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1972 - The Jackson 5 perform for "Save The Children", a film theme of the 1972 "Black Exposition" and conducted by "Operation PUSH" ("People To Save Humanity").

In honor of the Save The Children foundation, the Jackson 5 participate, with the greatest Black artists of the era, at the series of concerts given during 5 days at t annual event organized by the Reverend Jesse Jackson in Chicago. The Black PUSH Expo '72 benefit concert at the International Amphitheater in Chicago, IL at the PUSH Expo: Save the Children (2:00 pm show). The Jackson 5ive performing I Want You Back, ABC & I Wanna Be Where You Are.
The show was filmed and included in the concert movie double LP Save The Children includes the best moments: the event highlighting, among musical acts, footage of the city’s black population, their churches, schools, slums and playgrounds, and promoting the hope for an improved future, benefiting the children of Chicago, Illinois. It was released a few month later, in 1974, at Motown, which artists are widely represented.

1983 - The Jacksons sign boxing tycoon, Don King, as promoter of their forthcoming tour.

When King contracted to stage the “Victory Tour” in 1984 he no doubt saw it as the first step to becoming the biggest promoter in the world of entertainment . “Thriller” had come out the year before, and Michael Jackson was the biggest name in show business. And King as the co-promoted the Victory Tour netted approximately $150 million.
According to Michael Jackson attorney Michael Branca, Michael did not want to be associated with King but went along with his participation due to pressure by his parents and his brothers.
Branca thought King wanted to use the tour as a "beachhead" to become a dominant music promoter.
King & The King: Don King with Michael Jackson. Instead of hanging in King's office, the photo of him with the King of Pop -- taken circa 1983 at Michael's house in Los Angeles -- is at King's home

1992 - Michael officially launched his Foundation in Bucharest, Romania.
At "Teatrul de Revista Constantin Tanase" theater from Bucharest, Michael holds a press conference before his Dangerous concert there, discussing the Heal The World Foundation tenets in a press conference, before which a group of children sing "Heal The World" to him.
"I’m very happy to be here... in Romania, and (?) my concert live on HBO, and to help the children. Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Prime Minister. These children are as dear to me as all the children of the world. Today, I’ve had the opportunity to see the face of transformation and civilization. A moment like this means healing the world. We must heal the world and ourselves. We have to weave our life like a web, because we are part of this web. Out of negligence, we have contaminated and polluted our planet and, in exchange, we hurt ourselves. In the life songs of ages is the dance of our blood. The environment is an extension of our body and it gives the pulse of love, is the orchestra of universe’s symphony. It is music’s territory and enables us to rediscover our souls. Let’s rejoice together in love today, unity and conciliation. Let’s heal everybody and, thus, heal ourselves. Let us make a covenant with life and let us celebrate with joy a new world... and healed. Thank you... especially, to all the children of the world. I love you all. Thank you so much.. Thank you.."
He also finances a playground for 500 homeless children there via Playday, in the amount of 10,000 dollars, and inaugurated by then Romanian President, Ion Iliescu. A portion of the proceeds from this concert is reported to have been directed to the Serbian refugees at the time. A press booklet distributed at the launch contained an interview with Michael, in which he described the Heal The World Foundation as 'an international foundation I have formed to formalise, focus and spearhead my activities and desires, to help improve conditions in our world... In order to heal the world, we must start by first healing our children.'

Michael visits the "Leaganul De Copii Sfanta Ecaterina" care facility and its children, in Bucharest, Romania, on a halt from his "Dangerous" tour. He spends quite a large amount of time in the orphanage, where 5-year old Alice, whose mother was an employee at the facility, gives to a gracious Jackson a drawing and photo album created by the home's children, which he patiently browses.

During his stay in Bucharest, he also takes time to visit the Snagov Monastery, built by Vlad Tepes, the so-called Dracula; he requests privacy, and spends 6 hours inside, reportedly, in order to pray and explore the building, but agrees to sign an autograph for one of the female journalists waiting outside.

1996 - Michael performs HIStory tour at Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam [The Netherlands] attending 50,000 fans.

1999 - Glucks Post magazine(Austria) featured MJ on the cover.

2000 - Michael sells his merchandising rights to Dieter Wiesner who creates MJ NET Entertainment.

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1971 - Goin' Back to Indiana, a live/soundtrack album by The Jackson 5 for Motown Records, was released.

