's party at Jimmy's in Beverly Hills along with Bob Jones and his date.

Michael Jackson is on SALUT magazine, France.

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in London, UK.

1980 - Off The Wall enters the Black singles chart peaking at #5 and remains their for 13 weeks.

1988 - The U.S. leg of the Bad World Tour began at Kansas City’s Kemper Arena in front of 16,960 fans.

Michael performed his first ever U.S. solo concert in Kansas City. The newly revised shows included more songs from the BAD album than did the shows in Japan. Michael left the sold out house of about 17,000 spellbound with moves that weren't around until he invented them. When not dumbfounded the fans cheered and waved their arms in response to the Gifted One's world-class talent and showmanship.

For the first few shows, there were also surprise appearances by Tatiana Thumbtzen for the performance of The Way You Make Me Feel. It was also a surprise for Tatiana, who was contacted by Michael's secretary only one week before the tour's opening. She was glad to be a part of the show, describing it as being like Christmas in February.

A month into the tour, Michael – finally ready to leave his family’s Encino home – bought a property he had been looking at for some time, a 2,700-acre ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara that he would christen “Neverland”.

Although Michael’s tour would keep him away from his new home for most of 1988, the purchase gave him time to refurbish it into a magical space, complete with amusement rides and a petting zoo. It was a deeply symbolic move for the 29-year-old man who saw himself as a “Peter Pan” figure, a committed champion for the happiness of children.

1985 – Michael Jackson is on TV Guide

1995 - "The National Association of Recording Merchandisers" (NARM) rewards Michael with the "Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award", at the 37th annual NARM Convention in San Diego, Ca.

The award recognizing efforts to advance social change. Harry Forster Chapin was an American singer-songwriter and dedicated humanitarian who fought to end world hunger. On that occasion, Michael gives a special preview of several new songs off of his forthcoming album, "HIStory".

2002 - Michael won three awards [out of six nominations] at the "33rd Annual NAACP Image Awards" which took place at the Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA. Michael won for Best Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration", Best Performance in a Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration" and Best Music Video: "You Rock My World". However, Michael did not attend the ceremony.

2010 - Return of the Captain EO.
The groundbreaking 3D movie called “Captain Eo”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas. Jackson writes and records two songs for the 17 minute epic: “We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me”. He also helps create a “Captain Eo” ride for Disneyland. The movie enjoy great success and run ran for 8 years at Disneyland and 10 years at Epcot. It also released at Tokyo Disneyland where it ran for 9 years and Disneyland Park in Paris - for 6 years.

The attraction, now entitled Captain EO Tribute, re-opened at Disneyland Park on February 23, 2010. The attraction returned to Discoveryland at Disneyland Park (Paris) on June 12, 2010, returned to Epcot at Walt Disney World on July 2 and to Tokyo Disneyland on July 1.

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1974 - The Jackson 5 performed at The Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

1992 - While in England, Michael and his young friend Brett Barnes visit comedian Benny Hill at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London for a reported 35 minutes.

The 67-year-old comic has been convalescing from a heart attack, but refused to undergo a heart bypass. Jackson hands him a bouquet of flowers and enthusiastically tells him: "Great to see you at long last", and keeps repeating "You’re my hero". Jackson is said to also have asked Hill if he wanted to appear in a video with him, to which the comic replies, "Of course, why not?" Jackson then confesses to Hill that he watches his shows every day and that he has hundreds of his videos. Benny Hill's best friend, TV producer Dennis Kirkland, reveals, "Michael has invited Benny to stay with him next time he is in L.A. [...] Michael's visit was the tonic he needed." Benny Hill passes away three months later from coronary thrombosis.

Michael Jackson was a big Benny Hill fan. "I just love your Benny Hill (impression)!" the young Michael Jackson told a bemused English music-press critic during a 1970’s tour. "He's so funny!". In a ‘New Musical Express’ 1981 interview with The Jacksons, the entertainer reveals that Benny Hill makes him laugh: “Uh! Are you kidding? Every day! I love Benny Hill. I like him better than Monty Python. […] He just cracks me up. A genius.”

