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1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Olympic Stadium, Montreal [Canada] attending 58,270.

1986 - Michael Jackson's film Captain EO opened at Disneyland in the Magic Eye theater. The film actually debuted in Disneyland's Journey into Imagination at Epcot Center on September 12.

1989 - A California Raisins commercial that featured a "claymation" version of Michael Jackson debuted on U.S. television.

The new California Raisin commercial first aired in theaters in July featured a claymation MJ. The claymation MJ dreams of being Michael Raisin, who performs "Heard It Through The Grapevine". Michael's singing voice isn't used in the ad, but his speaking voice is. When clay Mike wakes up, he figures the strange dream he had must been due to, "something I ate".

Even though Michael's own singing voice couldn't be used in the ads, due to his exclusive contract with ; he did contribute to the making of the ads, acting as a model for the claymation figure & contributing to the creation of six other backup raisins. A 30 minute film of Michael performing was made to serve as a model for the figure's movements. Michael received a $25,000 fee for his contribution to the ads, which he donated to charity.

1992 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Olympic Stadium, Barcelona [Spain] attending 42,000.

1993 - Tele Poche, a French magazine features MJ on its cover with the story L'affaire Michael Jackson.

2010 - HIStory concert at El Menzah Stadium - Tunis, Tunisia was aired by the Nessma TV channel in Tunisia.

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