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1972 - The Jackson 5 perform two shows on their first European tour in Liverpool, England.

When they played at the Liverpool Empire, the Jackson 5 smashed the previous attendance record – held by the Beatles! The group’s support act for the UK dates was Elton John.

1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Fayetteville, North Carolina

1983 - The US$ 5 million endorsement contract was signed on November 11, 1983 between Michael Jackson, The Jacksons and Pepsi-Cola, involving sponsorship of the "Victory" tour and two TV commercials

1993 - Michael performs at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City [Mexico] attending 100,000.

Michael performed his 5th concert in Mexico to a capacity audience of 100'000. Sadly, this concert would prove to be the last. After the concert, Michael left Mexico with Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky, stopping off in Canada and Iceland. From there Michael was diverted to Ireland and finally landed at Luton Airport, England. Elizabeth Taylor flew on to Gstaad, Switzerland, and the media hunt for Michael Jackson began.

1996 - Michael perform HIStory concert at the Ericsson Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand attending 46,000 fans.

"Sisterella", the musical stage production of a black version of "Cinderella" which Michael Jackson co-produced, won an incredible 8 NAACP Theatre Awards at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The show was a huge success in the Pasadena Playhouse earlier that year, and is in preparation for New York showings.

Sisterella, a musical by Larry Hart, previewed at the Pasadena Playhouse, Los Angeles in 1996.

Executive Producer Michael Jackson became involved when Larry presented the original music demos to him. Michael acquired the sound track rights and signed Larry to a solo record deal.

Choreographing the production will be Raymond Del Barrio, who plans to combine ballet with modern dance, waltzes, acrobats, moonwalks and other styles to fill the stage. The cast numbers 36, crew and support approximately 65 and 200 people are involved with the manufacturing side.

The Cinderella spin-off takes place in New York in 1912. The curtain opens on the funeral procession of millionaire John Kensington who is survived by his daughter Ella, his second wife, Dahlia and his stepdaughters, Magnolia and Chrysanthemum.

At the reading of the Will we find that the late John Kensington has left his entire fortune to Ella. As one may imagine Dahlia, the stepmother is perhaps a little upset. In an attempt to obtain the inheritance Dahlia plots with her psychiatrist to have Ella committed. Yes there is a fairy godperson, a handsome Prince and something different from the original story, a courtcase.

2001 - figures revealed: as of then, "Invincible" had sold an astonishing 4.4 million copies worldwide - in just 2 weeks!!!

2004 - Michael Jackson phones Geraldo Rivera during a fan rally held in Time Square, New York City, in support of his innocence, and makes a statement for the fans, as well as for Rivera, as follows: “Well, Geraldo, it’s because of my fans that I’m calling you today. I mean, I feel they’re the best fans in the world, and I decided, rather than having anyone else speak for me that I would do it myself. You know?.. And I wanna thank my fans for their strong support over the years… They could’ve been anywhere today, you know, and they chose to be in New York on Time Square. And I wanna thank them from the bottom of my heart. They’ve written thousands and thousands of letters and have made hundreds of calls regarding the [offensive] Eminem video, (for ‘Just Lose It’). And I love them so so much. In London, over four thousand people showed up on my behalf and I wanna thank Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Minister Farrakhan, The Source, Steve Harvey, Bob Johnson and BET, Cathy Hughes and Radio One and all the many others who have supported me, you know? And Geraldo, I wanna also thank you for your friendship and.. everything, all the wonderful things you’ve been doing, thank you so so much […] I’m always working on wonderful music and I’ve been working on several albums right now, I’ve been working on music today, I’m working on something as we speak, Geraldo, and I’m in the process of making plans to do some other wonderful things that I’ll be announcing to the fans very very soon. And I look forward to that, Geraldo, you know?.. […] I love my fans, I love – I love you and thank you so much for being there on my behalf and thank you, Geraldo again, thank you so so much.”

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