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1971 – The Jackson 5ive began a U.S. tour at the Coliseum in Charlotte, NC.

1973 – The Jackson 5ive Concert in Pittsburg ( Pennsylvania )

1974 - Jackson 5ive Concert in Trenton ( New Jersey )

1984 – Publicity of the Michael Jackson doll begins.

Thriller era saw the arrival of novelties like the Michael Jackson barbie doll: Thriller breaking all previous sales records & with the Victory tour playing to unprecedented crowds, a flood of MJ merchandise hit the market. Back in July of 1984, four MJ dolls authorized by Michael were marketed by LJN Toys inc. The 12″ vinyl Michael Jackson Superstar Doll appeared in stores in at a price of $12. The poseable doll had a molded jherri curl & came in 4 different, supposedly “authentic stage outfits”, from the videos of “Beat It” and “Thriller”, and red jacket from the AMA and the 3-musketeer’s inspired purple & gold sequin jacket from Grammys. The barbie sized dolls each came with a stand, a microphone, his famous glittering ‘Magic’ glove, glitter socks, and a tiny pair of mirror sunglasses.

1988 – Micheal visits sick children again at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.
He visits critically ill children and their parents at the “Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital”, where he spends longer time with the less critical patients, reserving words of comfort to them, reading them stories and delivering presents, including albums, signed photos and T-shirts. He associates himself with the “Wishing Well Fund” for sponsoring the contruction of a novel unit, as part of the “Hospital for Sick Children” in Great Ormond Street, London, England.

Notably, 9-year old Neil Clark, having undergone live-saving surgery to remove a brain tumour – and originally not scheduled to see the popstar – is visited by the singer, the boy’s father declaring with gratitude that the visit “cheered my son up”. 4-year-old Joanne Doeffer, having undergone a throat operation and breathing through a special tube, was visited by the star, the meet-and-greet prompting her to struggle and say “Thriller” to a delighted Jackson.

During his Bad Tour (as well as other tours of his), he was reported to be joined backstage prior to his concerts by children with illnesses from the respective local areas of his performances, with whom the entertainer would pose for pictures and sign autographs to, often, the singer spending time purchasing and assembling playthings he would personally deliver to them the following day, according to Seth Riggs, Jackson’s vocal coach.

1988 – Michael was presented with a Sword to commemorate the Bad Tour at the Guildhall party.

In the evening, a banquet is held to commemorate the imminent Bad shows at Wembley Stadium. King of Pop became the first ever commoner to enter the London’s historic Guildhall’s Royal Entrance, a unique privilege that required the Queen’s personal approval.

His arrival was heralded by the red-jacketed trumpeters of the Life Guard cavalry, usually seen marching along the Mall. There followed a pounds 75,000 banquet, during which the roast beef was paraded through the room by the Corps of Drums of the Honourable Artillery Company.

Dancers in Olde English costume scattered rose petals at Michael’s feet. Then he watched wide-eyed as first Henry VIII, then Elizabeth I, Lord Nelson, Nell Gwynn, Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Dick Whittington paid their respects.

Ballet dancers burst from a box.

Fire-eaters, jugglers, jesters and Elizabethan musicians visited his table. Then Michael was stunned as Merlin appeared in a puff of smoke, and glittering knights in armour bowed before him.

Michael took the salute as the Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers beat the retreat, walking up and down a line of liveried Life Guard troops as if he were a general inspecting them.

He bopped lightly on his heels as the band played and grinned wildly when they launched into a version of Billie Jean.

Then a knight in shining armour galloped across the courtyard, leapt from his saddle, pulled a sword from a stone and went down on one knee before handing the sword to Michael.

He was blissfully unaware of the historical significance, and handed the sword – the sword King Arthur pulled from the stone before he recruited the knights of the Round Table Knights of the Round Table – to a 7ft minder wearing a top hat, and made him the King of England.

1996 – Michael Jackson visited Nelson Mandela in Pretoria, South Africa. He also announced that he was working on a film about Mandela.

2004 – Michael Jackson’s publicist denied a report in US Weekly that Jackson was about to become a father to quadruplets via a surrogate mother. A spokesperson for US Weekly told Reuters that is stands by its story and cite unnamed sources close to Jackson as confirming the story.

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