The album features tracks from J5's September 16, 1971 ABC TV special of the same name. It also featured tracks recorded by the J5 during their May 29 "homecoming" concert in Gary, Indiana (hence, both the show title and name of 1970 song that appeared on Third Album). The album went on to sell 2.6 million copies worldwide and reached #5 in R & B, and #15 overall in Billboard.

The album contains new versions of I Want You Back and Maybe Tomorrow, the second part of the album features a live performance of the Jackson 5, so-called performance recorded during their visit to Gary, May 29, 1971.
*Serious doubts are regularly raised as to the reality of this information. Indeed, May 29, 1971, the J5 were not Gary, but in Indianapolis. It could be that the concert was recorded in Indianapolis, but Motown, to maintain the myth of the great return to Gary, would simply deliberately erroneous information.

1979 - Off The Wall (LP) enters the Top 60 albums chart in UK peaking at #5 and remains on the charts for an astounding one hundred and seventy-three weeks!

1984 - The Jacksons performs Victory tour at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 60,000 fans.

Hey magazine[Turkey] featured Michael on their cover.

1986 - A new line of Michael Jackson children's clothes is launched at the Palladium nightclub in New York. Manufactured by Entertainment Properties Inc. all the clothes carry the MJ monogram.

1987 - Rock & Pop magazine[Argentina] featured Michael on their cover.

1994 - Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" was certified 24 times Platinum, the album "Bad" was certified 8 times Platinum and the album "Dangerous" was certified 6 times Platinum.

2001 - Entertainment Weekly magazine featured MJ on the cover.

Are You Ready For Jacko?
The King of Pop is Back - And as wacko as ever!
Inside his New York concerts: The music and the madness!
2006 - Michael & Debbie have reached a confidential settlement over their 3 years long dispute regarding Debbie's visitation rights on Prince & Paris & money compensation.

Michael who is still in Ireland with Grace & the kids has recently met with hip hop producer Ron Feemster & his uncle/manager Charles Stanton to discuss possible collaboaration on his his album.

He also asked Teddy Rilley and Will I AM from the Black Eyed Peas to work on new songs for him.

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1977 - Universal Pictures holds a press conference at Astoria Studios in Queens, NY to announce the making of The Wiz. Michael attends the event with Diana Ross, Nipsey Russel and Ted Ross.

1984 - The Jacksons performs Victory tour at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 60,000 fans.

1987 - Fan Club magazine featured Michael on their cover.

Michael Jackson's I Just Can't Stop Loving You was certified Gold by the RIAA.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Civic Arena in Pittsburg [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 16,230 fans.

1990 - Billboard magazine includes a special section commemorating the 10th anniversary of Black Entertainment Television, BET. Among the congratulatory messages is one from Michael Jackson. "I am extremely appreciative of BET's support of my efforts. They have always provided a welcome home for my music".

1992 - Michael arrives in Bucharest to perform a concert on October 1st at Lia Manoliu Stadium.

Armed guards are dumbfounded as 2,000 fans wait all day in the cold at Bucharest's Otopeni Airport to greet Michael on his arrival. Until this day, this kind of teenage pop hysteria and VIP treatment for a pop singer has never been seen in Romania.

1996 - Michael performs HIStory tour at Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam [The Netherlands] attending 50,000 fans.

Michael spend a week in Amsterdam to give 3 concerts on September 28 & 30 and October 2.

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1968 - The Jackson 5ive performed as part of the benefit concert for Mayor Richard Hatcher at Gary’s Gilroy Stadium, set by Motown’s Record Corporation move to Gary, Indiana.

The Motown Record Corporation brought its “Sound of Young America”, to Gary Indiana, for a special benefit program , the purpose of which was to defray the costs of Richard Hatcher's mayoral campaign. Ewart Abney said that the Motown Benefit was a special salut to Gary, “city of the Century”, honoring Mayor Richard Gordon Hatcher “whom we may consider Mayor of the Century”.

Highlighting the benefit performance were Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pipes, Shorty Long, Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers and Abdullah – but not Diana Ross. Which wouldn’t stop Motown, for years to come, from claiming that this was the concert where Diana ‘discovered’ the Jackson 5ive.

The opening was performed by the Jackson 5ive.

Mayor Hatcher proclaimed the occasion “Soul Day” and proclaimed the entire 27-29 September weedend a “Soul Weekend”.

