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1970 - I Want You Back the Jackson 5ive's first single with Motown from their debut album, Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5ive, was released in late 1969 and the week of January 31, 1970, become their fist number one hit single on Billboard's pop singles chart, where it spent one week. The single also went to number one on Billboard's Black singles chart. And this was only the beginning.

The Jackson 5ive perform I Want You Back on Andy Williams Show

1971 - Goin' Back To Indiana

For the first time since they moved to California, the Jackson 5ive returned to their hometown, Gary. They played two benefit concerts for the re-election campaign for Mayor Richard Hatcher. In return, January 31, 1971, was declared "Jackson Five Day" in Gary. A ceremony was held in front of the family's old home to officially rename their street from Jackson Street to Jackson Five Street.

They came via helicopter and landed in the football field at West Side High School, where their concerts were to be held. As part of homecoming, a plaque was placed at the University of Indiana stating that the Jackson 5ive gave "Hope to the Young". Their Congressman then presented them with the flag from the top of the State Capital.

At the City Hall, Mayor Hatcher presented Mr. Jackson and each of the J5 individual "keys to the city" of Gary. After the ceremonies at city Hall, the honorary denizens of Gary-namely the Jackson 5-rushed back to West Side High School, where they performed two concerts before a capacity crowd of more than 15,000 home town fans.

These award presentations and performances were filmed and later used in their TV special, Goin' Back to Indiana.

1976 - Michael Jackson attends the American Music Awards with Katherine, Janet, Randy & LaToya.

1977 - Michael Jackson attends the American Music Awards at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, along with Janet, Fred "Rerun" Berry and Lola Falana. The Jacksons perform Good Times at the American Music Awards.

1983 - Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA.

1993 - Michael performs a medley of Jam, Billie Jean, Black Or White and Heal The World at the Superbowl Halftime Show in the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena (California) before an audience of 100,000 in the stadium and 133.4 millions on TV.

January 31, 1993 was Super Bowl Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys faced the Buffalo Bills for Super Bowl XXVII, but more important was halftime. The press had been barred from rehearsals, so no preview of the spectacular was included in any of the pre-game coverage. Expectations were high, and in fact the other networks didn't counter with any real competition for the Super Bowl audience. The 12-ton stage was assembled in under four minutes.

When the time finally came, a giant video screen counted down the last ten seconds and it was announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio City Music Hall Productions and the National Football League are proud to preset an unprecedented Super Bowl spectacular starring Michael Jackson."

Crowds of people gathered around the stage now set up on the middle of the field at the Rose Bowl. A giant video screen in the corner shows Michael dancing. There's an explosion and smoke rises from the top of the screen as Michael appears, dancing now on top of the screen. Just few seconds later the video screen at the opposite side of the field shows Michael again. And again he appears on top of the screen. Following this, fireworks go off at center stage and Michael jumps from beneath the stage and stands motionless amidst the fireworks, smoke, and cheers from the 102,000 fans packed into the stadium. Dressed in black with gold bands across his chest, his right arm in a brace, and wearing sunglasses, he stands virtually motionless for over one minute before turning his head and slowly removing the glasses. More fireworks go off and dancers join Michael on stage for a very short version of "Jam".

He removes his jacket, having a white shirt and t-shirt on underneath. He reaches down for a black fedora that has been sitting on the edge of the stage, places it on his head and begins pumping his hips to "Billie Jean" adding a crotch grab or two to his choreography from Motown 25, complete with the requisite moonwalk.

During the crowd's wild response to "Billie Jean", Michael reaches behind his head and undoes his ponytail, letting his hair down for "Black or White". Smoke and wind machines add great effects to the performance. More fireworks are set off at the song's conclusion.

While it is announced that, "Ladies and gentlemen, the children of Los Angeles have created their own personal drawings as a gift to the children of the world," Michael puts his hair back into a ponytail and is handed a long black wand. As he points the wand at the crowd, all the people in the stadium, section by section, hold up cards which together with the cards of the rest of the people seated in that same section make up a youngster's drawing of a child. Then Michael addressed the crowd, his voice sounding unusually deep:

Today we stand together all around the world joined in a common purpose, to remake the planet into a planet of joy and understanding and goodness. No one should have to suffer, especially the children. This time we must succeed. This is for the children of the world.
Thousands of young people lined the stage as Michael sang "Heal the World" and a huge inflatable globe rose from the center of the stage.

More fireworks ended the truly spectacular, and certainly unforgettable, halftime extravaganza.

With this, Michael made history again: Michael's Super Bowl half-time spectacular performance, televised live on TV, broke a record with the highest-ever viewership of 133.4 million viewers, unbroken up to today! A distinction, which also earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

NBC recognized that Michael was pivotal in making the game the biggest TV attraction in Super Bowl history. Dick Ebersol, NBC Sports President, said of Michael's performance, "He was better than our wildest dreams... He's an enormous name with crossover appeal from kids to grandparents, an enormous curiosity even for those for whom he is not star." Some speculated that to top this halftime performance NBC would need to have Elvis Presley perform the next year!

2010 - Michael Jackson is honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 52nd Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Lionel Richie presents the Michael Jackson's Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award to Prince & Paris who give a short and emotional speech.

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1968 - The Jackson 5ive's first actual single, the Steeltown recording of "Big Boy" was released.

This was supposed to be the story of the child-prodigy Michael Jackson's first studio recording; the earliest known studio recording of Michael Jackson and his brothers, cut in Chicago in 1967, which had been lingering on a shelf for two and a half decades has been rescued from tape.

