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1971 - Michael Jackson's first solo single "Got To Be There" was released.

1972 - The Jackson 5 on their first European tour in Paris, France at the Olympia.

On the Champ de Mars, just before their concert
On November 6, 1972, the Jackson 5 give their first concert in France at the Olympia, the legendary Parisian venue, on the occasion of the 8 gigs of their European tour (Holland, Germany and England).

The concert program is as follows: I Want You Back, Mama's Pearl, I'll Be There, Goin 'Back To Indiana Lookin' Through The Windows, Ben, Walk On By, and The Love You Save.

The Jackson Five are huge stars in the United States. And San Francisco, where they played this summer, Emmanuel Choisnel could not enter: the 30 000 seats were leased! This success, the Jackson Five are still far from known in France and it is natural insofar as they represent a "product" primarily for the U.S. market. Nevertheless, the Olympia was full that night, the "beautiful people" - African-Caribbean and was there to meet you.

At Orly airport, at the foot of their private jet
The "Jackson Five Show" opened on a British R & B, the Orange Rainbow whose style is achieved by the successful recovery of Sly & the Family Stone, Isaac Hayes, etc.. With poor singers and honest musicians, the group broke even when the teeth on "Shaft".

The rainbow sky orange was also tasked to accompany the Sisters Love who just signed in after recording for Tamla Man Child and A & M. This group originally composed of former Raelets (which now includes Lillie Merry Clayton Ford, Jeannie Long, Gwen Berry and Vermettya Royster.

After settling in the dark to the cheers of an audience already conquered, the Jackson Five appeared radiant, all dressed in elegant costumes with bright colors. Tito and his guitar on the left, Jermaine and his bass right, framing Marlon, Jackie and Michael. The rest of the orchestra consisted of a drummer (Johnny) and a pianist organist (Randy), cousins! One has the sense of family or you do not.

On stage, each brother gives himself up to the passionate soul
The show of D5 like the stars of GNI is set to perfection: perfect introduction, amazing choreography, microphones juggling, jokes studied. We now have some experience with James Brown and Ike & Tina. What surprises here is to find such security, such a trade in boys as young, who three years ago were very nicely at school.

During the time that their service will last we will see a big festival both musically and visually. Of course, this phenomenon is the star of Michael, a true showman who for thirteen years already has all the ropes and sing with great enthusiasm and success that became ABC, I'll Be There, Goin 'Back To Indiana Lookin 'Through The Windows, Rockin' Robin. Jermaine, bassist, will prove an excellent singer with a mature and soulful voice. The other brothers have a less brilliant but still important, as J5 are primarily a group: the choruses are very important, and the game set the stage as a ballet.

While in Paris,
the group visits the Eiffel Tower &
makes some shopping with Bill Bray.
Musically, the Jackson 5 add nothing new. These are not the few exceptions to the rule (Lookin 'Through The Windows) or the tricks of guitar wah-wah that we should abuse: their music is connected with that the vocal groups of the 50s (doo doo whap whap) as the 5 Satins, Platters, Charms, etc. Robins. And it's not an insult to Diana Ross that protected to say. On the contrary.

Note that the group has added a new member in the small person of Randy Jackson, age 9, who types with a great conviction on his bongos. Six Jackson then!

We must pause a moment on the "phenomenon Jackson Five. How this family group he could in two or three years to acquire such popularity? The talent is not everything. I think a lot more than it answers a need to ensure the American public. If you asked a computer after a serious market research, what this audience wanted, he would probably answer: a group sympathetic, even endearing (children or adolescents), not in protest for two spectacular if possible. Only remained, the group found that the sponsorship by an established heading and propel it to great fanfare.

Luck would have it, politicians were talented, or we could very well have a black version of the Monkees...
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2001 - Michael Jackson's single "Cry" was premiered on radio stations in the U.S

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