1984 - Impacto magazine [Spain] featured Michael on their cover.

1987 - Observer magazine[UK] featured Michael on the cover with the story BAD BOY ROCKS JAPAN.

Michael performs BAD tour at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama [Japan] attending 38,000 fans.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Civic Arena in Pittsburg [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 16,230 fans.

2009 - Tickets to Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT went on sale.

The first day of ticket sales, all 3,000 tickets to the advanced screenings of the film had "sold out within two hours [on] early Sunday [September 27, 2009]." Fans had reportedly waited in line for days. reported that over 160 showings had sold out., stated that "hundreds of screenings in North America have already sold out, a month before the film's October 28 opening."
According to, sales of tickets to the film have "accounted for more than 82% of all the tickets sold at the site today [Monday, September 28, 2009]." described the sale of tickets on as being "fairly significant" - but remarked that "this is after all, just a concert documentary."
It was reported that over 80 percent of tickets sold on were for this film.
It was also reported that the film had "accounted for some 80% of all online ticketing in the U.S. within its first 24 hours of sales, dominating presales compared with such upcoming titles as Avatar and The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
Sony, confirmed that over 30,000 tickets were sold in the first 24 hours that tickets went of sale. Sony also stated - as of September 28, - that the film's 'moved' over 1 million dollars in tickets sales in Japan.
Sony announced in a press release that in the "last 24 hours [since September 27]", that over 80% of all and sales for the film, had already sold out in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Nashville and New York, among others and: "Internationally, exhibitors from London and Sydney to Bangkok and Tokyo have experienced the same epic demand." Sony stated in a statement of the film's good ticket sale's that: "Staggering advance sales were reported in Australia, where tickets for Michael Jackson's This Is It purchased through Village Cinemas exceeded the lifetime pre-sales of such blockbusters as Transformers and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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1970 - Motown announced that the Jackson 5 had sold a million records in the last nine months.

1971 - The Jackson 5ive perform two shows at Baltimore, Maryland on their first national tour.

1973 - Get It Together performed by the Jackson 5 in the States on The Bob Hope Special (an alternate version), was aired on NBC TV in the States.

1979 - The Jacksons perform DESTINY tour at Los Angeles, California.

1981 - The Jacksons' Triumph tour ended ten weeks later on September 26, 1981, with the last of a record-breaking four sold-out shows at the Forum in Los Angeles. A live album, called The Jacksons Live, was recorded and released the following year.

Again, Michael expressed his desire to stop touring when it was all over. Although he would be coaxed back on the road three years later, the Triumph tour marked the end of the Jacksons as a cohesive group of relative equals, as Michael’s own star power was about to rise higher than anybody in history.

1987 - Hitkrant magazine[Nederland] featured Michael on their cover.

Michael performs BAD tour at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama [Japan] attending 38,000 fans. Yokohoma concert filmed and televised in Japan by Nippon TV.

Michael Jackson's album BAD hit #1 in the U.S.

Bad enters the Top 100 singles chart in UK peaking at #3 and remains on the charts for fourteen weeks. A limited edition red vinyl 12" is also released.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Civic Arena in Pittsburg [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 16,230 fans.

1992 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Jose Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon [Portugal] attending 64,000 fans.

1993 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Santa Cruz De Teneriffa in Tenerife [Canary Islands] attending 20,000 fans.

1996 - tele swiat magazine(Russia) featured MJ on the cover.

2001 - Michael Jackson's video clip for You Rock My World premièred on TRL in the U.S.A.

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1987 - Michael performs BAD tour at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama [Japan] attending 38,000 fans.

2007 - Michael makes a photoshoot for the upcoming cover of Ebony magazine at the Harlem museum with photographer Matthew Rolston (Brooklyn Museum, NY).

Ebony magazine had been working with Michael and his staff for eight months on the details of the shoot and interview. The final date, Monday, September 24, 2007, was set and the teams were mobilized.

The night before, Sunday, Michael and his son Prince Michael, II, fondly known as "Blanket," arrived at the hotel suite-turned dressing room to look at the clothes selected by renowned stylist Phillip Bloch. Italian designer Roberto Cavalli provided clothing, as well as such designers as Valentino, Yohji Yamamoto, Hugo Boss, Cesare Paciotti, and more. Plus we had more than $2 million worth of diamond jewelry on set from the likes of Jacob the Jeweler, H. Stern and Lorraine Schwartz.