Steeltown Records cofounder Gordon Keith, 70, is the man with the largest body of tangible evidence to back up his claim: he estimates that "Big Boy" sold more than 60,000 copies.

After school one afternoon in November 1967, Michael, 8, Marlon, 10, Jermaine, 12, Tito, 14, and Jackie, 16, piled into the family Volkswagen with Joseph and rode across the state line to Chicago's West Englewood neighborhood, parking in front of Sunny Sawyer's recording studio on West 69th.

In a single lengthy session the group recorded four songs, all of which Keith says were already in their repertoire. "Big Boy" was by saxophonist Eddie Silvers, who at the time was playing in a group called the Soul Merchants and working as music director for Chicago R & B label One-derful Records. Its eventual B side, "You've Changed"—the only Steeltown track the Jacksons would record again for Motown—is by Gary native Jerry Reese.

Though in Moonwalk Michael recalls being giddy to put on a pair of too-big headphones and sing in a studio with adult musicians, he was far from unprepared. In addition to exhaustively rehearsing at home and hustling amateur nights and talent contests with pristine ten-minute sets, the brothers had also been doing proper shows at Chicago nightclubs like Spann's Burning Spear and the Confidential Club, and they had a regular gig, sometimes playing multiple sets, at Mr. Lucky's nightspot in Gary. Joe had even bought a microphone for their home to help the boys get used to singing into one

Despite the kids' professionalism, the session was grueling, in part because the Ampex's dead track meant they had to stop more often to mix down and free up space on the tape. As the night wore on the boys grew weary. "I remember looking at the clock—it was 10 or 11 at night—and looking at these young kids up that late who had been at school earlier," says Bridgeman. "I left the studio and went and brought sandwiches for them, because they hadn't eaten since I don't know what time. They had been too intense with the recording to stop to eat."

Though the Jacksons finished all their tracks at that marathon session, Bridgeman says he and two other vocalists, Solomon Ard and George Rias, returned to Sawyer's to redo some backups. Keith recalls bringing the tapes to Pressner's studio in Gary for mixing and mastering. Keith sent the master to the Summit pressing plant in Willow Springs, Illinois, and when the records came back he set the single's official release for January 30, 1968. The Jacksons began selling 45s at shows, and Steeltown started working to get local radio to give "Big Boy" a spin.

He'd composed the perfect song for little beyond-his-years Michael: with its combination of juvenile themes (skateboards, Mother Goose) and adult yearning, "Big Boy" would serve as a template for much future black bubblegum music. Silvers's excellent arrangements shine through the slightly murky mix and showcase the somewhat raw, soulful vocal style Michael had developed watching R & B veterans from the wings of the Regal. Though Keith contends that nine-year-old Michael was "a better singer then than what he ended up to be," it's clear from this recording that Motown's infamously rigorous training regimen still had something to offer him. All the same, his slightly nasal, borderline flat singing and odd enunciation (fairy tales is pronounced "fairy ta-wos") add to the single's considerable charm.

The song was neither a critical nor commercial success, but that was the brothers' first record. From here, it seemed, anything might be possible. What a memorable moment it must have been for them, then, when the family gathered around the radio to hear the broadcast of that first recording for the first time. Michael recalled that as it played, they sat in the living room, stunned.

"Then, when it was over, we all laughed and hugged one another. We felt we had arrived. This was an amazing time for us as a family. I can still feel the excitement when I think back on it."
1971 - The Jackson 5ive in concert Columbus, Georgia.

1974 - The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine at the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

Sally Struthers and The Jackson Five, made a guest appearance at the Sonny & Cher comedy hr, with cameo appearance by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Sonny and Cher open the show with "Take Life a Little Easier" and banter about the theater being Sonny's first love. In a comedy blackout, an Arabian sheik (regular Ted Zeigler) auctions off two captured maidens (Cher and regular Teri Garr) to the highest bidders.

After, the Jackson Five perform "Dancing Machine", they also takes part in "The Window On the World", a montage of sketches and one-liners based on current events and individuals in the news, including Henry Kissinger's Geneva meetings, a report on famed ecologist Euell Gibbons, the domestic problems of a woman married to a bear, and an attempt by a robber to hold up a gas station that is operated by appointment only. "The Boogie Woogie Sisters" -- Cher, Sally and regular Teri Garr spoof The Andrews Sisters as fairy tales get the satirical treatment. In comedy sketches, Cher plays an aging Goldilocks, with Sally as her youthful replacement; the golden-haired Rapunzel (Cher) is imprisoned in a turret by an evil prince (Sonny); and Stuffed Sally the Ravon lady (Sally) drops by Raggedy Sonny and Raggedy Cher's doll house with her bag of goodies.
Source: justplaincher

1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Madrid, Spain on Destiny tour.

1981 - Michael receives 2 awards at the 8th Annual American Music Awards at the ABC-TV Studios in Hollywood.

Michael won Favorite Male Artist (Soul/R&B) and Favorite Album (Soul/R&B) for Off the Wall, (one of them is presented by sister LaToya) which was also nominated for Favorite Pop/Rock Album (won by Billy Joel). He also pays tribute to Chuck Berry.

Michael, dressed in a heavily beaded V-neck sweater of deep red rhinestones with black bands on the sleeves and a black bowtie, attended the ceremony with his date for the evening, Diana Ross.

1989 - Eddie Murphy presents Michael with the Special Award Of Achievement at the 16th American Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca.

