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1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at RFK Stadium in Washington [D.C., USA] attending 45,000 fans.

1987 - Michael performs BAD tour at Nishinomiya Stadium in Osaka [Japan].

1993 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv [Israel] attending 100,000 fans.

1996 - Issue 38 of the Polityka magazine(Poland) featured MJ on the cover.

- On Friday, Michael Jackson's new, fantastic short film premièred throughout the world [with the exception of the U.S.A.].

The short film, directed by Paul Hunter, is showing the "King of Video" in a new look. The story was written by both Michael Jackson and Paul Hunter. The video clip is starring Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Kishaya Dudley, Marlon Brando, Michael Madsen and Billy Drago. Responsible for the choreography of the simply amazing dance routines were Michael Jackson, Anthony "Tone" Talauega and Richmond Talauega.

On the same day, the song "Cry," from the album "Invincible," was premiered on radio stations in the United States.

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