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1970 - The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Jet magazine for the first time.

The Jackson father admitted that his sons' success is a dream come true for him... The group didn't spring to instant success without working for it. When Michael was three the group won a local talent show singing the Temptation's hit, My Girl. Through the years they appeared in talent shows and sang at affairs in the Midwest.
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1974 - The Jackson 5 appear in concert in Huntsville, Alabama.

1988 - Michael Jackson performed to a capacity audience of 60,000 in Madrid, Spain (Bad Tour).

1994 - Jackson and then wife, Lisa Marie Presley, visit two children’s facilities in Budapest, Hungary, distributing 2,600 toys to the afflicted patients, while "HTWF", along with partners "Toys 'R' Us" and "AmeriCares", distribute 20,000-dollar-worth toys, food and provisions suchlike therein.

The newly married were joined by Misha, a 74-inch dwarf who has already been recognized in the circus world as the smallest man in the world. Misha is a longtime friend of Michael & he was involved in the shooting of the clip of Jackson. Misha (as you can see the cover of "Dangerous" and the "teaser" from the same album) has submitted following the couple with two huge bouquets of flowers. They then visited all three in two hospitals to distribute gifts to some 200 children.

Author of "Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary", Adrian Grant, also present at the facilities, remembers a highlight of this event 10 years later in an interview for a fan magazine:
"During the visit, the most amazing thing happened, when Michael brought a smile on the face of a dying 8-year old girl who had lain motionless and silent for weeks. Her mother, at her side in constant vigil, broke down in tears as her daughter reached out & touched Michael's hand. Sounds like a miracle! It was great to see the positive effect Michael’s superstar status could have on a person...", says Grant.

They also visited the hospital Pal Heim, a building that was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1896. Lisa Marie then took her in his arms alternately Csilla including several children, a girl aged two years. They were equally well received at Bethesda Hospital, also located in Budapest where they meet Bela Farkas, a little boy in need of a transplant, a boy of four who can survive only if undergoing a liver transplant, an operation that can be made in the West.

They then visited some antique shops and record stores.

By late afternoon, Michael decided to return to the Bethesda hospital to review the little Bela Farkas. Moved by his story they decide to fiance his operation that will save his life, then promised the director of the hospital to do what it takes to help this child to be cared for. He also promised to offer the Bethesda hospital air conditioning and a respirator for this clinic, one of whose specialties is to treat lung diseases. These commitments were the singer confirmed two days later by the spokesman for Michael, who said it would pay U.S. $ 150,000 for the small to undergo the transplant that saved his life.

1996 - A special screening of Michael Jackson's film "Ghosts" was shown at the opening night of the 1997 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival in California. Bruce Fessier described the festivities in an article published in the "Dessert Sun" the following day,
"The opening night of the 'Palm Springs International Short Film Festival' showcased the potential of short film and video and the talent of Michael Jackson. Almost 450 people filled the Palm Springs Dessert Museum's Annenberg Theater on Wednesday to view 2.5 hours of film... and a screening of Jackson's 40-minute short musical film, 'Ghosts', with remarks by its director, Stan Winston... the night ended with praise for Jackson. The crowd buzzed over the special effects in 'Ghosts' and the skill Jackson exhibited by playing all the lead characters with diverse looks and voices. Winston said 'Ghosts' is a hit in Europe but can't get promoted here because 'people believe what they read' about Jackson. 'I stand here and say he's a really great guy', Winston said."

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