Michael was honored for his ground breaking artistry and technology in video, and for the record breaking success of his BAD album and tour. Cashbox magazine awarded Michael the Video Pioneer Award in recognition of his excellence in video as captured in the Triumph video for Can You Feel It, THRILLER, and Moonwalker. The inscription on the Video Pioneer Award reads:
For his pioneering efforts in the field of music videos epitomized by 'The Triumph', a pre 1980's breakthrough in concept and special effects, and THRILLER, an innovative combination of drama, music and dance. The Video Pioneer Award is given to Michael Jackson on the occasion of his new feature length anthology, Moonwalker becoming the largest selling music home video of all time.
The second special award Michael received was an American Music Award of Achievement. Its inscription reads:
Because his album, BAD, is the first ever to generate five number one singles, because it has been a number one best seller for a record breaking twenty five countries around the world, and because it has been the largest international seller in each of the last two years, the American Music Award of Achievement is presented to Michael Jackson on january 30, 1989.
Both of these special awards were presented to Michael by Eddie Murphy, at Michael's request.

Before introducing Michael, Murphy narrated a 14 minute tribute to Michael Jackson showcasing his international tour and recapping the BAD album's five number one hit singles. Walking shyly toward center stage to gather his awards, the audience greeted Michael with deafening applause and a standing ovation. Michael was dressed in black and red, buckles, and no sunglasses.

As the applause subsided and Michael began to speak, his soft voice could bearly be heard over the microphone, which was on a very low stand. He had to bend over and speak directly into the mike to be heard. Holding his awards, he asked Eddie to adjust the mike stand for him, "Could you lift that up please?" Eddie tried to adjust it but it wouldn't budge. "You do it" Eddie told Michael. Michael replied, "I can't, I need your help." It became a joke when Eddie told the audience what was happening. (Their conversation was bearly audible.) "He said, 'Pull it up Eddie', like I was working for him! And do it! Yes Michael!" So, bent over, Michael spoke briefly as always:
I'd like to thank God, who makes all things possible. I'd like to thank my mother and father, Katherine and Joseph Jackson. I'd like to thank Berry Gordy, who gave me my first professional start in show business, the Epic family, Walter Yetnikoff, Larry Stessel, Glen Bundman, Frank Dileo, Quincy Jones, and Bruce Swedian. I love you. And the public. Thank you.
While he was very shy, Michael appeared to be enjoying himself and seemed to be genuinely honored with the awards, the tribute, and the overwhelming response from the audience.

2006 - Michael and his children left Hamburg.

Unable to go out because of the fans & reporters in front of the house, Michael, Anton, Grace & the kids leave Hamburg and fly to Venice.
Before he entered the car, he stopped shortly to wave to the fans.
They land in Marco Polo airport and travel to Florence where they check in Weistein Excelsior Hotel.

While in Hamburg, a fan had his hat taken so that Michael could sign it. But it seems that Blanket, who was there, admired the hat so much that he was allowed to keep it! Michael then took Blanket's t-shirt signed it and gave that to the fan instead! The shirt read "Blankets T-Shirt love Michael Jackson."

2009 - Christian Audigier visits Michael at his Bel Air home.

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1971 - The Jackson 5ive performed a concert in Dayton, Ohio.

1972 - Jackson 5ive performed a concert Baltimore, Maryland.

1974 - The Jackson 5 start their one-week tour in Dakar, Senegal for their first African tour.

On January 29, 1974, the Jackson 5 boarded a plane headed for Dakar, Senegal, in the early evening hours.

They were scheduled to play their first concerts there and for the Jackson brothers, this would be their very first trip to the African continent. They landed in Dakar, Senegal, early the next morning, just before sunrise, with an entourage of about two-dozen associates and members of the press.

They were greeted by dignitaries, government officials, traditional dancers, and crowds of fans as they deplaned, and they were quickly led into a VIP lounge inside the airport for a quick press conference. After meeting with the press, they spent more time watching the dancers, and eventually joined them, trying to learn their steps.

They visit the humble dwelling places of some inhabitants there, and also pose for pictures with and sign autographs for them, among sightseeing and shopping experiences. They also hold a press conference with a Senegalese radio, and visit Goree Island.

Although the trip was billed as an "African Tour," in truth the Jackson 5 performed only three concerts, all in Dakar. Originally there had been talk of them traveling to Ghana, Zambia, and Ethiopia for some additional concerts, but the tour was cut short and they never made it past Senegal. Reports vary as to why the additional dates were cut. Some say it was due to "technicalities" and others say that it proved too hard for the Jackson brothers to adjust to the changes in food and water.

Instead of traveling elsewhere to perform, the Jackson family got the chance to explore Senegal a bit. They went to Joal, a traditional fishing village, shopped in the markets of Dakar for souvenirs, and traveled to Goree Island, the departure point for many African captives who had been sent to the United States as slaves in earlier centuries. According to all reports, the brothers were deeply affected by the visit to Goree, so much so that their second and third concerts were much less exuberant than their first one had been.

Over the next week we'll take a closer look at the Jackson 5's momentous trip to Africa by looking at the press coverage, photos, the documentary film that was made about their trip, and even a show-and-tell day they did after they returned to the U.S. Bientôt!
Source: j5collector

During their stay, they receive an award for the Organisation for African Unity and they visit Goree Island and they shoot a film called Isomin Cross And Son which tells of a family crossing the in 1860 and the problems they encounter.

1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Madrid, Spain on Destiny tour.