1994 - "The Jackson Family Honors" is televised on NBC. The earnings of the show are given to their own newly formed charity, "Family Caring for Families".

2003 – Michael Jackson is on Derniere Heure[France] magazine.

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1970 - The Jackson 5 appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand to promote their second single, ABC. Their performance included I Want You Back, ABC and a medley of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/There Was A Time.

1990 - Michael Jackson's "good vs. evil" sci-fi film, "Moonwalker", wins the award for "Best Long Form Music Video" at the 32nd Grammy Awards from Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California.

2002 - Prince Michael Jackson II, better known as “Blanket”, was born at 9:23 p.m. in La Mesa, California, to a mother who remains unknown.

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Leeds, UK.

1990 - At a breakfast press conference held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, Michael was honored with the "Top Selling Artist Of The Decade" award by CBS Records for selling 110 million records during the 80's.

CBS Records' Tommy Mattola presented Michael with the award, a figure of Michael in a pose from the "Smooth Criminal" video against a large disk reading "100 Million". Mattola reads a list of Michael's accomplishments and states, "If I stood here 10 years ago and told you any artist would accomplish what Michael Jackson accomplished, you would have probably laughed me off the stage."

Michael attended the press conference dressed in red and black sequined military jacket, black gloves, and sunglasses.

As usual, his thank yous were brief: "Thank you Tommy, and thank you ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure it won't surprise you that I'm gonna make this one short again, but I have to say, however, that no album sells itself. It's up to the people out there to buy it, and so, I not only want to thank CBS Records and Epic Records, but I especially want to thank everyone everywhere who helped make this award what it is, first a possibility, and now a reality. Thank you Quincy Jones, thank you Dave Glew, thank you Bruce Swedien, John Branca, Mother and Joseph, Walter Yetnikoff and Hank Caldwell. And all of the children of the world. I love you Goodbye."
Among those in attendance were Michael's parents, Berry Gordy, Little Richard, Elton John, Gladys Knight, and Siedah Garrett.

1992 - Michael Jackson and young friend, Brett Barnes, visit Hamleys Toy Store and Rock Circus on Piccadilly Circus in London, Britain.

Bravo magazine featured Michael on their cover story: "General" Jackson

1998 - Michael goes to Seoul to attend the investiture ceremony of President Kim Dae Jung on the 25th.

2003 - Michael strikes back!!!

Fox aired outtakes from the controversial interview with Martin Bashir titled "Michael Jackson, Take Two: The Interview They Wouldn't Show You." The outtakes, coming from Michael's private camera man, will later be shown all around the world and showing closely how things really were and how much Martin Bashir commented Michael on his abilities as a father, Neverland etc... opposite to what was shown during his interview.

"The film shows extraordinary scenes of Martin Bashir praising the way Michael treats children and commenting on how good a father he is," a statement said.

"The Jackson footage clearly shows that Bashir was actually continuing to praise Michael's abilities as a father and [shows] Bashir making statements about how he feels it is a pity that the world is so quick to criticize Michael."

"On the face of it, either Martin Bashir was lying to Michael or was misleading his audience on the voiceovers on the film," a statement said, adding that Bashir had been aware he was being filmed during his interviews.

A verbal disclaimer repeatedly made known on behalf of the presenter of this rebuttal film, Maury Povich states that the singer had no control whatsoever upon the directing and producing of it. Part of the footage was not aired, because the videographer Hamid Moslehi refused to hand it over, owing to a financial dispute with Jackson. It was found by police in a search of Moslehi's home in November 2003, when the false allegations against Jackson rose, and showed the accuser's family praising Jackson for saving his life.

Michael leaves for Miami with his children and they stay at Al Malnik's mansion. Three social workers come to Jay Jackson's to interview Gavin & his family. Once again they defend Michael and say nothing inappropriate ever happened.