The next morning, we arrived around 9 a.m. at the Brooklyn Museum. Normally, the museum is closed to the public on Mondays, but the staff allowed us to use the location for the historic shoot. Celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston, Ebony creative director Harriette Cole and Ebony photo director Dudley Brooks had already scouted several locations including the grand Beaux-Arts Court, Egyptian gallery and sculpture garden. Then, around 3 p.m., the shoot began.

During the session, a relaxed Michael grooved to his own music - PYT, Billie Jean, Human Nature - booming from a sound system and even showed off a few of his trademark dance moves. After five wardrobe changes and six hours of memorable photography, he thanked the crew and was on his way back to the hotel, just in time to put the kids to bed.

The next day, he arrived at his hotel around noon for what would be Michael Jackson's first sit down interview in years. For the next hour and a half, Jackson shared his thoughts and passions on the making of Thriller , MTV and music videos, God, fatherhood and the state of the music industry today; published on December issue of Ebony magazine.

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1971 – Jackson 5ive Mom and Pop featured on the cover of Life Magazine with the story Rock Stars at Home with Their Parents. The spiral staircase in the Jackson family's Hayvenhurst was made famous in the iconic cover where they are posing on stair steps with their parents standing at the bottom of the staircase.

1987 - Rolling Stone magazine feature Michael on their cover with the story Michael Jackson in Fantasyland.

1993 - Michael arrives in Tenerife with the Cascios to perform a concert on September 26.

While in Tenerife, Michael Jackson visited the Clinical Hospital, where he presented toys and gifts to the children.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory tour at La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza [Spain] attending 45,000 fans.
A shocking episode for Michael was when he sang She’s Out of My Life and the public started to the sing Ay, ay, ay, ay… Cielito lindo…

During his stay in Zaragoza, Michael visits hospitals, sign autographs.

2008 - The fan-voted album King of Pop was released in Japan.

On July 18, the Japanese edition "キング・オブ・ポップ-ジャパン・エディション" (King of Pop - Japan version) was announced with fans picking from a selection pool of 120 tracks. Out of tune with other versions, the compilation was released on September 24 by Sony Music Japan.

01. ビリー・ジーン / Billie Jean (Single Version)
02. マン・イン・ザ・ミラー / Man In The Mirror (Album Version)
03. スムーズ・クリミナル / Smooth Criminal(Radio Edit/ Album Version)
04. スリラー / Thriller (Single Version)
05. 今夜はビート・イット / Beat It (Single Version)
06. バッド / Bad (Album Version)
07. ブラック・オア・ホワイト / Black Or White (Album Version)
08. ヒール・ザ・ワールド / Heal The World (7”Edit)
09. ロック・ウィズ・ユー / Rock With You (Single Version)
10. ヒューマン・ネイチャー / Human Nature (Album Version)
11. ウィ・アー・ザ・ワールド (デモ・ヴァージョン) / We Are The World (demo)
12. セイ・セイ・セイ / Say Say Say (Album Version)
13. スクリーム / Scream (Album Version)
14. リメンバー・ザ・タイム / Remember The Time (Album Version)
15. オフ・ザ・ウォール / Off The Wall
Bonus: ベン / Ben (Single Version)
スリラー・メガミックス (ラジオ・エディット) / Thriller Megamix (Radio Edit)

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1993 - Michael performs Dangerous tour concert at Inonu Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey attending 48,000 fans.

2009 Sony Music Entertainment announced they were planning on releasing a song entitled, "This Is It" as a single.

It was confirmed during the announcement that the song was to feature backing vocals by Jackson's brothers and that the song would be included in a two-disc album, ending out the first disc, Michael Jackson's This Is It. It was also confirmed that the song would be featured during the end credits of the film.

Despite Sony not releasing the song as a single, it was confirmed that "This Is It" would be released to radio stations for airplay, but that the song would not be able to be downloaded. Sony had chosen to release the song as an album-only track as part of a strategy to encourage fans of the song to buy the entire album. John McClain, a co-producer of the This Is It album said of the song, "This song only defines, once again, what the world already knows -- that Michael [Jackson] is one of God's greatest gifts".

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1974 - The Jackson 5 perform Life Of The Party at the Sonny Comedy Revue.