1996 - Michael won the Favorite Male Artist (Pop/Rock) award at the 23rd Annual American Music Awards.

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1973 - Michael receives the Golden Globe Award for the "Best Original Song" in a movie for his song, "Ben" at the 30th Golden Globe Awards ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

The theme song of the 1972 film, "Ben", is a melancholy ballad to the film's title character, a trained/telepathic rat.

1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Madrid, Spain on Destiny tour.

1984 - Michael was released from hospital.

Later, Michael received US$ 1'500'000.-- from Pepsi which he immediately donated to the Michael Jackson Burn Center.

On February 27, 1984 MTV previewed the two 60 second commercials free of charge.

The next day, February 28, 1984, at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards, The Jacksons' Pepsi commercials were aired during the telecast and are amongst the most successful and most popular ads ever, and the first and only set of advertisements ever to be included in the weekly "TV Guide" listings.

1985 - The last recording session for the We Are The World was held on January 28, 1985. The historic event brought together some of the most famous artists in the music industry at the time.

Two hours after the 12th Annual American Music Award ceremony, Michael and 44 other artists gathered secretly for 10 hours at A&M Recording Studios in Los Angeles to record We Are The World.

The song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie at Michael's home in early 1985. They began work on the song's creation at Hayvenhurst, the Encino home of Jackson and his family. For a week, the two spent every night working on lyrics and melodies in the singer's bedroom. They knew that they wanted a song which would be easy to sing and memorable. The pair wanted to create an anthem. Richie only wrote a few lines for the track as Michael wrote 99% of the lyrics. And it was not until the night of January 21, 1985, that Richie and Jackson completed the lyrics and melody of We Are the World within two and a half hours, one night before the song's first recording session.

Michael: "I wrote the song with Lionel Richie after seeing the appalling news footage of starving people in Ethiopia and the Sudan."

He arrived after Steve Perry of Journey, with manager Frank Dileo and his bodyguard, Bill Bray. Michael arrived at the studio early so he could record the chorus by himself, to be used as a guide for the other artists. It is Michael's vocals that the other artists are listening to in their headphones when learning the song.

Most of the other artists were scheduled to arrive at the studio following the American Music Awards. Michael skipped the awards where he had four nominations. For the second consecutive year, THRILLER had been nominated for Favorite Album and Favorite Black Album. Michael had been nominated for Favorite Black Male Vocalist, and the Jacksons were nominated for Favorite Group. It was just as well he didn't go, he would have gone home empty handed.

The video cassette, We Are The World: The Video Event shows Michael leading the all-star group through the song, and offering individual help on the lyrics to Huey Lewis, a last minute soloist chosen when Prince failed to show up. Michael's shyness and discomfort around crowds is evident in this tape. When he's not directly involved in the activity at the moment, he can often be spotted standing alone quietly in the background.

Before the actual recording of We Are The World began, Ken Kragen, one of the organizers, spoke to the group about distributing the proceeds from the record sales, and the steps being taken to insure the money went directly to where it was needed. Bob Geldoff, organizer of Band Aid and Live Aid, also spoke to the group of artists:

"I think what's happening in Africa is a crime of historic proportions... You walk into one of the corrugated iron huts and you see meningitis and malaria and typhoid buzzing around the air. And you see dead bodies lying side by side with the live ones. In some of the camps you see 15 bags of flour for 27,000 people. And I assume that's why we're all here tonight."
Finally, Michael addressed the group. He shyly described the song he and Lionel Richie had written as "a love song to inspire concern about a faraway place close to home." On the back cover of We Are The World – the book are comments made by some of the members of USA For Africa project, including Jackson’s thoughts and feelings on the song: “When I was asked to write the song, I put my soul into it. That’s really my statement.”

The recording session began at 9:00 p.m., and lasted the entire night. The solo parts of the song were recorded without any problems. Michael didn't leave until 8:00 a.m. the next morning, when the final version of We Are the World was completed..

Upon entering the recording studio, the musicians were greeted by a sign pinned to the door by Quincey Jones which read, "Please check your egos at the door". The 45 artists who comprised United Support of Artists for Africa, and who left their egos at the door, were also greeted by Stevie Wonder, who proclaimed that if the recording was not completed in one take, he and Ray Charles, two blind men, would drive everybody home. The supergroup included a wide range of artists, with at least one representative from various categories of music; pop, rock, R&B, and country. Dan Aykroyd, Harry Belafonte, Lindsey Buckingham, Kim Carnes, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Sheila E., Bob Geldoff, Daryl Hall and John Oates, and James Ingram were all part of USA for Africa. Perhaps the most widely represented music in USA for Africa was Jackson music, with Jackie, LaToya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and Tito all contributing to the famine relief single. The balance of USA for Africa was made up of Al Jarreau, Waylon Jennings, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis and the News, Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Willie Nelson, Jeffrey Osborne, Steve Perry, the Pointer Sisters, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, and Stevie Wonder.
One of many light-hearted moment during the recording session was when the USA For Africa stars sang The Banana Boat Song to Belafonte. It started by Stevie Wonder, then all the star joined in – including Michael. 'It's not everyday,' quipped Belafonte, 'you get The Banana Boat Song sung to you by Michael Jackson!'
The song was produced by Quincey Jones and the associate producer was Tom Bahler, who wrote She's Out of My Life from Michael's Off The Wall album. Keyboards on We Are The World are handled by another Jackson associate, Greg Phillinganes.

