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1968 - The Jackson 5ive performed as part of the benefit concert for Mayor Richard Hatcher at Gary’s Gilroy Stadium, set by Motown’s Record Corporation move to Gary, Indiana.

The Motown Record Corporation brought its “Sound of Young America”, to Gary Indiana, for a special benefit program , the purpose of which was to defray the costs of Richard Hatcher's mayoral campaign. Ewart Abney said that the Motown Benefit was a special salut to Gary, “city of the Century”, honoring Mayor Richard Gordon Hatcher “whom we may consider Mayor of the Century”.

Highlighting the benefit performance were Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pipes, Shorty Long, Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers and Abdullah – but not Diana Ross. Which wouldn’t stop Motown, for years to come, from claiming that this was the concert where Diana ‘discovered’ the Jackson 5ive.

The opening was performed by the Jackson 5ive.

Mayor Hatcher proclaimed the occasion “Soul Day” and proclaimed the entire 27-29 September weedend a “Soul Weekend”.

1984 - Impacto magazine [Spain] featured Michael on their cover.

1987 - Observer magazine[UK] featured Michael on the cover with the story BAD BOY ROCKS JAPAN.

Michael performs BAD tour at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama [Japan] attending 38,000 fans.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Civic Arena in Pittsburg [Pennsylvania, USA] attending 16,230 fans.

2009 - Tickets to Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT went on sale.

The first day of ticket sales, all 3,000 tickets to the advanced screenings of the film had "sold out within two hours [on] early Sunday [September 27, 2009]." Fans had reportedly waited in line for days. reported that over 160 showings had sold out., stated that "hundreds of screenings in North America have already sold out, a month before the film's October 28 opening."
According to, sales of tickets to the film have "accounted for more than 82% of all the tickets sold at the site today [Monday, September 28, 2009]." described the sale of tickets on as being "fairly significant" - but remarked that "this is after all, just a concert documentary."
It was reported that over 80 percent of tickets sold on were for this film.
It was also reported that the film had "accounted for some 80% of all online ticketing in the U.S. within its first 24 hours of sales, dominating presales compared with such upcoming titles as Avatar and The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
Sony, confirmed that over 30,000 tickets were sold in the first 24 hours that tickets went of sale. Sony also stated - as of September 28, - that the film's 'moved' over 1 million dollars in tickets sales in Japan.
Sony announced in a press release that in the "last 24 hours [since September 27]", that over 80% of all and sales for the film, had already sold out in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Nashville and New York, among others and: "Internationally, exhibitors from London and Sydney to Bangkok and Tokyo have experienced the same epic demand." Sony stated in a statement of the film's good ticket sale's that: "Staggering advance sales were reported in Australia, where tickets for Michael Jackson's This Is It purchased through Village Cinemas exceeded the lifetime pre-sales of such blockbusters as Transformers and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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