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1967 - Jackson 5 at the Apollo.
Having toured the "chitlin’ circuit" of strip bars and nightclubs around the mid-west, the Jackson Five legend began to take hold on the east coast when the group won the Amateur Night Showdown at Harlem’s famous Apollo theater on August 13, 1967.

In August 1967, The Jackson 5 performed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem for their amateur night. The Apollo’s amateur night audience was known to performers as the toughest audience around. Many performers had been discovered here and it was an important night for the young group. After their set, The Jackson 5 won first prize and brought the house down.

After winning a talent contest at Beckman Junior High in Gary, Gordon Keith of Steeltown Records asked The Jackson 5 to sign a contract with his label. It was their first official recording contract and The Jackson 5 immediately began recording. Their first single was released in late 1967, called “Big Boy”. Although it never charted, it became a big regional hit.

The group impressed Motown artist Gladys Knight so much that she recommended them to label boss Berry Gordy. However, already weary from the complications of handling child star Stevie Wonder, he passed on even hearing them for consideration.

1971 – The Jackson 5ive perform their First National Tour at Kansas City - Missouri / Municipal Auditorium.

1972 – The Jackson 5ive perform their First National Tour at Charleston, Virginia.

1992 – Michael Jackson performed his Dangerous World Tour in Hameln, Germany, attending 25000 at Weserbergland Stadium. By Weserberglandstadion they made a special transmission to support the event.

Michael Jackson's maxi single for "Jam" was released.

1999 - MJJ Productions has confirmed that Michael will give a press conference on August 29, to announce his millennium concerts. The exact location and time of the conference will be announced soon.

2001 - From August 13-21, 2001 - Michael shoots the You Rock My World 13-minute short film in Los Angeles directed by Paul Hunter and featuring Chris Tucker and a special appearance by Marlon Brando.

After Robert DeNiro turned Michael down to star in his newest video for You Rock My World, Michael turned to Brando, who was a longtime close friend of the entertainer and paid regular visits to his Neverland Ranch, resting there for weeks at a time. Brando also participated in the singer's two-day solo career 30th-anniversary celebration concerts in 2001, and gave a speech to the audience on humanitarian work. The actor's son, Miko, was Michael's bodyguard and assistant for several years, and was a friend of the singer. He stated "The last time my father left his house to go anywhere, to spend any kind of time... was with Michael Jackson. He loved it... He had a 24-hour chef, 24-hour security, 24-hour help, 24-hour kitchen, 24-hour maid service."

The Jackson brothers convened in Los Angeles to begin rehearsing for the two tribute concerts at Madison Square Garden, New York in September.

2003 – Some picture taken from Dr. Farschian (a doctor who healed Michael Jackson after spider bite) were avaiable on the doctor's website: the picture speak for themeself and show how sever is the vitiligo skin disease on Michael’s body.

Usher, who performed at Michael's '30th Anniversary Special', is due to attend the birthday party along with Slash and Bret Ratner, banning any sudden changes to their schedules.

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