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2002 - Michael Jackson arrived with Elizabeth for Liza Minnelli and David Gest's wedding ceremony, held at the 147-year-old Marble Collegiate Church in New York.

Michael and Tito were the best men while Elizabeth Taylor and actress Marisa Berenson stood as Maids of Honor.

The wedding was one of the most expensive celebrity weddings of all time, with an estimated cost of $3.5 million. Nearly 1,500 celebrity guests turned out to witness the marriage including; Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Elton John and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, actors Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Anthony Hopkins, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, and property tycoon Donald Trump.

When Liza walked down the aisle to the altar Michael picked up the train of her wedding dress and carried it until one of the braid's maids took on the job.

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1986 - Michael Jackson adds another entry into The Guinness Book Of World Records!
He is acknowledged by them as having the largest endorsement agreement in history between an individual and a major corporation [Pepsi-Cola].

At a press conference Pepsi-Cola announced the new contract with Michael Jackson - 2 year endorsement deal worth a staggering $50 million; included two Pepsi commercials and the sponsorship of Michael's first solo tour.
MJ also claims the second biggest commercial sponsorship deal in history for Pepsi's underwriting of his 1984 Victory Tour for $6 million.

1988 - U.S. cable network Showtime airs Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues. Michael is one of the executive producers of the special and it is nominated for two Cable Ace Awards. It wins for Outstanding Editing but loses for Outstanding Musical Special.

This video traces the steps of Michael Jackson from the very beginnings of the Jackson 5 right up to the 1988 Bad world tour. Full of rare film footage from the Motown records and the Jackson family.

Full of special guests, including Katherine Hepburn, Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr, Gene Kelly, and many more.

Running time: 53 mins

Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues, a 1988 Showtime on Motown cable special  is one of the few documentaries on the subject of Michael Jackson that is totally focused on his extraordinary music career. James Earl Jones provides the narration, that is used to great effect, especially to make points on his career milestones.

The viewer will see a montage of footage of Michael performing as a member of the Jackson 5ive, performing their hit songs of the day, when he went solo with the Off The Wall album, and the monster that his album Thriller became around the world. The documentaries also shows how success put Michael Jackson in the company of some of Hollywood's most celebrated movie stars of the 30's, 40's, and 50's.

Michael perform a BAD tour concert at the Arena, St. Louis in Missouri.

1993 - Michael is on the cover of the Mikro-Gids magazine[Netherlands].

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1969 - The Jackson 5ive's contract with Motown records did not come into effect until March 11, 1969, after negotiations were made to buy out the existing Steeltown contract.

1976 - The Jackson 5's Motown contract has expired and their CBS/Epic contract, come into effect on March 11, 1976.

It was the beginning of a new chapter in Michael’s education. Despite the contentious nature of the lawsuits between Motown and the group, he was impressed by Gordy’s acumen in registering the name “Jackson 5″ under trademark, and was beginning to learn about business and law in a serious way, knowledge he would someday wield with great capability.

1993 - Michael Jackson attends The American Film Institute dinner to present Elizabeth Taylor with AFI's 21st Life Achievement Award.

Despite his dancing accident, Michael, walking on crutches, attended the star-studded dinner held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood in honor of his friend, Elizabeth.
The necklace around Liz's neck shimmered in the light of huge chandeliers, the same chandeliers that reflected in the mirrored sunglasses worn by Michael, who sat at her side.
Michael says: "I love her very dearly, She's always there for me, and I try to be there for her--forever"♥

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1988 - Michael Jackson received an honorary doctor of Humane Letters degree from the president of Fisk University, Henry Ponder, at the 44th Annual United Negro College Fund Awards held at the Sheraton Hotel, NY.

Michael, who was the highest contributor for UNC Fund, also received their highest honor — The Federick D. Patterson Award for his continued efforts towards alleviating world hunger, helping terminally ill children and for his inspirational example to the youth of America.

Approximately 2000 people attended the dinner, among them; Frank Dileo, John Branca, Walter Yetnikoff, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Yoko Ono, Whitney Houston and Michael's mom & dad.

Accepting the honor Dr. Michael Jackson says:
"I would like to say this about the United Negro College Fund. An education opens a person's mind to the entire world, and there is nothing more important than to make sure everyone has the opportunity for an education. To want to learn, to have the capacity to learn, and not to be able to, is a tragedy.
I am honored to be associated with an evening that says this will never happen. Thank you. I love you all."♥

Producer Quincey Jones made a speech honoring his friend, Michael:
"I would just like to say this tribute tonight is about growth as a human being, as a songwriter, as a singer, as a dancer, as a choreographer, as a mind, as a record producer, as a business magnate... and most important of all, as a humanitarian."

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1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Avignon, France.

1992 – Michael Jackson's Remember The Time reached #1 on R&B Singles Chart.

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1988 - During the European leg of BAD World Tour, Michael Jackson performed a concert at St. Jakob Stadium in Basel, Switzerland attracted 55,000 fans; the show was attended by Bob Dylan and close friend Elizabeth Taylor.

During his stay in Switzerland, Michael had an opportunity to fulfill a childhood wish. He paid a visit to Oona O'Neill Chaplin, the wife of silent film legend Charlie Chaplin - Michael's most favorite actor.

Pictured here, Michael holds two Honorary Awards given to Chaplin in 1929 and 1972 by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Chaplin's wife, Oona O'Neill holds the Academy Award for Best Original Score, awarded in 1973.

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2003 - Michael invited the Wolfs - a German family affected by the floods - over to Neverland.
Michael was horrified when he saw TV footage of the floods that devastated parts of Europe in August, 2002.

Heiko and Susann Wolf and their daughters, Saskia and Sabrina, had watched in horror as their Meissen home was washed away by the floods.
They visited MJ and spent 3 days enjoying the ranch's facilities and also met with MJ's kids.

Michael also donated 16 autographed items: CDs, videos and cotton napkins to aid in the support of the victims of the floods.

Susann Wolf said the 3-day trip to Neverland was a "magical experience" which has given her and her husband a new perspective of pop's strangest star:

"Before, I was fascinated, like everyone else, with the way Michael Jackson looks. I read about all the horror stories and I was panicking a bit.

When I met him briefly in Germany and then again at his home I realized he's normal - like us.

The children immediately became friends with his. Paris ran to her dad and said,
'Dad, here is my friend Saskia.'

It was wonderful and they all played great together!

My children ate with his children and it was spectacular. They just talked and talked. Saskia can speak a little English, but they found another way of communicating using hand gestures."

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