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1992 - Michael perform last of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

On December 31st in Tokyo, Japan, Slash joined Michael onstage for a special performance of “Black or White”. It was the last concert of the first leg of the Dangerous World Tour.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei attending 60,000 fans.

Never televised, but known to exist as a rare promo item as with Royal Concert. Along with the latter performance, it is one of the rarest known concerts to exist. Private collectors have obtained the concert on VHS in high quality but have never released full concert footage; these fans have remained controversial for refusing to share this and the Royal Concert with the fan community among other issues. In October 2008 a poor-quality VCD copy (also additionally compressed and watermarked) was uploaded onto the internet by a fan in Brunei who obtained the concert from a stage crew. Video quality was fair and the sound was badly encoded with a low rumbling appearing when bass was played. Starting from February 2009, the uncompressed and unwatermarked files from the same VCD source had been uploaded, though the sound quality is still the same. As of 2010 this concert is still only available in poor quality. Like Malaysia, most people in Brunei are Muslim, so crotch-grabbing was also removed in this concert and is also obscured by camera angles that are different from most other concerts. This concert is also noted for the first verse of "Scream" being sung live. The curtain used in "Smooth Criminal" and the crane for "Beat It" & "Earth Song" were not present during this concert (though they were during the Royal Concert)

2007 - The loan on the Sony/ATV music catalog is refinanced which provides 25 millions dollars in cash to Michael.

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1970 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert Jacksonville, Florida during the winter tour

1992 - Michael perform 7th of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

2001 - It was announced that Michael will attend the "American Music Awards" next year, and be awarded with the "Artist of the Century Award".

2006 - Michael, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & Raymone attends the public funeral of James Brown held at the James Brown arena in Augusta (Georgia) and makes a short speech.

Brown died of heart failure at an Atlanta hospital on Christmas Day at age 73. More than 8,500 fans and admirers of James Brown filled the James Brown Arena in the singer's hometown of Augusta, GA, for a final joyful and sometimes tearful farewell to the soul legend.

A tearful Michael Jackson along with the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and comedian-activist Dick Gregory were among those who took turns at the podium to celebrate the life and legacy of the one and only-Godfather of Soul.

Michael Jackson said: "James Brown is my greatest inspiration. Ever since I was a small child, no more than like 6 years old, my mother would wake me, no matter what time it was, if I was sleeping, no matter what I was doing, to watch the television to see the master at work."

The King of Pop continued: "And when I saw him move, I was mesmerized. I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown. And right then and there, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life because of James Brown. I love you ... James Brown, I shall miss you and I love you so much. And thank you for everything. God bless you."

The singer's body was placed in a mausoleum on the property of his Beech Island, SC, home.

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1970 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee during the winter tour.
Tickets were priced at $4.00 and $6.00.

1971 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert in Norfolk, Nebraska

1992 - Michael returns to Disneyland Tokyo with the 3T.

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1970 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert at the Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina during the winter tour.
Ticket prices are $7.00, $6.00 and $5.00 and the show was presented through the co-operation of Radio Station WEAL in Greensboro.

1989 - Michael was among the celebrities who rallied to the cause of young Ryan White, an Indiana high school student and hemophiliac who had contracted AIDS in late 1984 from a blood transfusion he received while being treated for pneumonia. White’s battle with the disease was extended to being a fight to remain in school despite his condition, making him the poster child for AIDS awareness and education.

Michael bought White a red Mustang in June 1989, and then invited him to spend the X-mas holidays with him at Neverland from December 28 to January 2, for what turned out to be his very last New Year, where he rested and watched movies with the King of Pop.

Eighteen-year-old White succumbed to the disease on April 8, 1990, and Michael eulogized him in the song Gone Too Soon, released the following year.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan attending 35,000 fans.

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1970 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on their first national tour.

1971 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert in Houston, Texas

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1983 - The UK-only release "Michael Jackson 9 Single Pack" hit #66 in the U.K.

1988 - Michael perform the last of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

At these final concerts in Japan, farewell concert T-shirts and hats were sold. But it was not really his farewell concert, he still had dates to make up in Los Angeles. So, it was back to the U.S. agin.

In late October of 1988, "Moonwalker" made its debut in Japanese theatres. And finally on December 26, the movie was released in Europe. Although, "Moonwalker" received mixed critics, it was a success in both Japan and Europe. In Britain and France, it was reported that people were standing in line in front of the movie theatres.

Michael's then-manager Frank Dileo decided not to release "Moonwalker" in the US movie theatres.

1991 - Michael Jackson was featured on ABC-TV's "Entertainers '91." The show featured the top 20 entertainers of 1991.

1992 - During "UNCF"/Parade Of Stars, a broadcast request for donations to the "United Negro College Fund", aired December 26, 1992, Michael Jackson speaks on the importance of equal rights to education and on the "Michael Jackson Scholarship Program" benefits:

"Black Colleges and Universities produce some of the leading personalities of our time. They are leaders in business and law, science and technology, politics and religion. I’m proud to have helped over 200 young men and women receive a quality education that has placed them closer to their dreams through the Michael Jackson scholars program. Tonight, I encourage you to pitch in for higher education. Please support the United Negro College Fund"
"Heal The World" live is included at the event. The four year college and university/scholarship for deserving students at a UNCF member college or university, focuses on Communications, Performing Arts, Literature/English/Writing and is a distinction available to African-Americans.

December 26-28: Michael flies to Nagasaki-Ken to visit the amusement park Huis Ten with Tito’s children, the 3T.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan attending 35,000 fans.

2004 - On January 4, 2005, on behalf of his family and himself, Michael Jackson releases a statement on his website concerning the 9.1 Mw undersea megathrust earthquake and tsunami disaster which occurred on December 26, 2004, affecting Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Maldives and killing over 230,000 people from fourteen countries.
“My family and I would like to send our prayers and heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and loved ones of those who recently perished from the horrific earthquake and tsunami, which swept through Indonesia, Asia, India, Somalia and other countries”, Jackson declares. “Our love is also being sent to those who have miraculously survived this tragedy and to those who are so courageously on-site, helping to spearhead the relief efforts. We pray for your strength, your safety and the success of your life-saving missions of love. Words cannot adequately express the shock, horror and grief we've felt, while watching news reports which have captured the massive devastation and despair. It has been especially painful for me, as I have visited these areas many times and I remember the love, kindness and warmth of the people I met there”, he also declares. I would like to encourage all of my friends, and fans, to contribute to agencies and organizations assisting in these efforts. In times like these, we need each other... we must bond together in spirit and in service. God Bless. Sincerely, Michael Jackson”.