The recording session resulted in a single, a video and a video cassette documenting the making of the single, We Are the World: The Video Event. A double album made up of the We Are The World single, and previously unreleased material from some of the participating artists was also released, Michael did not have a song included on the album. The proceeds from the sale of these items along with proceeds from sales of books, shirts, buttons, posters, and other merchandise all went directly to the famine relief fund. The promotion and merchandise aided the success of We Are the World and raised over $63 million for humanitarian aid in Africa and the US. We Are The World - The Video Event was the 9th best selling video cassette of 1985.

On March 7, 1985 "We Are The World" was released, as the only single from the album, and made music history. A worldwide commercial success, it topped music charts throughout the world and became the fastest-selling American pop single in history.
We Are the World became the first ever single ever to be certified multi-platinum, which received a 4× certification by the RIAA. It debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 at #21 and three weeks later, the week of April 13, 1985, it was the #1 song. The single stayed at #1 for four weeks. With sales in excess of 20 million copies, it is one of the fewer than thirty all-time singles to have sold 10 million (or more) copies worldwide.

2000 - Just after the '00 Superbowl XXXIV, Michael's performance of '93 was chosen as the best performance of ALL the past Super Bowl performances by "USA Today" Gordon Forbes.

2006 - Michael is still in Hamburg.

Some messages were shown at the window of the house where he is currently staying and where around 100 fans are still waiting for him. One of the messages reads:
... love each and everyone of you, I'm so proud to be back in Hamburg. You make me so happy. I love you.

2007 - Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to see the High School Musical at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

The class group of High School Musical was a surprise visit from pop star Michael Jackson in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson wanted to meet members of the group personally and even took along their children. Security was strengthened when Jackson and his company entered the building.

"He is taller than expected, spoke really soft and wore sunglasses the whole time," they reported. Jackson not only congratulated the members of the High School also got to see a presentation of the group. Evidently turned the Thomas & Mack Center in a VIP area with an awning to protect the team of singer of the curious.

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1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Frankfurt, Germany on Destiny tour.

1980 - Michael attends the 12th Annual NAACP Image Awards at the Hollywood Palladium. The Jacksons won the Best Singing Group of the Year award.

1984 - Filming of the second Pepsi commercial "Concert" concluded at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.

Real terror struck during the filming when a spark from the bombs [for pyrotechnical effects] set his hair on fire. Michael suffered second and third degree scalp burns.

At 6:00 PM, director Bob Giraldi called for another take of the scene with Michael dancing down the staircase. This was the last scene to be shot after four days of filming. Michael stood at his spot at the top of the stairs, and was told to stand there until the bombs went off this time, then make his descent. So after the pyrotechnics went off, Michael began to dance down the stairs. Suddenly he cried out in pain. A spark from the lightning effects had set his hair on fire. He pulled his jacket up over his head to try to put out the flames. Mass confusion followed. Fans and extras used in the audience were horrified as were his brothers and the crew. Jermaine initially thought Michael had been shot!

The first to reach Michael to help was his personal secretary, Miko Brando, Marlon Brando's son, who quickly extinguish the flames, possibly saving the singer's life. Miko did smother the flames with his hands and suffered burns on his own fingers trying to put out the flames in Michael's hair. A fan from the audience applied an ice pack on the burn.

Michael was rushed to the emergency room of Cedar Sinai Medical Center and was later moved to Brotman Memorial Hospital for treatment. Having been told a barrage of reporters and photographers awaited his arrival at the hospital, Michael told the ambulance attendants that he wanted to wear his glove when he was wheeled into the hospital.

Somewhat badly burned, television news was on alert as Jackson was hospitalized overnight, footage of him being rushed from the ambulance on a stretcher – head bandaged, faced covered, hand glitter-gloved – played at regular intervals, an image that became as much a part of his legend as any of his staged performances.

Michael had suffered a palm sized second degree burn on the back of his head with a smaller third degree burn the size of a half dollar at the center. It was a serious burn that reportedly could have burned through his scalp and killed him. Michael at first refused any pain killers due to his strong disapproval of any drugs. Later, he did give in to the extreme pain and accepted medication.

1986 - "We Are The World" win the "Song of the Year" award at the 14th American Music Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca.

Michael arrives half-way through the American Music Awards ceremony in company of Elizabeth Taylor, dressed in a green khaki uniform that looked like a cross between a Canadian mountie and a school crossing guard.

American Music Award of Appreciation went to Harry Belafonte, who first conceived the idea to create a project for the relief of famine in Ethiopia. On accepting the award, he called Ken Kragen, Quincey Jones, Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson up on stage to share the award.

At the show's conclusion, most of the celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya, reunited with them on stage to sing "We Are The World".

Following the awards presentation, Michael, with Elizabeth Taylor, joined Lionel Richie and Brenda Richie for dinner. Michael took along his personal chef who prepared him steamed okra.

1989 - Michael played the 123rd and final show of the "Bad" tour at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Michael Jackson's final performance of the Bad World tour. Los Angelese mayor Tom Bradley declared it "Michael Jackson Day" and presented Michael with the proclamation. Several celebrities showed up to wish him farewell. Among them were Raquel Welch, Michael Landon, Phil Collins, Dionne Warwick, Lola Falona, Tiffany, Diahann Carroll, Ava Gardner, and Sidney Poitier. Many of Michael's closest friends were also there; Suzanne dePasse, Sophia Loren, Jane Fonda, and Smokey Robinson. Rebbie, Jackie, Jermaine, Janet and his mother, Katherine, were all there for Michael's final concert performance. Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross also attended the last show. One other very special friend visited Michael backstage that night, Bubbles.

