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1977 - The album "The Jacksons" hit #54 in the U.K.

1983 - Michael Jackson's single "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" hit #5 in the U.S.

1988 - Princess Diana of Wales attended Michael's third sold-out concert at Wembley Stadium, along with Prince Charles.

MJ & Princess Diana
Prior to taking the stage, Michael met with royal couple & presented a $450,000 cheque for the Princes' Trust, a charity for disadvantaged children; from the proceeds of the seven-sold-out Wembley concerts. He also gave Princess two custom made Bad World Tour jackets; one each for her young sons, Prince William & Prince Harry, and a framed set of cassettes & compact discs of Off The wall, Thriller & Bad. MJ is said to be Princess Diana's favorite pop star! Michael was equally happy to meet her. "I was so excited at meeting the royal couple. I'm very very happy that they came to watch me perform. I thought the Princess was just wonderful"

Michael meets Princess Diana & Prince Charles backstage
MJ & Di:

  • In 1997 Michael postponed his world tour concert in Belgium due to the emotional shock of Diana's death, attended an L.A. memorial service dedicated to her.
  • From September 3 concert onward, Michael's cover of Charlie Chaplin's song Smile was played back before each concert after Princess Diana's death showing pictures of the princess on the jumbotron for some parts of the concert.
  • In 1997 Michael granted his Gone Too Soon song to the Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales album.
  • On September 12, 1997, Michael gave his memories his personal recollections on being friends with the Princess to Barbara Walters in an internationally televised interview.
    "Up until 13 days ago perhaps the two most photographed people in the world were Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson. Now only one remains to talk about what it means to live under that kind of scrutiny.
    When it comes to the paparazzi, Michael Jackson says he feels a bond with Princess Diana. Paparazzi have been a part of his life since he was a small child."
    Source: MJFC
  • In 2007, in pre-concert interview Prince William listed Michael Jackson as one of Diana's most favourite music acts.

Michael also made a donation of ₤100,000 to the Wishing Well Fund, established to help finance the construction of a new building for London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for Sick Children. Michael toured the hospital & visited with some of the patients.

1996 - Michael Jackson performed in Brunei to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Sultan of Brunei - Sir Hassanai Bokiah - the world’s richest man.
Special Concert For The Royal Family Of BruneiMichael warmed up for his History World Tour with the one-off concert concert staged inside the Sultan’s Jerudong Park Garden, a Disney-style theme park where admission and all the rides are free. Admission to Michael’s concert was free, too, and around 60,000 fans packed into the park to attend his two hour show. Michael performed 18 songs, mostly from his previous Dangerous Tour set list. Apart from the black lace jacket he wore in the promo for You Are Not Alone, Michael re-used the stage outfits he had worn during the Dangerous World Tour.

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