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1970 - The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Jet magazine, Jackson Five Hits Awards Jackpot.

1972 - The Jackson 5 played a 45 minute benefit concert at the "Foundation for the Junior Blind" in Los Angeles, California, for 1000 visually impaired children, 400 of which attending the benefit party. The concert included, for the first time, some of the Jackson 5ive's Christmas songs. On his thoughts about the event, Michael Jackson declares: "You know, really, this is what Christmas is all about - giving."

1988 - Michael perform 7th of 9 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Bad tour.

1992 - Michael perform 6th of 8 dates at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo during the Japanese leg of Dangerous tour attending 45,000 fans.

2007 - Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine. Thrills to Come - King of Pop teams up with Kayne, Akon, Will.I.Am for remix of wold's best-selling album; Is new CD coming next?
Michael told JET he put his heart and soul into the creative process for Thriller, his 6th solo album and 2nd with producer Quincey Jones.
"Even though it all came together some kind of way, consciously, it was created in this universe, but once the right chemistry gets in the room, magic has to happen. It has to.
It's like putting certain elements in one hemisphere and it produce this magic in the other. It's science. And getting in there with some of the great people, it's just wonderful."

These days Jackson is busy writing and working on his brand new album, and says he may do a short tou. And although he's in the studio daily, Jackson says, there's been no release date announced for either the new album or the tour his fans have been demanding.
"I feel grateful, all those record-breaking things, to the biggest albums, to those number ones, I still feel grateful," he says.

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