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1995 - Michael leaves a videotaped Christmas message for the British music TV program “Top of the Pops” viewers, presenters and fans from his Neverland Ranch: “Hello, Top Of The Pops. Hello, and thank you for all your love, your support and your loyalty. I love you all so much, it has been a source of strength and inspiration. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. I look forward to seeing you soon, and I love you all dearly. Thank you very much.”

1988 - Michael perform 8th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

2003 - From the Beverly Hills Hotel, Michael gives an interview to Ed Bradley (shown on CBS’s 60 minutes 3 days later) in the presence of Mark Geragos, Leonard Muhammad & Grace.
Impassioned Michael vehemently denies the charges against him, "Before I would hurt a child, I would slit my wrists"

"I've helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids. This is one of many." Michael says his relationship with this boy he first met a year ago was positive. He says he was determined to help him with his battle against cancer.

"When I first saw him, he was total bald—headed, white as snow from the chemotherapy, very bony, looked anorexic, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. And he was so weak, I would have to carry him from the house to the game room, or push him in a wheelchair, to try to give him a childhood, a life. Cause I felt bad. Because I never had that chance, too, as a child... Not being sick, but not having had a childhood. So, my heart go out to those children I feel their pain."

Jackson says he tried to help in the healing process by taking the boy around the grounds of Neverland to Jackson’s favorite places.
"He had never really climbed a tree. So, I had this tree that I have at Neverland. I call it, "My Giving Tree." Cause I like to write songs up there. I've written many songs up there. So, I said, "You have to climb a tree. That's part of boyhood. You just gotta do it."
I helped him up. And once he went up — up the tree, we looked down on the branches. And it was so beautiful. It was magical. And he loved it. To give him a chance to have a life... Because he was told he was going to die. They told him. They told his parents prepare for his funeral, that's how bad it was. And I put him on a program. I've helped many children doing this. I put him on a mental program."

When Bradley asks him why a child would accuse him if it weren't true, he replies:
"Because parents have power over children. They feel they have to do what their parents say. But the love of money is the root of all evil. And this is a sweet child. And to see him turn like this, this isn't him. This is not him."

Michael adds:
"Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's the gospel. People write negatives things, cause they feel that's what sells." He also says that the police search of Neverland Ranch was overdone and so violated his privacy that his home will never be the same. He tells Bradley, "I won’t live there ever again. It’s a house now. It’s not a home anymore. I’ll only visit."
Source: Transcript of the Interview With Ed Bradley On '60 Minutes'

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1970 - The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Jet magazine, Jackson Five Hits Awards Jackpot.

1972 - The Jackson 5 played a 45 minute benefit concert at the "Foundation for the Junior Blind" in Los Angeles, California, for 1000 visually impaired children, 400 of which attending the benefit party. The concert included, for the first time, some of the Jackson 5ive's Christmas songs. On his thoughts about the event, Michael Jackson declares: "You know, really, this is what Christmas is all about - giving."

1988 - Michael perform 7th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

1992 - Michael perform 6th of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

2007 - Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine. Thrills to Come - King of Pop teams up with Kayne, Akon, Will.I.Am for remix of wold's best-selling album; Is new CD coming next?
Michael told JET he put his heart and soul into the creative process for Thriller, his 6th solo album and 2nd with producer Quincey Jones.
"Even though it all came together some kind of way, consciously, it was created in this universe, but once the right chemistry gets in the room, magic has to happen. It has to.
It's like putting certain elements in one hemisphere and it produce this magic in the other. It's science. And getting in there with some of the great people, it's just wonderful."

These days Jackson is busy writing and working on his brand new album, and says he may do a short tou. And although he's in the studio daily, Jackson says, there's been no release date announced for either the new album or the tour his fans have been demanding.
"I feel grateful, all those record-breaking things, to the biggest albums, to those number ones, I still feel grateful," he says.

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1972 - In Los Angeles, California, the 13-year old Michael and the Jackson 5, dressed as Santas, make their appearance at Motown Records' Christmas party held at the Pacific Townclub. J5 and Mary Wilson of the Supremes offer presents - on behalf of their record company, Motown - to 700 (according to some sources, others reporting a number of 400) underprivileged children.

Lots of little tots were super-delighted to receive gifts and love from not one but five Santas at Motown Records' Christmas party Thursday. The Santas' identities were kept secret until they'd finished distributing presents to the youngsters.

In an article, titled "The Jackson 5 Really Changed!", the writer points out that "the first time the J5 did a benefit at a children’s hospital, Michael came home and cried all night at the memory of all those sick children lying in beds, some not even able to move their hands to clap. That is when he became actively involved in communicating with these kids. He corresponds with youngsters his own age in hospital all over the country. These are not letters dictated to a secretary by a superstar, but letters written in Michael’s own hand during breaks in recording or rehearsing or even in school."

1989 - The December 23, 1989 issue of Billboard recapped both the year and the decade passing. Overview of the decade in charts began with mentioning the biggest selling album of the decade: Michael Jackson was bothe the hottest and most immediately influential artist of the 80's. The Gloved One was far and away the top artist of 1983 in pop, black, and dance music, and also had the top album in all three formats, Thriller.

The recap of pop music in the 80's began: Michael was the hottest pop artist of the 80's, though, Prince, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Geroge Michael gave him a run for his money in the second half of the decade.

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1992 - Michael perform 5th of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

1993 - Michael took to the airwaves in his own defense. It's the first time he gives a personal statement on TV. CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC all carried his statement broadcast live from his Neverland Valley Ranch.

Michael Jackson makes an official video statement from his Neverland Ranch regarding the allegations, in which he stresses his innocence and describes the ‘dehumanizing and humiliating examination’ by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles Police Department that he underwent a few days before.