Chris Tucker's girlfriend Azja Pryor is there to support the family and after the interview she takes the children to Neverland while Vinnie takes Janet to a federal office in LA in order to obtain birth certificates of the family that they will need to get visas & passports for a planned trip.

2006 - Visionary: The Video Singles; a series of 20 Michael Jackson's hit singles on video, is released on Europe.

The limited edition cover artwork for the boxset is a photomosaico using images from Michael's career.

2008 - The "Thriller 25" album was released in Japan.

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1974 - Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond co-hosted the first annual American Music Award show with Rodney Allen Rippy and Ricky Segall.

The AMAs were created by Dick Clark in 1973 to compete with the Grammys. While the Grammy Awards are awarded based on votes by members of the entertainment industry, the AMAs nominations based only on sales and airplay and the awards are determined by a poll of music buyers, and as a result is more of a representative of public opinion.

Michael and Donny Osmond present the award for "Favorite Soul/R&B Band" to The Temptations, while Ricky Segal and Rodney Allen joined them to present the award for "Favorite Pop/Rock Band" to the Carpenters.

1976 - The performance of the Final Jackson 5 Tour takes place in Manila.

The group was still performing under the name "Jackson 5" for the time being, while they waited for their contract to expire in March. Their last performances under the old name would be in the Philippines, just before coming home to give testimony in the case against Motown.

1977 - The Jacksons took in the 19th annual Grammy Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California.

Before introducing the nominations for the Best Female Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, they performed a little ditty to explain the category, with each brother doing a short rap. The Jacksons present an award to Nathalie Cole for "Sophisticated Lady (She's a Different Lady)".

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Leeds, UK.

1984 - Michael is on the cover of CIAO 2001 Magazine [Italy].

1992 - During a private visit to London, Britain, Michael Jackson throws down from the Dorchester Hotel window a sheet of paper with the following words for his fans:

“I truly truly love you all very, very much. I can’t wait to see you all in Summer, I love England, you will always be in my heart forever, and ever. I’m going to sleep now, ‘cause I have an early flight back to America. I adore you all. I love you. Michael Jackson.
In a separate sheet, he also writes:
“Lets (sic) “heal the world” together, the children, the animals and the ecology. Love Love Love, M.J. I want to hear you’ve got my letter (illegible).”
On the same occasion, Michael Jackson and a young cousin also throws down a sheet of paper to ecstatic fans from the top of the building, that reads: "I love you soo much. Michael Jackson.” A playful Jackson also a throws down a T-shirt to them, as well as a bed sheet with the words: “I love you with all my heart. Let’s heal the world. I love you. Michael Jackson.”

1994 - Michael and the whole Jackson family (except LaToya) reunited for The TV Special "Jackson Family Honors" benefit at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. His date for the evening was Lisa Marie Presley.

When Michael took the stage to present two lifetime achievement awards to the night's honorees, Berry Gordy, founder of the Motown record label, and Elizabeth Taylor, he drew a nearly 5-minute standing ovation from a crowd of 12,000 fans. He has this to say on introducing his good friend:
"Today we honor Elizabeth Taylor for who she is, as much as what she does. For me, Elizabeth Taylor is the ultimate humanitarian, because she is the embodiment of love, compassion, faith, and integrity and she has been that ideal for hundreds and millions of fans over the five decades of her illustrious career.

Elizabeth began her career when she was nine years old and since then, has starred in some of the greatest of all American films. She has been, and she continues to be, one of the most celebrated women of the twentieth century. I know, from having the honor of being a friend of Elizabeth Taylor's, that she's in no need of another trophy or plaque to recognize her humanitarian work on behalf of the fight against AIDS.

And I also know Elizabeth is here tonight not for any ego gratification, but because this gives her another chance to get the all important message out to the public. The message of AIDS awareness and the need for compassion and the efforts to find a cure. To the formation of AMFAR in 1986 and her own Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, no one has done more to fight this dreaded disease.

