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1973 – The Jackson 5 perform in concert in San Francisco, California.

1992 – Michael Jackson attend the first Heal The World European Children Congress at Regent’s College in London.

1993 - Michael kicked off the second leg of his Dangerous tour in Bangkok, Thailand performing first of two concerts at the National Stadium attending 70,000 fans.

After the cancellation of what should have been the first two dates of the second half of Michael’s Dangerous World Tour, much to the disappointment of the Hong Kong fans who lost out, the tour resumed in Bangkok, Thailand with Michael dropping Working Day And Night, Beat It and Man In The Mirror from the show, and adding his American Music Awards’ Dangerous routine.

"HTW" partners with "Pepsi-Cola Thailand" to endow 40,000 dollars to the "Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's" foundation and to the Rural School Children and Youth Development Fund, as a sponsorship for school meal programs in the villages of Thailand.

The tour moved through Asia, Russia and onto South America. Michael played his last show of the Tour on the 11th of November, 1993 in Mexico. The Tour had ended suddenly as Michael had become the subject of child abuse allegations and had become dependent on painkillers due to recent surgery on his scalp. Michael had played 69 concerts to approximately 3.5 million fans and had donated all proceeds to his Heal the World foundation and other charities around the world. It was the biggest tour of its time.

Michael spends few days in Bangkok to perform 2 concerts on August 24 & 27.

At 270 feet, the "Dangerous" stage is wider than the widest American stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall, which measures 190 feet.

Also on that day, reports surfaced in the media that Michael is under criminal investigation for child abuse by the Los Angeles Police Department. Michael was honoring his Dangerous World Tour concerts (the entire proceeds of which being donated to his Heal The World Foundation) when news about allegations of improper conduct towards a minor broke and were made public by August 24, 1993. He was preparing to perform song “Jam” when he learned about the shocking news. Regardless of it, he mustered up strength and performed the song, at the beginning of it removing a pair of dark glasses and revealing wet eyes and a tear streaking down his left cheek. Three days beforehand, a search warrant was issued, allowing police to search Jackson's Neverland Ranch, Santa Ynez Valley, California.

Investigator Anthony Pellicano says the accusations are the result of a failed attempt to exort money from Michael Jackson. It transpires the boy's father, Evan Chandler, a dentist in Beverly Hills, wanted Michael to fund movie projects for him, so he could become a full-time screen-writer. When this request was refused, he threatened to make child molestation allegations against his son public.

Following the criminal allegations, Jackson's newly hired criminal lawyer, Howard Weitzman, reads a statement to the press from the singer: "My representatives have continuously kept me aware of what is taking place in California. I appreciate the remarks of Chief Willie Williams and our Los Angeles police department. I am confident the department will conduct a fair and thorough investigation and its results will demonstrate that there was no wrongdoing on my part. I intend to continue with my world tour, and look forward to seeing all of you in the scheduled cities. I am grateful for the overwhelming support of my fans throughout the world. I love you all. Thank you. Michael."

The molestation story will dominate newspapers, magazines, and scandal TV shows for many months to come.

1997 - Michael perform HIStory World tour at Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland.

2001 – "You Rock My World", the first single from the forthcoming album "Invincible" was premiered online, on internet at

Re-Beat It on Entertainment Weekly
Does HIStory repeat itself? Looks that way. Michael Jackson's overdue Invincible isn't out till (fingers crossed) Sept. 25, but homages to the King of Pop keep popping up. We rate -- giving up to four gloves -- those who dare to walk the (moon)walk.

Chris Tucker JACKSON ACTION In Rush Hour 2, sings Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. BEHIND THE MUSIC The inveterate MJ impressionist cranks out a karaoke rendition of the 1979 hit to reprise his breakdown in RH 1. But how did director Brett Ratner get the blessing of the reclusive Gloved One? "I have a friend who's his projectionist," says Ratner. "So I said, 'Listen, the next time you show a movie, slip this tape in.'" [Three Gloves]

Alien Ant Farm JACKSON ACTION Punkish cover of Smooth Criminal on their CD Anthology. BEHIND THE MUSIC "I was just blown away," says "Criminal" video director Marc Klasfeld, on first hearing AAF's tongue-in-cheek remake. On landing the video gig, he brainstormed a collage of Jacksoniana. (A Bubbles-like chimp and a Liz Taylor tattoo make cameos.) But the pastiche is affectionate, and Klasfeld adds, "I just think it's a good song, hands down." [Four Gloves]

Gorillaz JACKSON ACTION In their Clint Eastwood video, 'toon gorillas perform Thriller-esque zombie dancing. BEHIND THE MUSIC Guest artist Del Tha Funkee Homosapien claims ignorance: "That's an ill angle for me -- I didn't even realize it was Michael Jackson. It looked tight, though. I ain't seen nobody since Michael Jackson really putting it down except for hip-hop motherf***ers...and sh** like that. You know what I'm saying?" In our small way. [Two Gloves]

Lil' Romeo JACKSON ACTION Samples the Jackson 5's I Want You Back heavily on My Baby. BEHIND THE MUSIC "I always looked up to him -- and my dad -- since I was a little boy," says the hip-high hip-hopper, who'll perform at next month's Jackson reunion. But Romeo doesn't mimic MJ's moves (a la Usher, who moonwalks in his U Remind Me video) -- or his taste in pets: "I have two birds. But I don't think I'll ever get a monkey." [Three Gloves]

2004 - The Sony Music Store USA is accepting preorders for the new 5 disc set 'Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection' (Selection # : 092600). The scheduled release date is October 19, 2004.

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