Michael: "I have been forced to submit to a dehumanising and humiliating examination by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles Police Department earlier this week. They served a search warrant on me which allowed them to view and photograph my body, including my penis, my buttocks, my lower torso, thighs and any other areas that they wanted... The warrant also directed me to co-operate in any examination of my body by their physician to determine the condition of my skin, including whether I have Vitiligo or any skin disorder [Michael already talked about Vitiligo with Oprah. His skin disorder was officially confirmed now]. Throughout my life, I have only tried to help thousands upon thousands of children to live happy lives. It brings tears to my eyes when I see any child who suffers... Don't treat me like a criminal, because I am innocent!"

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2001 - Michael Jackson makes a surprise visit on stage at KIIS-FM, Jingle Ball concert in Staples Center, Los Angeles, Ca.

There was the requisite weird moment during a brief "special appearance" by Michael Jackson, that beloved mystery man and so-called King of Pop, who was handed an expensive-looking glass trophy.

Suddenly, people who had been missing from their seats for nearly all of Wednesday night's Jingle Ball concert at the Staples Center appeared from out of nowhere, tickets in hand, to claim their rightful vantage point. The arena bristled with the kind of energy that only the King of Pop could inspire.

Radio host Rick Dees of the Top 40 mainstay KIIS-FM (102.7) and basketball legend Magic Johnson presented the King of Pop with the KIIS-FM Los Angelese Legend Award to celebrate his contribution to the music industry. Michael's appearance was brief but he did say these few words,

"To the public, to the fans, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas!"

Sugar Ray, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Craig David, Lifehouse, Five for Fighting and LFO are among the bands featured at the sold-out KIIS-FM Jingle Ball.

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1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo dattending 45,000 fans.

2002 - Gold magazine publishes an interview of Michael.

Michael Jackson is the king of pop, the man who made the biggest selling album in history, a man whose dance routines and tunes have entranced people in every corner of the globe, from Johannesburg to Jakarta, from London to L.A.

But he is also an enigma. A child star with his siblings in the Jackson Five, he comes from an immensely talented family and, as youngest son, carved for himself the most successful solo career of all of them. He is one of the few world-famous children who have gone on to become world-famous adults; and now he is reinventing himself again, as a film star.

Despite his fame, despite the fact that he has been performing, creating and improvising almost since he was old enough to walk, Jackson is shy of publicity. He may have hordes of fans and photographers surrounding him whenever he steps out in public, but he is an intensely private man who lives with his family on his fairy-tale Neverland ranch in California. In this rare interview, he talks candidly to Magdalena, the Gold Girl, about fame, the burden of his childhood stardom, his view on the media, and his future in film.

magdalena "gold girl" "Do you most see yourself as a musician, an entertainer or an entrepreneur?"
michael jackson:Probably all of the above, because I love entertaining and I always will love entertaining. I love becoming a slave to rhythm. Because dancing is about interpreting the sounds and accompaniments of the orchestra. You know, you become the sound, you become the bass, you become whatever you hear, and you do it bodily. But I try not to get so caught up in it all that you don't think about your future. So many great entertainers have just been taken in the past, and they ended up lonely, sad and broken. I've always said to myself, I never want to be that way and I'm going to try my hardest to learn about the business side, support myself, invest my money, save. Who knows what tomorrow brings? You want to be protected financially so you can support yourself.

magdalena "gold girl" "Would you like to be remembered as a great entertainer?"
michael jackson: I love movies and I love art - and an architect is an entertainer, the guy who builds a rollercoaster is an entertainer. He knows where to build the slopes, and the big anticipation when you go up... He makes you go,'Oh my God!' when you get to the top before you come down. It's just the same as structuring a show or a dance.

magdalena "gold girl" "Does it ever become a burden to be one of the most recognized stars in the world?"
michael jackson: There's nowhere in the world I can actually go and have privacy. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that your privacy is taken away from you. To use the silly expression, you live in a fishbowl, but it's true. I do disguises... People know them all, it's very hard, very hard.

magdalena "gold girl" "What kind of disguises?"
michael jackson: Bat suits, buck teeth, glasses, afros, prosthetics, make-up jobs, everything. Just to sit in the audience and experience it the way an audience would experience a show; I want to feel how they feel.

magdalena "gold girl" "Do they find you out?"
michael jackson: Sometimes, yes. In the beginning, no. Then they start looking me in the eyes. I put these things on and then they start looking behind the glasses... Girls are very smart, you know. You can trick a guy quicker than you can trick a girl. Women can just pick it up. They know the way you move your body, the way you walk, the way you gesture. I hear them go,'Look at the way he moves his hand', or ' Look at the way he was walking', and I think,' Oh no.

magdalena "gold girl" "If You were invisible for a day in London, what would you do?"
michael jackson: Oh boy. Who would I like to slap? Let me see {laughs}... I think I'd find one of the tabloid paparazzis and kick his ass , moonwalk style. I'd really like to knock them off one of those little scooters they ride around on, I really would, knock the cameras right out of their hands. They're so anoying. I'd go for them first, yeah. They drive you nuts. You can't get away from them. It's terrible.

magdalena "gold girl" "Who has inspired you the most professionally, and who do you relate to?"
michael jackson: Probably Walt Disney; because when I was little I grew up in an adult world. I grew up on stage. I grew up in night clubs. When I was seven, eight years old I was in nightclubs. I saw striptease girls take off all their clothes. I saw fights break out. I saw people throw up on each other. I saw adults act like pigs. That's why to this day I hate clubs. I don't like going to clubs - I did that already, I've been there. That's why I compensate now for what I didn't do then. So when you come to my house, you'll see I have rides, I have a movie theatre, I have animals. I love animals - elephants and giraffes and lions and tigers and bears, all kinds of snakes. I get to do all those wonderful things that I didn't get to do when I was little, because we didn't have those things. We didn't have Christmas. We didn't have sleepovers. We didn't have school, we had private school when we were touring. I didn't go to a state school. We tried it for two weeks and it didn't work. It was very difficult. It's hard growing up a celebrity child. Very few make that transition from child star to adult star. It's very difficult. I relate to Shirley Temple. I met her in San Francisco and I sat at her table and I cried so bad. She said,'What's wrong Michael?' I said,'I love you. I need to be around you more.' She goes,'You're one of us, aren't you?' and I said 'Yes, I am.' Somebody else said,'What do you mean?' and she said,'Michael knows what I mean.' And I know exactly what she meant - to have been there as a child star and to have graduated to have succeeded in making that transition to fame as an adult is very difficult. When you're a child star people don't want you to grow up. They want you to stay little for ever. They don't want you to work afterwards. It's very hard.