But in knowing Elizabeth, I know her reward comes from the work itself, from the small battles won in the all-out war, from the gains she's been responsible for by eliminating the problem for the world to see and from the unspoken things of the victims who's lives she has enhanced during their times on earth. In the midst of my recent trials and tribulations, Elizabeth stood by my side with unwavering strength and support. Elizabeth stands for truth. She's immune to criticism and unfearful to any challenge and places the highest truth in the wisdom of her own heart and the direct knowledge of her own intuition. She is not swayed by public opinion, because she knows in the end truth always triumphs.

Elizabeth, I love you and we honor you not only for what you stand for, but also for the magnificence of who you are. The world is a better place because of your existence. Because Elizabeth is so unselfish in her devotions to humanity, it is doubly fitting that she be the recipient of the Jackson Family Honors award."
Michael also joined his family in the finale, If You Only Believe.

1996 - Michael receives the special Artist of a Generation Award at the 16th edition of BRIT Awards.

Michael Jackson performs “Earth Song” at the Brit Awards. It is Jackson’s first TV performance in England in over 20 years.

Unbeknown to Michael, however, while he was swinging out over the 4,000 strong celebrity audience on the end of a 30 foot crane, one Jarvis Cocker – frontman of the Britpop band Pulp – was up on stage, creating havoc.
Cocker was, it later emerged, protesting at the supposed ‘quasireligious’ nature of Michael’s performance. At the time, 25 children from two London schools were on stage, and allegedly as a result of Cocker’s actions four of them were hurt.

Michael later expressed his discontent over the incident, however, the controversy created by the performance has led to another rise in HIStory’s sales, putting the album back in the top 10 in Europe.

And following the performance, he informs the audience on the gravity of forest depletion, children deaths and famine, including alarming statistics such as areas of tropical forests being burned every minute, 3 million children dying every minute, or 300 children dying from hunger every minute, the singer requesting for unified involvement on behalf of people, joining him in these relief efforts. He reiterates this speech after performing the mentioned song at the 1996 World Music Awards in Monaco, Monte-Carlo.

Then, as he disappeared into a corridor of glowing white light, Irish singer, songwriter, author and political activist Bob Geldoff appears to presents Michael Jackson with a special Artist of a Generation Award at the 16th edition of BRIT Awards, for which he reads the following introductory speech:
"Any words one speaks or writes are sort of reduntant in the face of what we've just seen and heard. He is probably the most famous person in the planet, God help him. He has also sold more records than anybody in the planet. And he has also written, recorded and performed some of the most glorious music in the pop canon. So, along with all the goff written about him, it is probably one such justification that he's continually referred to as the King of Pop. [...] They came up with the Artist of a Generation [award to give to him]. But Michael Jackson has been making music literally since he was baby. So, what generation? At least three had been listening to him already. And who will they give it to next year? Or is it the award in itself a one-off like the man himself? Because childhood prodigy to adult genius, when Michael Jackson sings, it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing. So, tonight, the BRITs Artist of a Generation is: Michael Jackson."
On receiving the special award, Michael declares the following:
"I love you. Thank you – thank you BRITs Awards and Sir Bob (Geldoff). I’m humbled by this award. It is especially important coming from my wonderful family in the United Kingdom. You provided me with so much love and you’ve given me your loyalty and your support throughout my entire career, and a special thanks to Paul Russell… [To chanting fans] I love you.. I love you.. I love you all and especially, I love all my fans very much. Thank you.”

Inexplicably, as his HISTORY album was deemed a ‘greatest hits’ set (no matter it also included more than an album’s worth of new songs), Michael was ruled ineligible for any of the usual awards.

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Manchester, UK.

1988 - Rehearsals for the tour's second leg took place at the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida between January 22 – February 18, 1988.

Michael Jackson's Bad tour, fresh from stints in Japan and Australia, would begin its first U.S. leg in Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 23-24 at Kemper Arena. Although tour rehearsals had took place at the Pensacola Civic Center in North Florida from Jan. 22 to Feb. 18, no Florida concerts had been scheduled for the first set of shows.