For this performance, Berry Gordy was again in the audience. Michael dedicated the Motown medley to Gordy, and at the end of the show he told the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, there is a man here tonight who helped my career. He is Berry Gordy. Stand up Berry!"

Among the children to join Michael on stage for this final performance was Jimmy Safechuck. Jimmy was dressed as Michael and performed the new sideways moonwalk right along side Michael.

The "Bad" tour broke all existing records and became the biggest tour ever done up to that date. The "Bad" World Tour attendance figures total 4.4 million, making Michael's 16 month tour [September 12, 1987 - January 27, 1989], which played in 15 countries, the largest in history. The tour became also the highest grossing concert tour, grossing over US$ 125 million, more than any other entertainer has ever grossed on a single tour. The BAD tour was the 6th largest tour of the year in the US, playing in only 19 cities, the tour grossed $20.3 million.

Michael will break his "tour records" a couple years later.

During his European leg of the "Bad" tour, Michael was earning UK£ 3'425 a minute. Michael had negotiated a deal worth UK£ 20 million, of which he received 90% of the preceeds from all concerts. After paying his entourage of 140, he was left with profits of around UK£ 400'000 per show.

The Bad World Tour was supposed to end on December 26, 1988, but Michael was forced to postpone five concerts at Memorial Arena in Los Angeles after suffering from swollen vocal chords following his performance there on November 13, 1987. Those final five shows were held between January 16-27, 1989, bringing the massive 16-month odyssey to an end.

Between September 12, 1987 and January 27, 1989, Michael had performed 123 concerts to a total of 4.4 million people, grossing a total of $125 million, a sum that earned him yet another entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. Along the way, he made numerous large charitable donations and frequently invited underprivileged children to see the show for free.

1990 - Michael receives the Entertainer Of The Decade award at the 7th American Cinema Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca.

The American Cinema Foundation awarded special honors to three entertainers. Elizabeth Taylor and Gregory Peck were honored for their career achievements in films. The Entertainer of the Decade honor was awarded to Michael Jackson.

Among Michael's guests at the award presentation were Janet, Tito, and Jermaine. The award ceremony was a little late getting started, as Michael showed up two hours late. When he finally showed up, dressed in a red shirt, and black military jacket, Sophia Loren presented Michael with his award, and he gave an incredible three minute speech. "I'm giving a long speech because I'm not on television." In fact, no cameras were allowed to film him. In his speech, Michael spoke of his deep affection for fellow honoree Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor had had similar praise for Michael in her own speech saying she was happy to be honored with "my beloved Michael, whom I would have loved and admired if I had never seen him dance or heard him sing."

2007 - Michael has dinner with UK producer Simon Fuller, Emmy award winning director and choreographer Kenny Ortega who choreographed the HIStory tour and US journalist Robin Leach at "Wing Lei" Chinese Restaurant at Wynn in Las Vegas.

Both Michael and Ortega have been associated with Steve Wynn. Michael was often a guest of Wynn's at The Mirage and there was talk that Wynn was bringing Michael back to Las Vegas.

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1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Bremen, Germany on Destiny tour.

1984 - Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell Gordy featuring Michael on the title track is released by Motown.

1989 - Michael Jackson in concert at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, US.

1990 - Michael attends the unveiling of a painting of himself titled The Book made by Australian artist Brett Livingstone Strong at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

“The Book” is said to be the only portrait Michael personally sat for during his lifetime. The 40-inch by 50-inch portrait was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Hiromichi Saeki who paid $2,100,000 for the original, the most expensive portrait of a living person. Mr. Saeki was one of the most influential Japanese merchandisers and concert promoters of Michael Jackson. Michael is draped in a “Renaissance Effect” within this portrait and even deeper inside is standing, posing for Brett in a slightly earlier dimension of time.

The Book capture one of the most talented musicians in the world, painted by one of the most talented artists of our time, Brett-Livingstone Strong, hailed by the King of Pop as “A modern day Michelangelo”, in the ultimate expression of beauty – both musically and artistically, remembering Michael at the pinnacle of his career.

Whether by fate or fortune we have here two of the greatest artists of the 21st century both forever memorialized in their greatness, captured in a moment of life entitled “The Book” and hereinafter available for the enjoyment and appreciation of all future generations and patrons of the Arts. The mystique of this portrait draws you in. Take a closer look – it is a portrait within a portrait.

The portrait depicts the King of Pop as a contemporary Renaissance man, dressed in red velvet holding a journal of thoughts and sketches, in a fairy-tale-like setting, with a statue of Peter Pan and another painting of Michael, in the background. "We called it, 'The Book,'" Mr. Strong said. "What are you going to put in 'The Book' today, Michael?'" The backdrop is Neverland, with an image of Tinkerbell. The painting has touches of Vermeer, as that was one of Mr. Jackson's favorite painters, Mr. Strong said.

1992 – Michael Jackson contributes to Law Roul`s telethon with a taped performance of “Heal the World”. The performance was taken from a Dangerous Tour Concert and was combined with footage of Michael`s visit to Africa.

1993 - Michael attends the Superbowl XXVII Pre-Show Press Conference held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca.

Michael accepts a cheque of $100 000 from the NFL and Frito Lay (Sponsor of the Superbowl). Neil Austrian, president of NFL, presents him with a custom-made Superbowl jacket. He also receives 500,000 dollars from BEST Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation.

