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1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Huntsville [US].

1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Canadian National Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Ontario [Canada] attending 35,000.

1988 - Michael performs BAD tour at Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford [US].

1991 - Elizabeth Taylor marries for the 8th time to a construction worker, Larry Fortensky, who was twenty years younger than her, in a fairytale ceremony held on Michael's private paradise Neverland in Los Olivos, CA.

Liz dressed in canary yellow in a gown created for her by Valentino. Michael pays for everything and gives the bride away in the ceremony, one of the most expensive wedding, reportedly cost $2 million. Many celebrities attend the wedding including Nancy Reagan, Eddie Murphy, and Liza Minelli.

The wedding was briefly interrupted by a skydiving gate-crasher. During the event, one guest allegedly smuggled in a camera with fiber-optic lenses as small as hatpins. Shutterbugs dangling from helicopters above the scene wielded Leicas kept steady by hand-held gyroscopes. And that sky diver who landed just feet away from the bride and groom was wearing a videocam helmet.

People magazine reportedly paid $1 million for exclusive access to the 1991 wedding and Liz donated the monies to AIDS research.

Coined as the wedding of the year, and for the actress who promises this will be the last time, lasted till 31 October, 1996, when the couple had divorced.

1992 - Katepiva magazine[Greece] featured Michael on their cover.

1996 - Michael arrives in Tunis, Tunisia, where he is welcomed by hundreds of fans, where he spends 3 days to perform a concert on October 7.

Omer Bhatti, a Norwegian aspiring singer, met Michael for the first time during his stay in Tunis. While visiting an uncle, Omer, dressed like his idol, Michael Jackson, was introduced to him. Michael befriends the young Norwegian fan that he decides to take on tour with him. Subsequently, Bhatti and his family lived with Michael for some time, his mother Pia Bhatti was Prince Michael Jackson I’s nanny. Born in 1984 to Pia and Humayoun Shahzad (Riz) Bhatti, Omer become one of the Michael Jackson’s protegees and has been rumored to be his son. Omer had denied being Michael's love child, and insists the star was not his father, but he is more like a father.

1997 - Michael performs second HIStory concert at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa attending 25,000.

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