1977 - In the September 22, 1977 issue of Jet magazine, Michael gave an interview to deny a slew of rumors.

Now a young adult, Michael’s private life was open to speculation in the press. It wasn’t long before strange rumors began to surface about him, an unavoidable consequence of fame that would become a constant burden for the rest of his life.

Michael deny a slew of rumors that by then had become urban legends: that he had gone skinny dipping with thirteen-year-old Tatum O’Neal, that he was gay, that he had taken hormones to keep his voice or had a sex change operation.

Still a year and a half away from his first nose job, insecure because of his post-adolescent complexion, Michael’s delicate psyche was already having to defend itself against the suspicious scrutiny of strangers.
1980 - The Jacksons' Can You Feel It is released as the first track on their album Triumph.

Written by brothers Jackie and Michael, the song featured solo leads by Randy and Michael, recorded in March 1980. Released as a single in 1981, the song reached #77 on the pop charts and #30 on the R&B charts in United States, but reached #6 in the UK and #2 in The Netherlands in 1981.

The accompanying video, was noted for its remarkable special effects. Michael created the video's concept, and Tito's sons Taj and Taryll appeared as extras. In 2001, it was voted one of the 100 best videos of all time, in a poll to mark the 20th anniversary of MTV. The title was also used for a 2009 greatest hits compilation.

1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at RFK Stadium in Washington [D.C., USA] attending 45,000 fans.

LA Semaine magazine [Canada] featured Michael on their cover.

1989 - The Capital Children's Museum honored Michael with the "Best of Washington 1989 Humanitarian Award" in recognition of his efforts in raising funds for the hands on educational museum, as well as for his never-ending altruistic efforts of improving children's lives.
Although Michael is unable to attend, he does send a video taped thank you speech. The award is officially given to Michael at the 8th annual Best Of Washington Celebrity Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Sheraton Washington Hotel (Washington, D.C.).

1990 - In September 1990, Black Entertainment’s Television celebrates its 10th anniversary. A special edition devoted to the Network was featured on September 22 issue of Billboard. Michael Jackson was among those congratulating BET: “I am extremely appreciative of BET’s support of my efforts. They have always provided a welcome home for my music”.

1992 - Michael perform a concert at Calderón Stadium in Madrid, Vicente attending 40,000 fans.

1993 - Michael arrives in Istanbul [Turkey] with Frank & Eddie. He goes to the cinema To watch Jurassik Park!

1995 - Michael was inducted into the Black Entertainment's Television Walk of Fame.

Michael was in Washington DC, to join the 15th Anniversary celebrations of Black Entertainment Television.

As well as singing You Are Not Alone with the Union Temple Baptist Choir, he became the first inductee in BET’s newly founded Walk Of Fame – created to recognize contributions to the music industry by African American artists.

Robert L. Johnson, BET’s president, presented a special plaque to Michael, who said he was ‘really proud’ and that it was ‘a great honour’. The BET show was screened, on American cable television, on 6th December 1995.

1998 - Michael attends another Janet concert in Orlando Spends Time with Lisa Marie and her children.

2001 - You Rock My World video is premiered.
You Rock My World, the lead single from INVINCIBLE, opened with a spoken exchange by Michael and Chris Tucker. The pair starred in the accompanying short film as well, with Marlon Brando and Michael Madson guesting and Paul Hunter directing.

Three versions of the promo were released, two edits and the full length version which ran to almost 14 minutes, and echoed some of the mood of Smooth Criminal. In most countries, the promo premiered on 21st September, but American fans had to wait another five days before they could watch it. On September 26, 2001 the clip premièred on TRL in the U.S.A.

You Rock My World, in reaching no.10, gave Michael his first Top 10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 since You Are Not Alone in 1995. It did slightly less well – no.13 – on the R&B chart.

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1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at RFK Stadium in Washington [D.C., USA] attending 45,000 fans.

1987 - Michael performs BAD tour at Nishinomiya Stadium in Osaka [Japan].

1993 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv [Israel] attending 100,000 fans.

1996 - Issue 38 of the Polityka magazine(Poland) featured MJ on the cover.

- On Friday, Michael Jackson's new, fantastic short film premièred throughout the world [with the exception of the U.S.A.].

