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1973 - Jackson Family held a press party at their Encino home.

On the J5's 1973 Soul Train appearance, Don Cornelius ran some footage from the party.

1987 - Michael arrives in Japan to kick off the first leg of his first solo tour, BAD world tour.

When Michael's Japan Airlines Flight 61 touched down at Narita International Airport in Tokyo over 600 journalists, cameramen and hundreds of screaming fans were waiting to cover his arrival. Even Bubbles, Jackson's pet chimp, who took a separate flight, was greeted by more than 300. To transport the stage equipment, a chartered jumbo jet flew into Tokyo carrying 22 truckloads along with Jackson's tour entourage of 132 people.

The total attendance for the 14 concerts in Japan during the first leg was 450,000 with performances in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama. Previously, performers only managed to draw a crowd of 200,000 on a single tour. A granddaughter of Emperor Hirohito attended the first concert in Tokyo.

1992 - A live performance of Black or White taken from a concert at London's Wembley Stadium was broadcast via satellite to the ninth annual MTV Video Music Awards.

Public service announcement made by Michael Jackson as part of the network's Choose or Loose campaign to encourage young adults to register to vote, was premiered during the award telecast. Dressed in his gold & black concert costume, with large mirrored sunglasses, he encouraged others to make a difference. "We live in a country where we have a chance to make a difference. To create a better way of life for ourselves and for our children. The future is now. Let's come together and express our freedom of choice. Choose or Lose."

1995 - Michael Jackson's single "You Are Not Alone" hit #1 in the U.K.

1993 - Bravo magazine features MJ on its cover.

1999 - Michael & Elizabeth Taylor speak about their close friendship in Talk magazine

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