magdalena "gold girl" "Tell me more about your interests in theme parks - what is it about them that interests you?"
michael jackson: My favourite thing about theme parks - and I have a pretty good outlook on it because I've travelled the world many times over - is I love seeing people simply come together with their families and have fun. It really does bring them closer together. I go for fun, but I also go to study. I go after hours to most parks because I can't go in the regular hours. They're kind of like a ghost town.

magdalena "gold girl" "I hear you have some ideas for a theme park in Las Vegas?"
michael jackson: I've done many projects in Las Vegas, and what I think I've done is I've widend the demographic there. Because when I was a little kid - I was no more than eight years old - my brothers and I would go to Las Vegas, and at that time kids weren't even allowed to walk on a casino floor. So we used to stay up in our rooms, bored, with nothing to do while everyone else gambled. There was only one place for kids in Vegas at the time, called Circus Circus. It was a hotel and the theme they had there was clowns, So there was a trapease man and there were chimps doing the little unicycles. When I got older we played Vegas a lot - we performed there many, many times - and I thought about it and I said,'It's really not fair that there's nothing here for children,' so I started to conceive a couple of ideas for certain hotel owners. And now it's like the family-themed vacation kingdom, it really is.

magdalena "gold girl" "Who are your favourite people?"
michael jackson: I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure and hapiness of the planet and mankind, people with light - from Walt Disney to Ghandi to Edison to Martin Luther King. These are people with light, people who really cared about children, bringing families together, and love. That's what I try to say in my music and in my songs. If you go to one of my concerts, my shows, you will see 200,000 people swaying, holding candles, saying,'We want to heal the world,' and 'We love you.' I've seen it around the world from Russia to Germany to Poland to Africa to America. We're all the same. People cry in the same places in the show. They get angry in the same places in the show, they get the pathos in the same places.

magdalena "gold girl" "Was Fred Astaire your friend?"
michael jackson: Yes. Fred Astaire was my neighbour. I used to see him every day when I was riding my little motorscooter. He always told me, he would always say when I was a little kid,'You're gonna be a big star.' He told me that he thought I was an incredible entertainer and a great mover. And he always used to say,'You're the best,' and I'd say,'No, you're the best.' I remember the first time I did the moonwalk. Fred called me at home. He was screaming on the phone, raving. He said it was the best performance he'd ever seen. I said,'Oh, come on.' He said,'Michael, you put them on their ass.You're a hell of a mover. You're a hell of a dancer.' I said,'Well, coming from you, I don't need any awards.' Because I was nominated for an Emmy for that performance, and I didn't get it, but it didn't matter to me because Fred Astaire said he loved my performance, and that's all the award I needed.

magdalena "gold girl" "If you could work with anyone, alive or dead, who would that be?"
michael jackson: If I could work with anybody it would be Charlie Chaplin, who I love so much. Also, Laurence oliver was a genius, really. Those two guys, I think. And also the king, Brando.

magdalena "gold girl" "Last year you put together a short film, You Rock My World, with the assistence of Marlon Brando. What was it like working with the master?"
michael jackson: Brando is a good friend of mine. He's very much like me. He doesn't go many places. He comes to Neverland or he stays in my house in Mulholland Drive, or he goes to Tahiti. His son worked for me for more than 20 years, and his other son was in my class in private school. He's just a giant. You see, Brando's smart, because when he works with me he always says,'I know what buttons to push to get emotion from you.' He knows me so well. He knows how to get me ticked off, so he'll say certain things to get me really geared up. He's a genius. He's a king. He's the last of that generation. He's a brilliant man, a lovely person. I love him and he's my good friend.

magdalena "gold girl" "You had a cameo in Men In Black II, was that fun to work on?"
michael jackson: The Men In Black project really was a lot of fun because I introduced myself as the new guy.

magdalena "gold girl" "It was obvious from the video of Thriller that you have a great interest in the visual arts."
michael jackson: Everything I do I like either to direct myself, or work closely with the director - we co-direct and come up with the ideas together. If you look at Ghosts, it says co-written by Michael Jackson and Stephen King. We wrote it on the telephone, Stephen and I - he's a lovely guy, he's amazing. We wrote it on the phone, just talking together.

magdalena "gold girl" "Who are the figures in the movie business you most admire, and why?"
michael jackson: I just love Robert De Niro. I think he's such a multi-faceted actor. He can play anything from a comedian to a preist to a psychopathic killer to an idiot to a charming uncle to just anything. And of course, any of the great dancers.

magdalena "gold girl" "Who would be your ideal leading lady, and why?"
michael jackson: An actress? {laughs} You and I should do a film together. Let's do it, I'd love that...

magdalena "gold girl" "There was talk of you going to the moon to perform an authentic moonwalk here. Is there any truth in this?"
michael jackson: {laughs} There is some truth in it. It's not a rumour. I'll just say that.

magdalena "gold girl" "You outbid Paul McCartney for the Beatles archive. What was so special about it?"
michael jackson: No, I didn't, he didn't bid for it. It was for sale and I liked it and I bought it, like buying a piece of art.

magdalena "gold girl" "Tell me more about your passion for children's charities. Which organizations do you support?"
michael jackson: Well, I have a charity for kids that I created myself, called Heal the World. And whenever I do a concert or anything pertaining to entertainment, I give a certain amount to Heal the World - you know orphanages, hospitals, kids who need a lung or a liver, we'll find it, we'll pay for the surgery. On tour, I do as many hospitals and orphanages as I do concerts. We go to 12-years-olds and we take boxes and boxes and boxes of toys, a bunch of Michael Jackson posters and paraphernalia. They love it.