According to Jackson's publicity agency, Solters/Roskin/Friedman, the present slate of 13 cities is firm, and no new dates would be added until a second portion of the tour, which was scheduled to resume in the fall after a European swing. According to a spokeswoman, information was not available about the possibility of Florida dates being scheduled in the fall.

This apparently quells speculation that Jackson would play in Tampa Stadium in late April or early May. According to stadium officials, a booking agency had reserved several dates during that period with tentative plans to stage a Jackson show. At no point, however, was a concert confirmed.

1989 - "Moonwalker" replaced "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial" at #1 on the Billboard Video Sales chart.

1993 - Michael Jackson is on Cine Tele Revue magazine, France.

1996 - Michael Jackson and the Cascio kids arrive in London.

2009 - The medias reveal that Michael is in secret talks with AEG Live to stage his pop revival with up to 30 dates at the O2 arena in London.

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1972 - Michael Jackson's cover version of "Rockin' Robin" was released as the second single from his 1972 first solo album titled Got to Be There.

The song hadn't originally been scheduled as a single, and it was only after radio djs started playing the song from Michael's first LP, Got to Be There, that Motown decided to release it as the second single, instead of of "I Wanna Be Where You Are." The djs who has originally played the album cut in the first place probably chose it because it was a familiar song to them, having first been released as a single back by Bobby Day back in 1958, the year Michael was born. Also on the B-side was "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone", another cover from The Supremes' #1 smash.

It was the biggest hit from the album, peaking at number two on the Hot 100 and R&B charts.

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Manchester, UK.

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) hits the Billboard Pop singles chart peaking at #7 and remains on the charts for 22 weeks.

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) co-written by Michael and Randy, was released as the second single from the Jacksons 12th studio album, Destiny, and became a signature tune of the disco age. It was the most successful single from Destiny, which helped to re-established them as a top-selling group. This infectious dance tune peaked at #3 on the black singles chart.
Michael, in a rare interview for a radio program, recalled writing the song with Randy. "Randy was going around the house humming a tune and I liked it. I asked him what it was and he said, 'It's nothing.' I said, 'No, it's something.'" Michael went on to write the melody and lyrics for "Shake Tour Body". "I don't know where it came from. God, I say."
1983 - Michael is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, with the main article Michael Jackson Life As a Man, who they dub as 'The Prince of Pop' in an interview by Gerri Hirchey.

1992 - Michael Jackson is one the cover of Jet magazine. The main article in three pages is entitled:”Michael Jackson`s new video “Remember The Time” when blacks were kings and queens.

1997 - Michael Jackson is on Tele Loisirs Magazine, from France. The main article is entitled: "Michael Jackson nouveau drame divorce juste avant la naissance de son enfant".

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1976 - The Jackson 5, minus Jermaine, take part in a couple of skits and perform 'Forever Came Today' on Rich Little Show. In the same show "Welcome Back Kotter" spoof with Rich Little as Kotter and the Jacksons as The Sweathogs; and "Duck Soup" spoof with Rich Little and all the Jacksons playing Groucho Marx simultaneously.

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Glasgow, UK.

1997 - Michael Jackson performs at a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor for her AIDS benefit concert titled "Happy Birthday, Elizabeth" in Los Angeles, California.

Elizabeth Taylor, who is facing surgery soon for a bening brain tumour, celebrated her 65th birthday in her characteristic glamour at a black-tie gala "Happy Birthday Elizabeth - A Celebration Of Life" at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, with a star-studded cast of well-wishers. Michael, arrived as Liz's escort for the evening and sat by her side throughout. Michael was making his first appearance since the recent birth of his first son, whose godmother is Taylor. Michael sang Elizabeth, I Love You", which he wrote especially for the occasion.

Michael gave a markedly sparse performance with out his usual pyrotechnics, props or supporting cast, with the exception of a child actress appearing at the beginning of the number who was representing Taylor as a girl.