Heal LA, new United States Children's Relief Initiative is announced by Heal The World, Michael Jackson and Former President Jimmy Carter in Los Angeles. This collaborative effort - beginning with "Heal LA" sustained by "Cities in Schools", "Big Brothers/Big Sisters", "BEST Foundation", "Watta Health Foundation", and "Partnership for a Drug Free America" - will provide immediate action to help solve the pressing needs of America's inner-city children and youth through instructive programs featuring AIDS prevention, a substance-free living. The initial Los Angeles effort will include drug prevention/education, as well as counseling, mentoring and immunization campaigns.

The singer declares:

"We have to get out the message of the need to heal our children and heal the world... to recognize that we need each other and must care for one another, help inspire us to develop this relief effort for children. To make a real difference, we must all care and commit to be a part of the solution. I know you all share my concern for inner-city children who are spread all around us. We must join together to make this world a better place for each of them. "Heal LA" is only our first step in making things better. I'm very happy to tell you today that former President, Jimmy Carter, and I are going to be working together to help children in cities all over our country. President Carter will join me as co-Chair of our new national Heal Our Children Initiative. We'll work together here in L.A. to start, then go city by city to heal children all over America. I would like to express my love and appreciation to all of you who have already been so generous to this important new Heal The World program."

1994 - After 6 months of hard negotiations, the lawyers representing both sides in the molestation case against Michael finally reached agreement. An out of court settlement, which both sides have been working towards, is agreed for an undisclosed sum.
The nightmare was over!

2001 - 15 year old Afro-Norwegian boy Benjamin "Benny" Hermansen was stabbed to death by a group of neo-Nazis in Oslo, Norway.

On the album cover, next to the image of a rose, it reads:
Michael Jackson gives "special thanks":
«This album is dedicated to Benjamin 'Benny'
Hermansen. May we continue to remember
not to judge man by the color of his skin,
but the content of his Character. Benjamin...
we love you... may you rest in peace.»
Michael Jackson dedicated his Invincible album to Benjamin. The reason for this has partly to do with the fact that the Holmlia boy Omer Bhatti and Jackson were close friends, and Bhatti was at the same time a good friend of Benjamin Hermansen.

2002 - Michael Jackson's Cry peaked at #2, on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, it was held from the top position from Ja Rule and Ashanti's "Always on Time" 2001 single.

2006 - Michael, Grace & the kids fly to Hamburg on a private visit the Shleiter family but upon arriving to their house, fans et reporters arrive after hearing the news of his arrival on the radio.

Amid intense media coverage police cordoned off the home of his 23-year-old host to guarantee their safety. Around 100 fans and media representatives were waiting in front of his hosts house today to catch a glimpse of Michael, who prefered to stay in the house though.

2007 - Michael attends Lance Burton's 7 p.m. show (Monte Carlo) with Grace & the kids.

2008 - Michael received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 NRJ Awards, in the year which he will mark the 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’.

The awards show took place in Cannes (France) and was aired on channel TF1. Michael wasn't able to attend the awards show in person but he recorded a special message for this occasion:
"Hello to all my friends in France! Though I couldn’t be there in person tonight to accept this prestigious award, I’m so happy to have the chance to send this message to let all my French fans know how much your support has meant throughout the years.

It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago, Quincy Jones and I embarked on an album named “Thriller.” To be able to say that “Thriller” still holds the record as the biggest selling album of all time, is just mind blowing. I have you, my fans throughout the world to thank for this achievement.

Though this award tonight honours me for my lifetime achievements, there is still much more to come from Michael Jackson. My passion for music has never stopped. And for those who don’t know, I’ve been in the studio recording Thriller 25th Anniversary album, with a lot of surprise guests. It’s my hope that “Thriller” continues to live on for each new generation to discover.

So thank you TF1 and NRJ for this very special award. It means so much to me to be honoured by you. And thank you to my fans. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you very soon. I love you. God bless you.”
2009 - Michael (with Blanket and Dr Tohme Tohme by his side), meets an AEG delegation headed by Philip Anschutz, its billionaire founder, AEG's chief executive Tim Leiweke, Randy Phillips, who heads up AEG Live and Paul Gongaware. Michael signs a deal for 10 concerts in London next summer and he also accepts to submit to a rigorous medical check-up at his LA home.

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1971 - Almost two weeks before the Jackson 5 returned to Gary, Mayor of the City of Gary, Indiana, Richard Gordon Hatcher, honored Jackson 5 by issuing a proclamation changing the name of the street they had once lived on from "Jackson Street" to be "Jackson 5 Boulevard" for the week of January 25, 1971 though January 31, 1971, and encouraged citizens to give those young men a warm welcome back to Gary.
When the Jacksons landed in on January 31, they were presented with the new street signs in front of their old house at 2300 Jackson Street.
Source: j5collector

1975 - Michael Jackson performed We're Almost There on American Bandstand

1975 - The Jacksons could be seen demonstrating parts of their family revue act on their second appearance on the Carol Burnett Show. Fans tuning in were treated to a funky lip-synch to Life of the Party from the recent Dancing Machine album, but also got a taste to what their parents and grandparents were getting in places like Las Vegas, with a tribute to vocal groups of the past; Mills Brothers, Andrews Sisters, Supremes, Sonny and Cher.