magdalena "gold girl" "
How much more do you feel you want to achieve in your life?"
michael jackson: I'm never satisfied. There are so many different avenues and so many different things that I want to do. I've done a lot, but I don't think it's enough, which is why I don't put up any awards or anything in my house. You won't see any awards in my house, I put them all away in storage. Because if you get caught up in that, you start to feel like,'Oh, man, I did it.' There's so much more, so many more mountains to climb.

magdalena "gold girl" "If one of your children came to you and said,'Dad, I want to be a pop star,' what's the best advise you could give them?"
michael jackson: The best advise that I would give them is it's a lot of hard work, and be propared, because it's not all joy all the time. And that you've got to have rhinoceros skin, because the bigger the star, the bigger the target. The tabloid press are bastards, and you've got to have rhinoceros skin to deal with that kind of ignorance mentality. They do it simply to sell papers, because bad news sell, not good news. They simply make it up. If they don't have anything, they just make it up. I'm nothing like the way the tabloids have painted me out to be, nothing. Nothing like that. They're the ones who are crazy. They're ignorant. I always say to my fans 'Let's have a tabloid burning. Let's make a big mountain out of tabloids and just burn them.' The real fans who love me know that garbage isn't true. They know. They're smart.

magdalena "gold girl" "Have you always wanted to do film? If your family had not been such successful musicians, would you have turned to it earlier in your life?"
michael jackson: I've always wanted to do film, but the tours got in the way. That's why I want to take several years off just doing film. I'd like to get six great movies behind me, and then I'll do a little bit of touring, then I'll do more filming.

magdalena "gold girl" "What kind of ideas do you have for film?"
michael jackson: I have ideas for film and movement and dance and things that people have never seen. I can't wait to just surprise people. That's why I've been dying to start a film production company, and I'm very excited that that's what we're doing with Neverland Pictures. I get to just have a clean slate and play and create and sculpt.

magdalena "gold girl" "Tell me a little bit about the werewolf idea in your films, and how does it relate to video?"
michael jackson: I haven't read the script yet for Wolfed - it's one of the movies that we're going to be making and I'm really excited about it. I'm so happy to be working with Sammy Lee {the co-writer of Music Box, who recently acquired 'first look' rights to Jackson's films}. We're doing some great projects together in film, and I'm really excited.

magdalena "gold girl" "And Wolfed will be the first film?"
michael jackson: As of now, our schedule says that Wolfed will be the first film. That's going to be fun. I want it to be really scary. Rick Baker wants to do all the visual effects. He has seven Academy awards. Rick is very excited about it too - he did American Werewolf in London. He won an Oscar, and he said,'Michael, that was nothing.' That's nothing compared to what he can do today. And he did Thriller and he said of that,'It's nothing'. He can go way beyond that. He did all the Eddie Murphy films, Clumps and Nutty Professor and all that Men In Black stuff too. He does all that.

magdalena "gold girl" "So tell me how you would like to be remembered?"
michael jackson: How would I like to be remembered? As a person who came and brought light to the world, some escapism. Also as the voice for the voiceless children, because I love them. I'm living for the children. If it weren't for the kids, I would throw in the towel. A baby, a child - now that's amazing. They're little geniuses, you know, little geniuses. They really are.

magdalena "gold girl" "Do you enjoy being a father?"
michael jackson: It's my favourite thing. I love it. I love it. I love it.

magdalena "gold girl" "The other day I saw you pick up your daughter when she was sleeping. You just picked her up, and I could see the joy in your face..."
michael jackson: Oh, I love them. The Jacksons have a lot of kids. I have a lot of nephews and nieces. There's a lot of us!

magdalena "gold girl" "What is your relationship with your brothers and sisters?"
michael jackson: I love my brothers and sisters. When I'm with them we laugh. It's like a different version of yourself. We can just laugh and giggle and talk about old times. We're not together as much as we'd like to be. We're all busy. We're all in showbusiness. We're always doing something. If I'm in town, Janet's out of town. If we're both here, my brother's somewhere else. Everybody's running around, you know.

magdalena "gold girl" "Are you a family man? What do you like doing with your family?"
michael jackson: My personal family? My Children? We love just sitting together, talking, shooting the breeze. We sit by the lake. I take the for a walk every day at my house. We sit by the lake and we throw rocks in the water and we just talk.

magdalena "gold girl" "What do you think is the deepest form of love someone can feel? And have you felt it?"
michael jackson: Wow, I think that's really a matter of opinion. Have I felt the deepest form of love? I don't know what would be the deepest... {long pause} and interesting question... {repeats question a few times}. I love my children very, very much, and I always look in their eyes and tell them that - I think that's the most important thing.
Michael goes to Miami to visit houses and work with Barry Gibb on a charity song.

2003 - Michael returns to Neverland for the first time since it was searched for a private get together entitled “You Are Not Alone” which about 600 friends & family attend

Michael who does not consider Neverland as his home anymore, moves in a rented mansion in Beverly Hills with Grace & the kids.

- Michael is spotted wearing a Zorro mask while visiting his Dr Arnlold Klein, his dermatomogist's office in Beverly Hills.

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1988 - Michael perform 6th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

1992 - Michael perform 4th of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

1996 - "Ghosts" premièred in Sony Movie Theatre in Tokyo, Japan. Michael was present at the Tokyo première of his 35-minute short film.

2000 - A gorgeous looking Michael Jackson made a surprise appearance at WKTU's "Miracle On 34th Street" concert at New York's Madison Square Garden and sent thousands of concertgoers into hysterics

As part of the grand finale, all performers lined up across the stage and the orchestra started The Jacksons' hit "Shake Your Body [Down To The Ground]".

Michael came out from the wings to wild applause and cheering. Unfortunately, for the crowd, he didn't perform, telling the audience that he had laryngitis, but he did wish everyone happy holidays.

Surprise presenter Whitney Houston jumped up and down and hugged Michael.

Before he left the stage, he promised the packed house, "The best is yet to come!"

The Charity concert feat. performances by Whitney Houston, Marc Anthony, Destiny's Child, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Brian McKnight, Melanie C, 98 Degrees, Lara Fabian, Gloria Gaynor, Deniece Williams, Jon Secada...Toni Braxton served as emcee for the event.