The tribute aired on February 27, 1997 by ABC – TV

2004 - Michael, Grace, the kids, Omer Bhatti & Dr Sebi arrive in Old Snowman in Colorado where Michael has rented the Meanwhile ranch (close to Aspen).

2005 - Katherine, Joe & Jermaine visit Michael at the hospital before he goes back to Neverland to rest.

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1977 - The Jacksons performed "Enjoy Yourself", "They Can't Take That Away from Me"/"Puttin' on the Ritz", "Blues Away", "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" and "Keep on Dancing" with guest star Redd Foxx.

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Geneva, Switzerland.

1993 - "Give in to Me" was officially released in Europe with a video clip featuring Slash, filmed in Germany in two hours in front of a live audience.

The single was not released in North America, but became a top ten hit in five countries.

2003 – Michael Jackson is on Heat Magazine, United Kingdom.

2005 - Michael Jackson was admitted to Marian Medical Center with flu-like symptoms.

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1968 - The Jackson Five perform at the Apollo Theater's legendary Amateur Night.

Joseph in a visit to New York, secure the group their most daunting gig to date, an appearance at the Apollo Theater's legendary Amateur Night as the opening act for Dave Prater (of Sam & Dave). As seasoned performers, the Jackson Five had little to fear and their worries proved unfounded. Not only did they win the ‘Superdogs Final’, they also earned a rare standing ovation from a notoriously fickle audience.

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Geneva, Switzerland.

1983 - The short film for “Beat It” is paid for and conceptualised by Michael Jackson himself, directed by Bob Giraldi and co-choreographed by Michael Jackson and Michael Peters, and takes place on Los Angeles Skid Row around February 14, 1983.

Jackson asks Giraldi to come up with a concept for the "Beat It" video because of the singer liking a commercial Giraldi has directed for WLS-TV in Chicago, which it features a married couple of two elderly blind people who, instead of running from a run-down neighborhood of minorities, which all the other white folks had fled from, choose to stay and throw a block party for all the young kids in the area. The cast for ‘Beat It’ includes 80 members of two real rival street gangs from L.A., Crips and Bloods - the entertainer’s idea - the promo for the video costing Jackson an estimated $140,000 or $50,000, after CBS refusing to finance it. “Beat It” sees the unification of two gangs through the power of music, message and dance. The heavily repeated chorus goes

“Beat it, beat it,
No one wants to be defeated.
Showing how funky, strong is your fight,
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right”
draw up an emblematic anthem against violence and taking chance on it as a demonstration for manhood. Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine states that the song is both "tough" and "scared". In his room, Jackson contemplates the violence breaking outside, him dancing his way through the diner and pool room of a hotel (presumably), towards the gang conflict, where he starts dancing and the gang members joining him. The single reaches to the number-1 chart position a week after its release and Michael Jackson becomes the first black artist to have a number-one album and single simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom. The single will be certified gold, a few months after its release, for shipments of at least one million units. In 1989, the standard format single will become re-certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, based on the revised sales level of one million units for platinum singles. The total number of digital sales in the United States, as from September 2010, amounts to at 1,649,000.

1985 - Michael helps with the delivery of Valentino, a baby deer born to his pet deer, Prince and Princess at Hayvenhurst in Encino.

1989 - Michael and his manager Frank Dileo, were parted company.

No real reason was given for the abrupt split, leaving the media to speculate about possible causes, suggesting that Dileo was trying to be bigger than Michael, that his managing technique was too flamboyant and that he tried to promote him as a wacky person.

Dileo managed Michael's career from March 20, 1984 to February 14, 1989.

1996 - Veja magazine, Brazil

2001 - A special evening at New York City's Carnegie Hall for Michael Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Mother Love, Loveline's Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Stanley Greenspan, publisher Judith Regan, attorney Johnnie Cochran, Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg as well as for fans who traveled to New York City from all over the world:

A debate entitled "Love, Work & Parenting: Can You Be a Success in the Bedroom and the Boardroom?" to introduce the newly founded charity of Jackson and Boteach "Heal The Kids".

From Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's introduction:
"This initiative, 'Heal The Kids', is designed to save us from the worst kind of hell: a life where you are surrounded by people and you're still totally alone; a life where your children don't talk to you about meaning, but rather about your being a pay station for PlayStation; a life where the TV always blared, but your soul was never bared; a life where shopping at Barney's came before playing with your children and their Barneys...a life where surfing the Internet for content came before searching hearts for meaning."

"Who would've believed one day we'd hear of parents bored of their children turning on fantasy television - 'Star Wars', 'The Wizard of Oz'? Have you ever heard of escaping your children's reality by escaping into someone else's reality?"

"We're talking about you having deprived them of every child's birthright: the right to feel loved without deserving it, to feel admired without earning it."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who co-founded "Heal The Kids" with Jackson last year, introduced Jackson, saying that "the real Michael Jackson isn't famous for the moonwalk, he's famous for... his love for children."

From Michael Jackson's introduction:
"Tonight, we're here in the world's most famous concert hall to hear an entirely different kind of music, a loftier melody.... This music I speak of is...more harmonious than a thousand voices joined in a hymn, and more powerful than all the world's percussive instruments combined....

That sound is the sweet sound of love. That sound has become a forgotten refrain. Instead of dinner conversations, there is the noise of video games. Instead of regular conversations between parents and children about drugs or violence, there is the deafening sound of silence."

"Who would have believed that the sound of children at their playgrounds would be replaced by the sound of automatic machine-gun fire? That the sound of little girls skipping rope would be overshadowed by the frantic screams of little children dodging bullets? Yet, instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools."

"With two children of my own, I know what it means to balance the demands of family and career - and let's not even talk about finding a date for myself. Rabbi Shmuley keeps telling me he'll find me the perfect woman. My response is, 'As long as she's not a journalist.' "
Mother Love, who openly wept during Jackson's speech, spoke extensively about her 28 years of marriage, while Regan expounded on the difficulties of single motherhood.

The event ended with a short question-and-answer session, followed by brief closing words from Jackson, who explained he would give more details about love and family at the next "Heal The Kids" event that will take place at Oxford University in Great Britain.

He promised a speech "certain to surprise you".

Launched about the same time is the official website for Michael Jackson's "Heal The World Foundation". Be informed about upcoming events, Heal The Kids, Teach The World by visiting this great site!

Michael Jackson’s Heal The World Foundation and The Seminar Center present a Valentine’s Day Seminar at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The event, organized by Jackson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, promotes family love and is the first public event by the "Heal the Kids" initiative, a HTW campaign aiming to educate the occupied adults in favor of reprioritizing their children. Jackson introduces his guests, a panel of children's experts and celebrities - who hold discourses on balancing romantic love, family commitment and professional dedication - and holds a speech pertaining to the event’s theme (read the speech here). The entertainer displays his lingering concern towards the illegal and augmentative child access to machine guns, leading to fire attacks in educational institutions, as a result to a faulty parenthood, and speaks on the importance of parents raising their children responsibly. Prior to the event, the entertainer invites his fans via a letter, to participate at the inaugural evening: "This is a serious and entertaining event and I have asked some of the top experts on love and parenting to come and talk to you", moreover, specifying that the seminar’s proceeds will benefit "Heal The Kids"

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1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Sheffield, UK on Destiny tour.

1984 - Feb. 13, issue of People magazine featured Michael on the cover, became the publication's third best selling issue ever.

1989 - Just two weeks after the end of the Bad World Tour, Michael fired manager Frank DiLeo, a former executive at Epic Records, who had been with him since 1984.

Despite his success at the helm of the Victory and Bad tours, and in negotiating endorsement deals with Pepsi, DiLeo had also failed to get Moonwalker into North American theaters, despite high demand. It is also thought Michael blamed DiLeo for being behind his wacky Tabloid image, despite the fact that subjects like the oxygen chamber and Elephant Man skeleton had been Michael’s ideas.

