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1979 - Michael attends his friend Jane Fonda’s fundraiser Halloween Disco Party at The Hollywood Palace.

1987 - Hitkrant magazine [Netherlands] featured Michael on their cover.

Michael Jackson's single BAD hit #1 in the U.S. for a second consecutive week.

The Way You Make Me Feel
, promoted with a nine minutes short film directed by Joe Pytka, co-starred Tatiana Thumbtzen, and featured a cameo appearance by Michael’s sister, La Toya, premiered on 31st October 1987.
Extended 25 minute version also made – exclusively screened by Michael at his Neverland home.

The video begins with a girl walking down streets alone, with a clip being intercut that shows MJ talking with other people. Shortly after MJ walks out of an alley and stands in front of the girl while she's walking down the street, although she ignores him and keeps walking. He gets her attention by shouting, and then begins singing "The Way You Make Me Feel" to her while also dancing. Uninterested, she walks away. He follows her, having been cheered on by his friends to pursue her. Another dance routine begins, involving the males friends, which leads to MJ pursing the girl throughout the neighborhood. The video ends with MJ eventually winning the girl over, and embraces her, while a fire hydrant is spraying out water. MJ's love interest was played by Tatiana Thumbtzen, and the videoclip also features an appearance by his sister La Toya as one of Thumbtzen's friends.

1992 - Hitkrant magazine[Netherlands] featured Michael with Slash on their cover with the headline: Slash & Michael - Wat Niemand Voor Mogelijk Hield [Michael & Slash - What No one Thought Possible]

1993 - Michael performs at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City [Mexico] attending 100,000.

Michael’s grandfather, Samuel Jackson dies at the age of 90.

1995 - Michael perform Dangerous & You Are Not Alone at the Soul Train 25th Anniversary Hall Of Fame show (aired on 22nd November).

The short film Ghosts is premiered in 11 selected Sony cinemas.

2000 - Further news on Michael's planned movie "The Nightmare Of Edgar Allen Poe" was revealed. Gary Pudney to "The Columbus Dispatch": "Michael Jackson will move to Montreal with his two children in early 2001 to prepare for the shooting of his long-planned movie."

Production is to begin in March and Michael will act in the leading role and also will be executive producer, with Gary Pudney and Jim Green.

Gary Pudney told columnist Marilyn Beck: "Michael's not going to look exactly like Poe, but you won't be able to tell the difference between them 10 minutes into the picture, it's going to be absolutely spectacular, full of gruesome goodies - and concluding with all the ghosts Poe wrote about coming back to haunt him at the end of his life. We'll also be hiring six to eight other incredible actors to help bring Michael up to snuff, he'll have an acting coach prior to production and during shooting."

Michael is currently writing the theme song, which he will sing. Gary Pudney: "He wants to concentrate on films, we're already planning on more Poe films, and there are one or two other pictures we are also talking about doing. Michael is wired into the hierarchy of Hollywood - people like Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, with whom he wants to work - and vice versa."

The exciting news about Michael's plans to play Edgar Allen Poe was revealed for the first time in an interview with "TV GUIDE" magazine dated December 4 - 10, 1999.

2007 - Access Hollywood airs a preview of Michael's photoshoot for Ebony magazine.

Michael & the kids celebrates Halloween at the Cascio family house in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

2008 - Michael goes trick-or-treating with his kids to an Halloween party at Natalie Maines'house (the singer from the Dixie Chicks) They were invited by Veronique Peck and stop by a KFC DriveThru in Brentwood in Los Angeles, Ca.

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