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1969 - Motown releases the first album of the Jackson 5, Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5.

The album featured 12 songs, and only single was “I Want You Back”. The album was a successful debut worldwide, charting at number 5 in the US pop charts, in february 1970, and #1 in the R&B chart, number 16 in the UK and staying in the charts for four weeks. It sells more 600000 copies in the United States, an exceptionnal number for a first LP.

The majority of the album was produced by Bobby Taylor, true discoverer of the group, and the Corporation™ in 1968 in Chicago. The Corporation™ would work on The Jackson 5’s next seven albums for Motown. During spring and summer 1969, the latter chose to make them sing soul music standards, in order to coach them, but also to prove to the Motown big boss, Berry Gordy, their capacities.

So, besides the anthem I Want You Back, produced by The Corporation (Gordy, Perren, Mizell, Richards), the album contains several covers from the Detroit's compagny : The Four Top's Standing in the Shadows of Love, Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour, The Temptations' (I Know) I'm Losing You, a wonderful treatment of Smokey Robinson's Who's Lovin' You, but also a Walt Disney Them, in album's opening, Zip A Dee Doo Dah, and Sly & the Family Stone's Stand!. The album also includes one of their debut Steeltown songs, You've Changed.

All instrumentation was made before the 5 brothers stepped in the studio, to the great displeasure of Tito and Jermaine, who didn't play guitar and bass. When, in 1976, Michael was asked why this LP was called "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5", he responds : "That's it, Diana didn't discovered us, but it was made to believe it. As she presented us to the public, it's not really a lie".

In order to promote the album, the Jackson 5 made their second important tv appearance, in the famous Ed Sullivan Show, with the well advised eye of Diana Ross, from that time, a name forever associated with the Jackson 5.

1975 - The Jackson 5 in concert, San Carlos, California.

1979 - The Jacksons' Destiny tour was concluded at the Forum in Englewood in Los Angeles, USA.

The second leg of the Jacksons' Destiny tour began in New Orleans on October 2nd, while Off The Wall was climbing up the charts, and songs from the new album were added to the set list to keep the show up to date.

When the tour ended with a series of shows at The Forum in Los Angeles, the last one being on December 18, 1979, Michael wanted to stop touring altogether. Besides the nose injury, he had suffered voice trouble that forced some shows to be canceled.

With Off The Wall now a certified hit, his career was truly beginning to eclipse that of the group's, which only served to deepen the already growing divisions between him and his brothers.

The whole Jackson family attends the concert and Michael is presented with platinum records for Off The Wall.

1988 - Michael perform 5th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

1989 - Reports confirmed that Michael's planned greatest hits album, "Decade", was shelved due to an avalanche of new material, prompting thoughts of a brand new album instead, much to the delight of his fans.

1992 - Michael visits Disneyland Tokyo.

1993 - Gone Too Soon reached #33 in the UK singles chart, which was released on December 1, 1993—World AIDS Day—as the 9th and final single from the Dangerous album. It become Michael's 9th Top 40 hit from the one album (Dangerous).

1995 - Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallee, France, taking with him the Cascio kids (Frank, Eddie, Dominic Jr, Aldo & Marie Nicole) and nephews.

2004 - Michael open the gates of Neverland to over 200 children, inviting them for a holiday party, to enjoy a day at his fairy-tale ranch; to play on the amusement park rides and miniature train ride, see its zoo, and watch movies.
Dressed in an impeccable black suit with swirling white embroidery at the shoulders (and the ubiquitous umbrella), Michael personally welcomed the children home, basking in their adoration, he greeted them saying: "I and my family are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, Happy New Year!"

For many children it was a dream come true when they met Michael Jackson. Some of the enthusiastic statements heard from the smiling faces of the children, ages 3 years to 17 years, sounded as follows:
"This has made our Christmas."

“This is a dream come true.”

"To us, Michael Jackson is bigger than Santa Claus."

“Never in our wildest imaginations did we think that we would get a chance to say hello to Michael Jackson.”

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1978 - The Jacksons released their third album on the Epic label, DESTINY, on December 17, 1978. Having parted ways with the Gamble & Huff production team (1977’s Goin’ Places was a poor seller), Michael and his brothers had more creative control than ever.

Destiny album eventually peaked at #11 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart and #3 on the Billboard Black Albums chart and went on to platinum status cementing it as the first RIAA-certified platinum seller by the Jacksons as most of their Motown recordings were uncertifiable despite their huge success on the charts, and over 2 million copies worldwide.

A party was held to celebrate the album's success and to present the group with a platinum copy of Destiny. Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley declared "Jacksons Day" and a celebration was held in a bank vault specially equipped with a dance floor at the City National Bank of Beverly Hills, Michael's date for the occasion was Tatum O'Neal, his first real love, as Michael says, "after Diana."

All of the songs on Destiny, with the exception of one, was written by the Jacksons, or by Michael and Randy. Michael and Randy wrote together most often because they were the only two brothers still living at home. The only song on the album that was not written by the Jacksons was the first single, "Blame It On The Boogie", which was co-written by Michael Jackson. This Michael Jackson however, is white and from England. Despite its catchy disco beat and lyrics, "Blame It On The Boogie" reached only a disappointing #54 on the pop singles chart. The single did however, reach #3 on the black singles chart.

The most successful single from Destiny was the 2nd release, "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground", co-written by Michael and Randy, became a signature tune of the disco age. This infectious dance tune peaked at #7 on the pop singles chart and #3 on the black singles chart. Michael, in a rare interview for a radio program, recalled writing the song with Randy. "Randy was going around the house humming a tune and I liked it. I asked him what it was and he said, 'It's nothing.' I said, 'No, it's something.'" Michael went on to write the melody and lyrics for "Shake Tour Body". "I don't know where it came from. God, I say."

"Through the ages, the peacock has been honoured and praised for its attractive, illustrious beauty. In all the bird family, the peacock is the only species that integrates all colours into one, and displays this radiance of fire only when in love. We like the peacock, try to integrate all races into one, through the love and power of music." [from dedication also included on "Triumph" written by Michael and Jackie Jackson for Peacock Productions]

1988 - Michael perform 4th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

1992 - Michael perform 3rd of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo dattending 45,000 fans.