1985 - Ken Kragen chaired a production meeting for We Are The World, at a bungalow off Sunset Boulevard. There, Kragen and his team addressed where the song would be completed by the supergroup of musicians. He stated,

"The single most damaging piece of information is where we're doing this. If that shows up anywhere, we've got a chaotic situation that could totally destroy the project. The moment a Prince, a Michael Jackson, a Bob Dylan—I guarantee you!—drives up and sees a mob around that studio, he will never come in."
On the same night, Quincy Jones' associate producer and vocal arranger, Tom Bahler, was given the task of matching each solo line with the right voice. Bahler stated, "It's like vocal arranging in a perfect world". Jones disagreed, stating that the task was like "putting a watermelon in a Coke bottle". The following evening, Lionel Richie held a "choreography" session at his home, where it was decided who would stand where.

1988 - Michael's Bad was chosen as the Favorite Soul/R&B Single at the 15th Annual American Music Awards, hosted by Whitney Houston, Barbara Mandrell, Mick Fleetwood, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, Smokey Robinson, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles California. He was also nominated for Favorite Male Artist - Pop / Rock.

1993 - Michael opens the 20th American Music Awards ceremony with a performance of "Dangerous" at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca.

Michael glitters in American Music Award winning two trophies and his third special award Monday at the 20th annual American Music Awards.

For the 20th annual American Music Awards, presented on Monday, Michael had 5 nominations. But the audience got to see him before any winners were announced as he opened the award presentation with yet another dazzling performance of his Dangerous album title track. A man dropped to the floor from machine gun fire, revealing Michael standing directly behind him. Dressed in a black suit with spats and a fedora, Michael joined several dancers in a Smooth Criminal flavored performance of Dangerous featuring his usual fascinating choreography with plenty of crotch grabbing and carefully timed sound effects.

Michael won Favorite Soul/R&B Single for Remember The Time. He came from back stage to accept the award, having taken his hair down, and removing his tie. In accepting the award, he acknowledged the fans in the balcony:
Thank you very much. I love you up there. I'd like to thank everyone at Sony Music, especially Mr. Morita, Mickey Schulhof, Tommy Mattola, Dave Glew, Bruce Swedian, Quincey jones, Sandy Gallin, Jim Morey, and of course, all my fans. I love you.
Amidst the performances and award presentations, Elizabeth Taylor, recovered from a respiratory infection, returned to public life by presenting Michael's honorary award. She announced the recipient of the first ever International Artist Award narrating a video tribute to Michael featuring footage from his videos and live performances from both the Bad and Dangerous tours. She then introduced a taped message from another of Michael's friends and fans, Eddie Murphy:
Hi, Michael. Knowing how uncomfortable you feel when someone says something nice to you right up in your face, I went 3,000 miles away to do this. Now, the inscription on your award says, 'In recognition of his record-breaking international concert tours, and his album sales, and his heartfelt efforts to make this world a better place, the American Music Awards presents its first International Artist Award to Michael Jackson January 25, 1993.' In addition the American Music Awards are proud to announce that when the award is given in the future, it will be known as 'The Michael Jackson International Artist Award.' So, congratulations Michael, I know you better be smiling from ear to ear. I know you better smile bigger than that, I want to see gums! Congratulations.
Elizabeth Taylor then called Michael to the stage from his front row seat at the Shrine Auditorium. He had now changed into a black leather jacket and removed his sunglasses before going on stage. The crowd was on their feet and cheering as Michael began to speak. Michael used the stage to spread a message of love:
I love you very much, Elizabeth Taylor. Teddy Riley, you are a genius. Thank you Eddie, thank you all my friends. Traveling the world has been a great education for me and if there is one insight I've had it is this, wherever you go, in every country, on every continent, people yearn and hunger for only one thing, to love and be loved. Love transcends international boundaries and it heals the wounds of hatred, racial prejudice, bigotry, and ignorance. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation. I would also like to thank God, and my mother and father, Katherine and Joseph Jackson. Thank you once again, I love you all.
Michael, who had now removed the black leather jacket came from the wings and was brief in his acceptance. "I really wasn't expecting to win. Thank you again Teddy Riley, the public, I love you very much. Thank you."

Having won in two of the five categories in which he was nominated and being named the International Artist of the Year, Michael was the night's big winner. Michael also received an honorary Merit award in 1984 and an Achievement award in 1989. He now has 14 of the awards in competitive categories.

1996 - Michael Jackson was named Hype Of The Year in "Rolling Stone's" Critics Poll.

Michael goes to The Motown Cafe in New York with his make-up artist Karen Faye.

1997 - Michael waves 85% of the $5 to $6 million ticket receipts from a concert held on November 1, 1996 in Bombay, India, and donates 1,1 million dollars to a local NGO educating children dwelling in slums - "Shiv Udyog Sena" - the sum also helping to create jobs for 270,000 young unemployed people in the state of Maharashtra, Bombay; on arriving in Bombay, the singer asks to stop in order to converse with children playing in the crowded slums for 20 minutes, according to Indian journalist, Hema Shukla.

2002 - Michael's INVINCIBLE album goes two times Multi Platinum in the USA with sales over 2 million. INVINCIBLE was certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Regina Jones interviewed Michael for the March 2002 issue of Vibe magazine at his Neverland Valley Ranch in Los Olivos.

2006 - Michael is spotted shopping in Manama.

Michael, disguised as a Bahraini woman, wears an abaya, the traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown, a white shirt and men’s shoes. His head and face were wrapped in a black veil and he also wore black gloves.

He was accompanied by Blanket, Prince, Paris & Grace, was seen leaving Marina Mall in the Bahrain capital, holding Blanket by the hand. On the way out a back door, he shook hands with security guards.

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