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1988 - Michael perform third of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

At one of these last concerts in Japan, Michael met backstage with two young fans and their parents. 9 year old Ayana Takada was the 4 millionth fan to attend the Bad tour. Michael met with her and her brother and presented her with a certificate to commemorate the now record breaking attendance figure. The Bad tour had played to the largest audience ever, 4 million people.

Michael greets 4 millionth fan.
Ayana Takada, a 9-year-old who says she's been listening to the music of Michael Jackson as long as she can remember, was selected Sunday as the 4 millionth person to attend a concert of Jackson's world tour.
Jackson, who opened the last leg of his world tour in Tokyo Friday night, brought the girl on stage during his performance Sunday and presented her with a certificate commemorating the event.
he Bad tour had played to the largest audience ever, by the time he winds up his 12-nation tour, the rock star is expected to have performed before a record 4.4 million fans, according Jackson's tour organizers.
Jackson, 30, embarked on his first international solo tour in Japan in September 1987, playing before sold-out crowds in 14 concerts.
her brother Taisuke Takada

1989 - MTV award for Thriller as the Greatest Video in the History of the World was presented to Michael when he made a surprise appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show.

This was a dream come true for Hall who had earlier told an interviewer he hoped Michael Jackson would make an appearance on his show, even if it was a very brief appearance, just to say, "I don't do TV!" Hall's guest was Eddie Murphy. Murphy had been chosen by MTV viewers as the Humor God of the 80's. Michael made a special appearance on the show to surprise Murphy and present him with the award. Murphy then surprised Michael by presenting him with the video award.

After the audience's deafening applause to Michael's unannounced appearance subsided, Michael, dressed in red and black, spoke only briefly from behind his dark glasses: "Presented to the King of Comedy, of all time, the King." Michael handed the award to Eddie and hugged him. Eddie then presented Michael with his video award: "Viewers Award fo Michael Jackson for the Greatest Video in the History of all Videos, 'Thriller'". With no mike, michael smiled big and waved to the crowd before walking off the set.

20O8 - On exiting an antique shop in Beverly Hills, California on December 11, 2008, and answering a few other quick questions, Michael Jackson is reported to have told several onlookers that, at his children’s request, he would be donating Christmas presents to charity this year, supposedly to shelters around the country, aiding those affected by the economy crisis situation.

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