1997 - Michael visits british boxer Prince Naseem at a gymnasium in New York. While in New York, he meets Puff Daddy to speak of a possible collaboration together.

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1978 - The Jacksons perform Shake Your Body, Destiny & Things I Do For You at American Bandstand.

In his sky blue outfit, Michael was now suddenly much taller and thinner than he was in Blame It On The Boogie just one year earlier.

1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Oakland, USA.

2003 - Michael Jackson's album Number Ones was certified Gold by the RIAA.

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1973 - Jermaine Jackson marries Hazel Gordy, 1973.

Jermaine Jackson became the second member of the Jackson 5 to get engaged, but this time the circumstances involved the group more closely. On December 15, 1973, Jermaine married Hazel Gordy, the only daughter of Motown boss Berry Gordy. The lavish wedding was compared by some to the recent royal wedding of British Princess Anne, and was proclaimed “the wedding of the century” by Ebony magazine.

Katherine Jackson had left the family home a month earlier, distressed by her husband’s ongoing extra-marital affairs. She came back in time for the wedding, and put on her game face for the occasion, leaving most of the guests unaware of the reality behind the matter.

1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in San Diego, USA.

1992 - Michael visits Sega Enterprises and discusses a new project.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo dattending 45,000 fans.

2007 - Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to a shopping spree in Las Vegas. They rerently came back to the city staying at the PALMS Hotel & Casino

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1969 - Four days before the release of their debute album, the Jackson 5ive made a huge splash with their second national television appearance, on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Once again, they brought the house down, starting with Stand and Who’s Lovin’ You, and then closing the deal with I Want You Back, Michael charming the country decked out in a funky purple fedora

The Jackson 5’s first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was on 4th of December, 1969. Ed Sullivan was known for having an eye for talent and was very particular about the acts he presented. The Ed Sullivan show was a major breakthrough for The Jackson 5, who performed "Stand!", "Who's Lovin' You" and "I Want You Back", with Michael in front wearing a striking magenta hat. They would be invited back to perform another set in May 1970.

To promote their new single, the Jackson 5ive appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. They performed I Want You Back and Who's Lovin' You.
In 1988, Michael narrated a collection of film clips covering his career for Entertainment Tonight which included a clip of this performance. "I remember this was the Ed Sullivan Show. As young as I was, I never felt shy while performing. It was what I did and what I came into the world to do."

1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Phoenix, USA.

1991 - Michael Jackson's DANGEROUS debuts at #1 on Billboard's pop albums chart.

1992 - Michael perform 2nd of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

1993 - Michael Jackson's single "Gone Too Soon" was released.

2008 - Michael is spotted wearing a Zorro mask while shopping in Los Angeles.

2010 - The Michael Jackson album MICHAEL was released by Epic Records.

MICHAEL is the first release in 9 years of new material by one of music's most beloved icons whose artistry continues to touch new generations of fans. The album contains ten tracks,newly completed by an esteemed group of producers along with Michael Jackson. While primarily focused on songs that Michael worked on recently, there are also earlier compelling tracks that Michael had a desire to bring to fruition.

Breaking News was the first song from the album to be released to the public and was available for radio airplay. The song was recorded in New Jersey in 2007 and according to Sony, the song was "recently brought to completion." Other tracks were recorded at studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with various unidentified collaborators.

The first official single, Hold My Hand, recorded in Las Vegas in 2007, was released globally on Monday, November 15. The album contains two songs that were written during the Thriller era, Behind the Mask and Much Too Soon. The song (I Like) The Way You Love Me previously appeared on The Ultimate Collection (2004) with the title The Way You Love Me. For MICHAEL, the song has been remixed and more vocals have been added. The song Best Of Joy is one of the last that Michael recorded during his lifetime, having written and recorded it in 2009.
Track Listing:
  • Hold My Hand(Duet with Akon)
  • Hollywood Tonight
  • Keep Your Head Up
  • (I Like) The Way You Love Me
  • Monster(Featuring 50 Cent)
  • Best Of Joy
  • Breaking News
  • (I Can't Make It) Another Day (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)
  • Behind The Mask
  • Much Too Soon

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1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in San Bernadino, US.

1984 - Michael make a donation to the Brotman Medical Center which renamed its burn ward in his honor at the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, Ca. Michael visits the burn victims at the ward, him having been admitted there previously for head injuries, derived from a stage pyrotechnics incident during filming the commercial for Pepsi along with his brothers.

Among the victims, he meets 23-year old mechanic, Keith Perry, burned over 90 percent of his body in a car crash. The surgeons declare that Jackson’s visit at Perry’s bedside was the main reason he had pulled through: "Michael encouraged him, talking to him for hours", says Los Angeles hospital spokesman, Judy Davis.

2000 - News break that Michael Jackson will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his achievements as a solo artist on March 19, 2001: "I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honor.”, he declares on the news. “I could not ask to be in better company than the list of fellow inductees. Each and every one is a master from whom I have learned. My sincere thanks to the rock and roll historians and experts who have chosen me.”

2001 - "USA Today" Magazine Interview

On rumors created by tabloid press:

“I don’t pay any attention. The fans know the tabloid garbage is crap. They always say to me, “Let’s have a tabloid burning”. It’s terrible to try to assassinate one’s character. I’ve had people come to me, and after meeting me, they start crying. I say, ‘Why are you crying?’, they say, “Because I thought you’d be stuck up, but you’re the nicest person’. I say, ‘Who gave you this judgement?’. They tell me they read it. I tell them, “Don’t you believe what you read”. […] I’ve done so much [refuting] in the past. I did the most watched TV interview in history with Oprah Winfrey [in 1993]. But [the media] tend to want to twist what you say and judge you. I want to keep it on the music and on the art. […]”

On his “King of Pop” title:

“I never self-proclaimed myself to be anything. If I called up Elizabeth Taylor right now, she would tell you that she coined the phrase. She was introducing me, I think, at the American Music Awards and said in her own words – it wasn’t in the script – ‘”I’m a personal fan, and, in my opinion, he is the king of pop, rock and soul”. Then the press started saying “King of Pop” and the fans started. This self-proclaimed garbage, I don’t know who said that.”

