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1969 - Motown star Diana Ross officially introduced the Jackson 5 to the press in August 1969, also presented them at the Forum, when the J5 opened for the Supremes – the photo above is from that show. She hosted the variety show Hollywood Palace when the J5 made their national TV debut in October. Her name headlined their debut album, on the eve of her heralded solo breakaway.

J5 fans know that she didn’t “discover” the Jackson 5; Gladys Knight was the one who from the road called Motown first. But it was Bobby Taylor, a Motown songwriter and producer, and lead singer of the Vancouvers, who drove the brothers, the band and Papa Joe Jackson to Hitsville in the summer of 1968. More on him in another post.

Miss Ross, however, surely helped launch the Jackson 5’s career in a big way.

1973 - Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 perform in a benefit gig at St. Paul Civic Center Arena in Minnesota, with proceeds of the concert being funneled to the Afro-American Music Opportunities Association (AAMOA). AAMOA, based in the Twin Cities, promotes Black Music and assists Black composers and musicians worldwide.

1992 - Backstage in Leeds, England, Michael meets with 6-year-old Nicholas Killen, left visually impaired after a cancer procedure.

1995 - Michael's album HISTORY: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE BOOK I was certified 5xPlatinum by RIAA.

1997 - Michael performs HIStory World tour at Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden attended 50,000 fans.

Michael Jackson Live in Gothenburg
Concert broadcast by TV1000 and Channel 3. This concert is very similar to the Copenhagen concert; also the last professionally filmed performance of Blood on the Dance Floor (though the concert in Oslo on August 19 was the last performance of this song). During "Scream," the pre-recorded a capella vocal of Jackson was malfunctioning. Jackson continued to lip-sync and dance until the vocals continued during the chorus.

1998 - In the States, Captain EO was finally replaced in March 1997, by a new feature, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. It had its final showing at Disneyland, Paris on 16th August 1998.

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