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1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in Bremen, Germany on Destiny tour.

1984 - Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell Gordy featuring Michael on the title track is released by Motown.

1989 - Michael Jackson in concert at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, US.

1990 - Michael attends the unveiling of a painting of himself titled The Book made by Australian artist Brett Livingstone Strong at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

“The Book” is said to be the only portrait Michael personally sat for during his lifetime. The 40-inch by 50-inch portrait was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Hiromichi Saeki who paid $2,100,000 for the original, the most expensive portrait of a living person. Mr. Saeki was one of the most influential Japanese merchandisers and concert promoters of Michael Jackson. Michael is draped in a “Renaissance Effect” within this portrait and even deeper inside is standing, posing for Brett in a slightly earlier dimension of time.

The Book capture one of the most talented musicians in the world, painted by one of the most talented artists of our time, Brett-Livingstone Strong, hailed by the King of Pop as “A modern day Michelangelo”, in the ultimate expression of beauty – both musically and artistically, remembering Michael at the pinnacle of his career.

Whether by fate or fortune we have here two of the greatest artists of the 21st century both forever memorialized in their greatness, captured in a moment of life entitled “The Book” and hereinafter available for the enjoyment and appreciation of all future generations and patrons of the Arts. The mystique of this portrait draws you in. Take a closer look – it is a portrait within a portrait.

The portrait depicts the King of Pop as a contemporary Renaissance man, dressed in red velvet holding a journal of thoughts and sketches, in a fairy-tale-like setting, with a statue of Peter Pan and another painting of Michael, in the background. "We called it, 'The Book,'" Mr. Strong said. "What are you going to put in 'The Book' today, Michael?'" The backdrop is Neverland, with an image of Tinkerbell. The painting has touches of Vermeer, as that was one of Mr. Jackson's favorite painters, Mr. Strong said.

1992 – Michael Jackson contributes to Law Roul`s telethon with a taped performance of “Heal the World”. The performance was taken from a Dangerous Tour Concert and was combined with footage of Michael`s visit to Africa.

1993 - Michael attends the Superbowl XXVII Pre-Show Press Conference held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca.

Michael accepts a cheque of $100 000 from the NFL and Frito Lay (Sponsor of the Superbowl). Neil Austrian, president of NFL, presents him with a custom-made Superbowl jacket. He also receives 500,000 dollars from BEST Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation.

Heal LA, new United States Children's Relief Initiative is announced by Heal The World, Michael Jackson and Former President Jimmy Carter in Los Angeles. This collaborative effort - beginning with "Heal LA" sustained by "Cities in Schools", "Big Brothers/Big Sisters", "BEST Foundation", "Watta Health Foundation", and "Partnership for a Drug Free America" - will provide immediate action to help solve the pressing needs of America's inner-city children and youth through instructive programs featuring AIDS prevention, a substance-free living. The initial Los Angeles effort will include drug prevention/education, as well as counseling, mentoring and immunization campaigns.

The singer declares:

"We have to get out the message of the need to heal our children and heal the world... to recognize that we need each other and must care for one another, help inspire us to develop this relief effort for children. To make a real difference, we must all care and commit to be a part of the solution. I know you all share my concern for inner-city children who are spread all around us. We must join together to make this world a better place for each of them. "Heal LA" is only our first step in making things better. I'm very happy to tell you today that former President, Jimmy Carter, and I are going to be working together to help children in cities all over our country. President Carter will join me as co-Chair of our new national Heal Our Children Initiative. We'll work together here in L.A. to start, then go city by city to heal children all over America. I would like to express my love and appreciation to all of you who have already been so generous to this important new Heal The World program."

1994 - After 6 months of hard negotiations, the lawyers representing both sides in the molestation case against Michael finally reached agreement. An out of court settlement, which both sides have been working towards, is agreed for an undisclosed sum.
The nightmare was over!

2001 - 15 year old Afro-Norwegian boy Benjamin "Benny" Hermansen was stabbed to death by a group of neo-Nazis in Oslo, Norway.

On the album cover, next to the image of a rose, it reads:
Michael Jackson gives "special thanks":
«This album is dedicated to Benjamin 'Benny'
Hermansen. May we continue to remember
not to judge man by the color of his skin,
but the content of his Character. Benjamin...
we love you... may you rest in peace.»
Michael Jackson dedicated his Invincible album to Benjamin. The reason for this has partly to do with the fact that the Holmlia boy Omer Bhatti and Jackson were close friends, and Bhatti was at the same time a good friend of Benjamin Hermansen.

2002 - Michael Jackson's Cry peaked at #2, on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, it was held from the top position from Ja Rule and Ashanti's "Always on Time" 2001 single.

2006 - Michael, Grace & the kids fly to Hamburg on a private visit the Shleiter family but upon arriving to their house, fans et reporters arrive after hearing the news of his arrival on the radio.

Amid intense media coverage police cordoned off the home of his 23-year-old host to guarantee their safety. Around 100 fans and media representatives were waiting in front of his hosts house today to catch a glimpse of Michael, who prefered to stay in the house though.

2007 - Michael attends Lance Burton's 7 p.m. show (Monte Carlo) with Grace & the kids.

2008 - Michael received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 NRJ Awards, in the year which he will mark the 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’.

The awards show took place in Cannes (France) and was aired on channel TF1. Michael wasn't able to attend the awards show in person but he recorded a special message for this occasion:
"Hello to all my friends in France! Though I couldn’t be there in person tonight to accept this prestigious award, I’m so happy to have the chance to send this message to let all my French fans know how much your support has meant throughout the years.

It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago, Quincy Jones and I embarked on an album named “Thriller.” To be able to say that “Thriller” still holds the record as the biggest selling album of all time, is just mind blowing. I have you, my fans throughout the world to thank for this achievement.

Though this award tonight honours me for my lifetime achievements, there is still much more to come from Michael Jackson. My passion for music has never stopped. And for those who don’t know, I’ve been in the studio recording Thriller 25th Anniversary album, with a lot of surprise guests. It’s my hope that “Thriller” continues to live on for each new generation to discover.

So thank you TF1 and NRJ for this very special award. It means so much to me to be honoured by you. And thank you to my fans. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you very soon. I love you. God bless you.”
2009 - Michael (with Blanket and Dr Tohme Tohme by his side), meets an AEG delegation headed by Philip Anschutz, its billionaire founder, AEG's chief executive Tim Leiweke, Randy Phillips, who heads up AEG Live and Paul Gongaware. Michael signs a deal for 10 concerts in London next summer and he also accepts to submit to a rigorous medical check-up at his LA home.

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