On touring:

“[…] Physically, touring takes a lot of you. When I’m on stage, it’s like a two-hour marathon. I weigh myself before and after each show, and I lose a good 10 pounds. Sweat is all over the stage. Then you get to your hotel and the adrenaline is at its zenith and you can’t fall asleep. And you’ve got a show the next day. It’s tough.”

On his music:

“I never think about themes [for my music]. I let the music create itself. I like it to be a potpourri of all kinds of sounds, all kinds of colors, something for everybody, from the farmer in Ireland to the lady who scrubs toilets in Harlem.”

On fatherhood:

“[Fatherhood has changed me] in a huge way. You have to value your time differently, no doubt about it. It's your responsibility to make sure they're taken care of and raised properly with good manners. But I refuse to let any of it get in the way of the music or the dance or the performing. I have to play two different roles. I always wanted to have a big family, ever since I was in school. I was always telling my father I would outdo him. He had 10 children. I would love to have like 11 or 12 myself.”

On coping with being a famous artist/parent and the implications of it on his children and his fans:

“You do the best you can. You don’t isolate them from other children. There will be other kids at the school [on my property]. I let them go out into the world. But they can’t always go with me. We get mobbed and attacked. When we were in Africa, Prince saw a mob attack in a huge shopping mall. People broke so much stuff, running and screaming. My biggest fear is that fans will hurt themselves and they do. I’ve seen glass break, blood, ambulances.”
On what he has taught his children:

"[…] I try to make sure they’re respectful and honorable and kind to everybody."
On what his children have taught him:

"A lot. [Parenthood] reminds you to do what the Bible has always taught us. When the apostles were arguing among themselves over who was the greatest in Jesus’ eyes, he said, "None of you", and called over a little boy and said, "Until you humble yourself like this child." It reminds you to be kind and humble and to see things through the eyes of children with a childlike wonderment. I still have that. I’m still fascinated by the clouds and the sunset. I was making wishes on the rainbow yesterday. I saw the meteor shower. I made a wish every time I saw a shooting star."

On missing out on his childhood and using his pain to create art:

“It’s not anger, it’s pain [due to this]. People see me at the amusement park or with other kids having fun, and they don’t stop and think, “He never had that chance when he was little.” I never had the chance to do the fun things kids do: sleepovers, parties, trick-or-treat. There was no Christmas, no holiday celebrating. So now you try to compensate for some of that loss. […] That’s what makes greatness. You have to have that tragedy, that pain to pull from. That’s what makes a clown great. You can see he’s hurting behind the masquerade. He’s something else externally. Chaplin did that so beautifully, better than anyone. I can play off those moments, too. I’ve been through the fire many times.”

On his pastime activities:

“I like to do silly things; water-ballon fights, pie fights, egg fights. […] I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of that. […] I just love it.”

On being adulated and his purpose on earth:

“It’s always a good feeling. I never take it for granted. I’m never puffed up with pride or think I’m better than the next-door neighbor. To be loved is a wonderful thing. That is the main reason I do this. I feel compelled to do it, to give people some sense of escapism, a treat to the eye and the ear. I think it’s the reason I’m here.”
On his personal wish:

"Peace and love for the children."

On the difficulty of coping with having a famous parent:

“If you look back in history, it’s the same with anybody who’s achieved wonderful things. I know the Disney family well, and Walt’s daughters used to tell me it was difficult when they were in school. Kids would say, “I hate Walt Disney. He’s not even funny. We don’t watch him” Charlie Chaplin’s kids, who I know well, had to take their children out of school. They were being teased. ‘Your grandfather is stupid. He’s not funny. We don’t like him.” He was a genius! So you have to deal with this jealousy. They think they’re hurting you. Nothing could hurt me. […]”
On his plans to build theme parks in Europe and Africa:

"We’re still working on a couple of projects. I can’t say right now where. I love theme parks. I love seeing children coming together, having a good time with their parents. It’s not like it used to be, when you put your kids on the merry-go-round, and sat on the bench eating peanuts. Now you enjoy it with them. It builds a unity to the family."

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1992 - Michael resumed the Dangerous World Tour on 12th December 1992, with a series of eight sold-out dates at Japan's Tokyo Dome. For much of 1993, however, he put the tour 'on hold', so he could concentrate on other projects.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo dattending 45,000 fans.

On a longer stop from HIStory tour in Japan, in December, 1996, Jackson appears at Tower Records on December 12, where he is welcomed by fans with flowers. He takes part in a Hand In Cement Ceremony where he set his hand and signature in plaster for a plaque to be displayed in the store permanently.

Michael also makes a brief speech there: "Hello, thank you very much for having me. I just want you to know I love you all very much and I'm glad to be back in Japan. Thank you." After which he sinks his hand in cement while fans chant "You Are Not Alone", wipes his hand with a towel and proceeds: "You, guys, sound beautiful singing. Harmony. [smiles] I just want to say thank again for having me here and I'm very happy to be back in Japan and I love you more. I love you more. Thank you."

1998 - Michael attended the Grand Opening of Sun International's US$ 450 million "Royal Towers of Atlantis Resort" on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

"Celebration of Atlantis Rising" for 1,600 invited guests was an unforgettable event culminating in a spectacular fireworks display, a thundering, brilliantly choreographed extravaganza by Fireworks by Grucci.

The monumental bash featuring a surprise performances by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Tevin Campbell, James Ingram, Stephanie Mills, N-Tyce and others, was a party for the ages.

Michael performing Heal The World
Guests at the grand opening ceremonies included Leonardo di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Alfre Woodard, Sidney Poitier, Lee Majors, Donald Trump, Carmen Electra, Chris Noth, Denzel and Pauletta Washington, Quincy Jones, Ivana Trump, Jimmy Buffet, Julia Ormond, Keri Russell, Larry Flynt, Ashford & Simpson, Robin Leach, and dozens of others.

Michael performed Heal The World - a short, impromptu live performance when he was handed a microphone and asked to sing which, somewhat reluctantly, he did.

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