The short film, directed by Paul Hunter, is showing the "King of Video" in a new look. The story was written by both Michael Jackson and Paul Hunter. The video clip is starring Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Kishaya Dudley, Marlon Brando, Michael Madsen and Billy Drago. Responsible for the choreography of the simply amazing dance routines were Michael Jackson, Anthony "Tone" Talauega and Richmond Talauega.

On the same day, the song "Cry," from the album "Invincible," was premiered on radio stations in the United States.

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1987 - Michael performs BAD tour at Nishinomiya Stadium in Osaka [Japan].

1992 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Football Stadium, Oviedo [Spain] attending 25,000. Slash made a guest appearance during Michael's concert.

1993 - during his stay in Tel Aviv, Israel, Jackson visits ill patients at a hospital, speaks to and passes toys to them, waves to an extensive congregation of admirers from his hotel balcony and throws down pieces of memorabilia to them.

He also visits the Tsirn Army Base there. Meantime, Jackson’s associate, "Pepsi", warrants 160,000 dollars for the "Ghandi Foundation for Children", resulted from the singer’s concerts in New Delhi, India.

1996 - Michael performs HIStory tour at Bemowo Airport, Warsaw - the biggest concert in history of music in Poland - accumulated 120 thousand fans.

During the HIStory Tour in Warsaw, Poland, Jackson, who had the big dream to build amusement parks the world over, is approached by a local businessman, Jacques Tourel, director of the World Trade Center in Warsaw, to consider Poland as one of the possible places to build amusement parks.

Warsaw, Airport Bemowo, 20 September 1996, hour 18:30

Michael Jackson in Poland! Already only this fact electrifies all. It was not such concert in Poland yet. He stepped out in our country the been careful for the largest star of amusement music universally folks.

RMF FM were in Poland organizers of Michael's concert and Viva Art Music. Official sponsor MK Cafe. They hugged media patronage Electoral Newspaper and Polsat.

Warsaw was place, where fans' the most numerous Reich except tens thousand Poles cribbed "The king of pop music" from western Europe, particularly from Germanys and Scandinavia.

Scene arrived on tens trucks, it occupied over 200 persons to its building. Several thousand workers of protection secured the concert, police and army. There was never before prepared in Poland so great musical event until now.

Kurier TV magazine(Poland) featured MJ on the cover.

2001 - "You Rock My World" hit the US Billboard Charts at # 10 - a huge accomplishment for a single that is not available commercially and is based on airplay points alone.

Cry, song composed by R. Kelly, and recorded by Michael for his solo album, INVINCIBLE, Officially premiered on Michael’s website, and dedicated to the thousands of people who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the States. The song issued in October 2001.
Initially released in the States at the same time as Michael’s You Rock My World, as
a jukebox single. Briefly released to radio, but proved unpopular, so was quickly withdrawn and Butterflies distributed instead.
Promo short film, directed by Nick Brandt, was shot in six different locations (five in California and one in Nevada) – but didn’t feature Michael at all, as he was in dispute with Sony over the promo’s budget. Premiered in the UK on Top Of The Pops on 2nd November 2001.

Some of America's biggest popstars, led by Michael Jackson, are to record a single - "What More Can I Give" - to raise money for the victims families and survivors of last week's terrorist attacks in New York, a press release stated on September 20, 2001. The list of participants so far includes Jackson [who will produce the track], Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, N Sync's Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.
"I believe in my heart that the music community will come together as one and rally to the aid of thousands of innocent victims," said Jackson. "There is a tremendous need for relief dollars right now and through this effort each one of us can play an immediate role in helping comfort so many people. We have demonstrated time and again that music can touch our souls. It is time we used that power to help us begin the process of healing immediately."
Michael Jackson's statement to Rolling Stone magazine on last week's terrorist attacks in the US: "I'm not one to sit back and point the finger and say, 'Oh, I feel bad for what happened to them'. I want to do something, to give to help those who lost their parents, who lost their mothers and their fathers. Those are our people. Those are our children. Those are our parents. I want the whole world to sing [What More Can I Give], to bring us together as a world, because a song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over. And we need peace, we need giving, we need love, we need unity."

2007 - Jackson Family Visits 'Lion King'

While staying in New York (USA) for the Italian Vogue photoshooting, Michael Jackson and his three children went to see the musical 'The Lion King' at the Minskoff Theatre on Sunday. They also visited the cast backstage. Aspen magazine fashion editor Sue Hostetler reports:

"(...) all of a sudden, Michael Jackson appears with his three kids - who all had wigs and baseball caps on."
Michael introduced his kids Paris, Prince, and Blanket to the cast before taking pictures.

