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1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Shreveport [US].

1983 - Say Say Say, humorous short firm directed by Bob Giraldi, filmed between 4th and 7th October.
The short film featured 'Mac & Jack' as travelling salesmen-cum-vaudeville artists, and co-starred Paul's wife Linda, Michael's sister La Toya, and Mr T (from The A Team), To accommodate Jackson's busy schedule, McCartney flew in specially for filming the video at Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Valley, California; that was the first time Michael Jackson saw the Santa Ynez Valley Ranch and he feel in love with it and bought Neverland shortly afterward. The video cost $500,000 to produce.

In the short film, Mac and Jack sell a "miracle potion". The salesman (McCartney) offers Jackson the potion, and claims that it is "guaranteed to give you the strength of a raging bull". Jackson drinks the potion and challenges a large man to arm wrestle. Unbeknownst to a watching crowd, the man—along with Linda—is also in on the scam.
After Jackson wins the rigged contest, the crowd of people surge forward and buy the potion. Mac and Jack then donate all of the money earned from the scam to an orphanage. Later, while in a hotel, Jackson enters the bathroom as McCartney shaves. The latter playfully dabs shaving foam on Jackson's cheek, despite the fact that the younger man does not need a shave. After this scene, McCartney and Jackson star as vaudeville performers who sing and dance at a bar. On stage, the duo appear in clown makeup at one point and quickly go through a number of costume changes. Jackson's love interest, with whom he flirts, was played by his sister La Toya. The video ends with Paul, Linda and Michael as drive they off into the sunset. La Toya, who was handed a bunch of flowers by McCartney, is left at the roadside.

1987 - Michael performs BAD tour at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama, Japan.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford [US].

1992 - Epsilon magazine[Greece] featured Michael on their cover.

1996 - Michael attends a performance of one of his favorite musicals, Lionel Bart's 'Oliver' at the Palladium Theatre, London and poses with cast members. He is in London to work on the "Ghost" soundtrack.

1997 - Michael performs the first of five HIStory concert at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa attending 25,000.

2000 - News broke that Michael has finished recording the new album and that the album is now in mixing stage. Michael Jackson and engineer Bruce Swedien hope to be done with this crucial and final artistic stage by late January 2001. Provided everything goes in accordance with this working schedule, the new album could exit the mastering stage in the Spring of 2001 and be ready for a release early in the Summer of 2001.

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