The firing had immediate repercussions when Michael was convinced by his family to perform concerts with his brothers in South Korea by the Moonie religious organization, who had literally offered a million-dollar reward to any family member who could convince Michael to do them.

The shows, scheduled for August 1989, never happened, and subsequent lawsuits and counter-suits proved to be more trouble than the deal was worth. DiLeo had been the one in the past to shield Michael from his family’s opportunistic demands, and had even turned down the same million-dollar offer from the Moonie’s representative to negotiate Michael’s part in the concerts.

Michael later rehired Frank DiLeo in 2009.

“Leave Me Alone” is the eighth single released from the BAD album on February 13, 1989. It is only released in Australia and Europe and not in U.S. and reaches #1 in the United Kingdom.

On January 2, 1989, video for the single premieres on MTV and is a unique blend of live action and animation, combining a small carnival animal setting with Jackson crusing around in a small plane, and verbally poking fun at the false rumors about him such as the stories about him purchasing the bones of The Elephant Man, sleeping in a hyperbanic chamber, devoting a shrine for actress and friend, Elizabeth Taylor, or his cosmetic surgeries. Newspapers are thrown on a doorstep carrying outrageous titles: “Michael’s Space Age Diet”, “Bubbles The Chimp Bares All About Michael”, “Michael Proposes To Liz”, “Michael To Marry Brooke”; “Michael’s Cosmetic Nose Surgery”; “Michael and Diana Same Person”; “Jackson’s Third Eye Starts Sunglass Fad”, “Michael Weds Alien”; “Michael Frozen For 50 Years”, “Michael Confides To Pet Chimp”, “Michael Sleeps In Hyperbanic Chamber”. The song’s lyrics are mainly addressed to the media: “Leave me alone, stop it / Just stop dogging me around”, while cruising by an image of his ‘shrine’ to Elizabeth Taylor, lying in his hyperbanic chamber and dancing next to the Elephant Man’s bones. The closing part of the video features Jackson freeing himself from the enormous ties of fame holding him down.

1993 – Michael Jackson is on Lookin magazine, UK.

1997 - Michael Jackson's wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Michael was present at his son's birth. The boy is named Prince Michael Junior Jackson. According to MTV News the birth time was 1:07 am [PST].

The day that Prince was born Michael was filming the video for Blood On The Dance Floor. Michael Lee Bush: "Michael left before we totally finished because Prince was being born, the look in Michael's eyes when he got the warning it was starting to happen...... unforgettable,, damn see you made me start to cry again,...."

Yannick Allain (one of Michael's bodyguards from the 90s): "My first time in a maternity ward was not for my child but for Michael's. Michael invited us into to the room to introduce Prince to Me and Wayne. We both gave him a hug to congratulate him and all I could remember noticing was the look on Michael's face. The look of absolute pride. I had never seen him looking calm and yet so confident and happy without saying a word. At that moment I think I felt that kinship of manhood, that only comes from becoming a father. A wonderful moment."

A happy, but concerned Jackson issues the following statement regarding his becoming a parent, one of his most ardent wishes:

"Words can't describe how I feel... I have been blessed beyond comprehension and I will work tirelessly at being the best father that I can possibly be. I appreciate that my fans are elated, but I hope that everyone respects the privacy Debbie and I want and need for our son. I grew up in a fish bowl and will not allow that to happen to my child. Please respect our wishes and give my son his privacy."
Prince is the first of two children he would have with Rowe before their divorce on October 8, 1999. With the end of the marriage, Michael retained custody of the children, which Rowe signed away in exchange for a settlement.

2002 - It was announced that Michael Jackson, Sting, Barry Manilow and Randy Newman are amongst the latest names to be inducted into the "Songwriters Hall of Fame".

The songwriters will be honored during the "33rd Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame" induction ceremony and dinner in June, at Manhattan's Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers.

A songwriter must have been a "professional" for over 20 years and penned a significant canon of music to be included in the coveted list.

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