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1987 - I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Michael's first single off BAD album hit #1 on US Hot 100 and R&B charts holding its position for one week and remains on the charts for fourteen weeks. The single will also rise to number 1 on the Black singles chart. 'Bad' the second single from the album, enters the Pop singles chart at number 40. It also enters the Black singles chart.

Michael performs Bad tour at Nishinomiya Stadium, Osaka [Japan].

1988 - MTV presents a Michael Jackson Marathon, airing back to back Michael Jackson Specials: From Motown To Your Town, Another Part Of Me and The Making Of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

1991 - Michael lent his voice to Leon Kompowsky in the Season 3 premiere of The Simpsons - "Stark Raving Dad".

The third series of The Simpsons aired on Fox. In the first episode, Homer is forced to wear a pink shirt to work one day as a result of a laundry accident and is mistaken for a "free thinking anarchist". After failing a psychiatric test (which, rather unwisely, he'd asked his son Bart to complete on his behalf), he is sent to a mental institution. Homer's room-mate, a large character called Leon Kompowsky, believes he is Michael Jackson – and sings Billie Jean and shows Homer how to moonwalk, to prove it!
Homer is charmed by Leon and brings him home from a mental institution, where the rest of the family eventually falls in love with him. Meanwhile, because he normally forgets her birthday, Bart promises his sister Lisa that he will get her the best present ever. The sweetest moment comes at the end when Leon and Bart perform a birthday song for Lisa.

The 'Special Guest Voice', for contractual reasons, was credited as John Jay Smith in the closing credits, and his role in the episode was not officially confirmed until later. Because of the misleading credit, the fact that it was actually MJ remained a rumor among many fans apparently took heed of the often-taught Simpsons lesson of never believing what’s on TV. Despite initial denials issued by Michael's camp it was not until Matt Groening confirmed Michael did provide Leon’s voice, when the episode was released on DVD in 2003. And Michael is a great fan of America’s favourite dysfunctional cartoon family, created by Matt Groening.

Following the script read, MJ stipulated his conditions: he would record his speaking parts but not receive credit, and his singing voice would be performed by a sound-alike. Leon Kompowsky's singing voice was instead performed by Kipp Lennon, because Jackson wanted to play a joke on his brothers and fool them into thinking the impersonator was him. Lennon recorded his lines at the same time as Jackson, who found the impersonations hilarious. The episode originally was supposed to end with Kompowsky singing a portion of "Man in the Mirror" in his Michael Jackson voice as he walked down the road, but it was changed to him singing the beginning of "Happy Birthday Lisa" in his normal voice.

"Stark Raving Dad" received generally positive reviews from critics, particularly for the writing and Jackson's performance.

Happy Birthday, Lisa, a song Michael’s character sang during the show, was included on a Simpsons’ compilation album issued in 1997, SONGS IN THE KEY OF SPRINGFIELD. The sleeve notes, in stating the song is copyright Mijac, further confirmed Michael’s involvement.

Also, the song Do The Bartman was credited to Bryan Loren, but Groening has recently
confirmed Michael co-wrote and sang backing on Do The Bartman which, although not issued as a single in US, helped propel the album to #3 and a RIAA Platinum Record.

1992 - Michael Jackson's "Jam" hit #13 in the U.K.

HBO taped a Michael Jackson show in Bucharest, Romania. They broadcasted the show on October 10th under the name "From Bucharest - The Dangerous Tour."

1993 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv [Israel] attending 80,000.

Professionally filmed performances of "Jam", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", "Human Nature" available.

1996 - Bravo magazine featured MJ on the cover.

1998 - Michael Jackson was listed as the #1 male artist in Billboard Magazines's 40th Anniversary release.

Billboard Magazine celebrated the 40th anniversary of their "singles chart" by compiling a list of th top songs over the past four decades. They listed Michael Jackson as the #1 male artist with the "Most #1 hits."

2000 - On occasion of an interview for BBC Radio Oxford, London Times' "Millennium Preacher of the Year" at the time, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, offers some tidbits on then friend, Michael Jackson and his "genuine devotion" for children, including his (the Rabbi’s).

