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1971 – Jackson 5ive Mom and Pop featured on the cover of Life Magazine with the story Rock Stars at Home with Their Parents. The spiral staircase in the Jackson family's Hayvenhurst was made famous in the iconic cover where they are posing on stair steps with their parents standing at the bottom of the staircase.

1987 - Rolling Stone magazine feature Michael on their cover with the story Michael Jackson in Fantasyland.

1993 - Michael arrives in Tenerife with the Cascios to perform a concert on September 26.

While in Tenerife, Michael Jackson visited the Clinical Hospital, where he presented toys and gifts to the children.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory tour at La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza [Spain] attending 45,000 fans.
A shocking episode for Michael was when he sang She’s Out of My Life and the public started to the sing Ay, ay, ay, ay… Cielito lindo…

During his stay in Zaragoza, Michael visits hospitals, sign autographs.

2008 - The fan-voted album King of Pop was released in Japan.

On July 18, the Japanese edition "キング・オブ・ポップ-ジャパン・エディション" (King of Pop - Japan version) was announced with fans picking from a selection pool of 120 tracks. Out of tune with other versions, the compilation was released on September 24 by Sony Music Japan.

01. ビリー・ジーン / Billie Jean (Single Version)
02. マン・イン・ザ・ミラー / Man In The Mirror (Album Version)
03. スムーズ・クリミナル / Smooth Criminal(Radio Edit/ Album Version)
04. スリラー / Thriller (Single Version)
05. 今夜はビート・イット / Beat It (Single Version)
06. バッド / Bad (Album Version)
07. ブラック・オア・ホワイト / Black Or White (Album Version)
08. ヒール・ザ・ワールド / Heal The World (7”Edit)
09. ロック・ウィズ・ユー / Rock With You (Single Version)
10. ヒューマン・ネイチャー / Human Nature (Album Version)
11. ウィ・アー・ザ・ワールド (デモ・ヴァージョン) / We Are The World (demo)
12. セイ・セイ・セイ / Say Say Say (Album Version)
13. スクリーム / Scream (Album Version)
14. リメンバー・ザ・タイム / Remember The Time (Album Version)
15. オフ・ザ・ウォール / Off The Wall
Bonus: ベン / Ben (Single Version)
スリラー・メガミックス (ラジオ・エディット) / Thriller Megamix (Radio Edit)

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