He recounts that, on occasion of Jackson’s 42 Birthday at his Neverland ranch – to which Boteach and his family were invited – the singer also welcomed a critically ill ten-year old boy, suffering from leukemia, and his family for four days. The singer would treat him to the amusements of his home, speak to him in order to help him gain post-chemotherapy confidence and pays his medical expenses, as in more such cases involving the deprived, Boteach adds, (as part of Jackson’s relief efforts outside the public eye), continuing to say that the pop star would weekly invite hundreds of children from inner city schools for day trips to his ranch, spending "millions of dollars on children who are in need", an affirmation confirmed by the singer himself, by others who have been/were in contact with Jackson and some of the media reports. Moreover, Boteach also recounts that, after reading a piece of news on a critically cancer ailing boy, Jackson asked the staff of a New York hospital to install a telephone in the boy’s room, the singer then phoning the young patient daily, his pediatrician confirmed.

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1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Olympic Stadium, Montreal [Canada] attending 58,270.

1986 - Michael Jackson's film Captain EO opened at Disneyland in the Magic Eye theater. The film actually debuted in Disneyland's Journey into Imagination at Epcot Center on September 12.

1989 - A California Raisins commercial that featured a "claymation" version of Michael Jackson debuted on U.S. television.

The new California Raisin commercial first aired in theaters in July featured a claymation MJ. The claymation MJ dreams of being Michael Raisin, who performs "Heard It Through The Grapevine". Michael's singing voice isn't used in the ad, but his speaking voice is. When clay Mike wakes up, he figures the strange dream he had must been due to, "something I ate".

Even though Michael's own singing voice couldn't be used in the ads, due to his exclusive contract with ; he did contribute to the making of the ads, acting as a model for the claymation figure & contributing to the creation of six other backup raisins. A 30 minute film of Michael performing was made to serve as a model for the figure's movements. Michael received a $25,000 fee for his contribution to the ads, which he donated to charity.

1992 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Olympic Stadium, Barcelona [Spain] attending 42,000.

1993 - Tele Poche, a French magazine features MJ on its cover with the story L'affaire Michael Jackson.

2010 - HIStory concert at El Menzah Stadium - Tunis, Tunisia was aired by the Nessma TV channel in Tunisia.

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1970 - The Jackson 5ive made their first guest appearance on a musical variety show, performing on the Jim Nabors Show.

The Jackson 5 were the only guests on the Jim Nabors Hour for his 1970 season premiere. Nabors was an affable, goofy actor who had achieved national fame as a country bumpkin named Gomer Pyle on the situation comedy, The Andy Griffith Show.

The Jackson 5 sang "The Love You Save" and "I'll Be There," their latest single (with an oddly truncated counter-lead from Jermaine), and they acted in a skit set in a hotel in which Nabors played a bellhop being duped by the Jackson 5 and their manager, who was trying to sneak all five boys into a hotel room that had a limit of two guests. When Jackie popped out of the closet to place his sandwich order he says: "I'll have a tuna and tomato!"

On musical variety shows, it was nearly always incumbent on the musical guests to perform a number with the host. The Jackson 5 performed two songs with Jim: they sang a gorgeous a cappella introduction to the Beatles' current hit, "Let It Be" before Jim took over with a version that wasn't going to make Paul McCartney nervous about the competition. The embarrassing ensemble of dancers at the end of the song was also a strange requirement of musical variety shows.

They also sang a song that was a very odd choice: an hip, updated version of "Shortnin' Bread." The song, written in a faux Negro dialect, was popularized in minstrel shows of the early 20th century, and at least Jim had the good sense to sing it without blackface and to tweak the lyrics a bit.

1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Montreal's Olympic Stadium in Quebec [Canada] attending 58,270.
During the finale, Jackie hobbles on stage to join The Jacksons for 'Shake Your Body' (Down To The Ground), which sees all six brothers together and in costume for the first time during the Victory Tour.

1988 - Michael's song Another Part of Me hit #1 on US Hot 100 chart.
Another Part Of Me made its first appearance in September 1986, when it was one of two new songs featured in the 17 minute Disney-exclusive 3D space fantasy Captain EO. The other new song in the mini-movie was We Are Here To Change The World.

1996 - Michael performs HIStory tour at Dynamo Stadium in Moscow [Russia] attending 50,000.

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