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1970 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert in Miami Beach, Florida during the winter tour

1972 - Jackson 5 in concert in Greenville, South Carolina

1988 - A U.K. TV compilation, "Love Songs," hit #15 in the U.K. The work was credited to Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Michael Jackson and Bono shared first place in an American poll of "The Most Beautiful Lips"

1989 - Leave Me Alone, the 7th video from BAD premiered on MTV.

The music video for Leave Me Alone, was directed by Jim Blashfield and Paul Diener and also featured in the 1988 film Moonwalker. Leave Me Alone, a unique blend of live action and animation, combined a small animated carnival setting with Michael cruising around in a small plane. With the use of special effects and humor, Michael confronts the press and the ridiculous stories that has been printed about him.

The amusement park in the video, consists of stylistically crude images based around Jackson's successful career since 1982's Thriller, with emphasis on the tabloid view of Jackson's personal life and public image, referring to the nickname "Wacko Jacko" given to him by the press, and the various headlines associated with him in the 1980s. Lampooning rumours that he tried to purchase Joseph Merrick's bones, Jackson dances with stop motion "Elephant Man" bones in the video. This particular segment (without the image of the bones) was used for the single's cover art, and the boneless video segment was featured in Moonwalker trailer.

In the video, there are images of shrines to actress Elizabeth Taylor, a real life close friend of Jackson. Throughout the video newspaper headlines, published by "National Intruder", with bizarre titles are shown, such as "Michael's Space-Age Diet" and "Michael Proposes to Liz". Another notable scene in the music video was a nose being chased by a surgical scalpel, which was reference to Jackson's plastic surgery being criticized by the media. At the end of the video, it is revealed that a gigantic Jackson himself is the amusement park. He breaks free, tearing the park to pieces. That scene is a somewhat reminiscent of Gulliver's Travels, where Gulliver eventually breaks free from the Lilliputians' grasp from Lilliput.

Leave Me Alone was the recipient of multiple nominations for its music video. The video won a Grammy Award in 1990 for Best Short Form Music Video at the 32nd Grammy Awards. The video also received 6 nominations at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year, Viewers' Choice, Breakthrough Video, Best Editing and Best Art Direction; the video won Best Special Effects.

1997 - Michael arrives in Hawaii where he is welcomed by 150 local dancers + 200 fans. He soons joins Joe & Katherine who came especially for him.

Michael is greeted with what the local people there call "The Aloha Spirit", at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, where he stayed for four nights. witnessing hula dancers, smiling, watching village guards, children performers speaking, including father Joe Jackson and publicist, Bob Jones.

"His plane came in for he and his immediate party then there was a plane just for his crew, then there were two -- those he Russian cargo planes, biggest planes in the world. Carrying his equipment" said Concert Promoter Tom Moffatt.

"He brought in a tank.... an army tank that came on stage that was part of the show (laugh)"

Jackson spent most of his time in his hotel suite on the 14th floor, *Alii* tower suite 1402. Fans camped out underneath his room day and night.

Wherever Jackson went while in the islands he created frenzy, with the crowds being star-struck. "He came out on the lanai and waved," Lani Bjork is the head of hotel security said. "You could hear that wave of 'Michael! Michael!' throughout the evening."

More than 60,000 people packed into Aloha Stadium those two nights with long lines of fans standing in the rain to see one of the best shows ever staged in the islands.
Wherever Jackson went while in the islands he created frenzy, with the crowds being star-struck.

2004 - CBS aired the special "Michael Jackson Number Ones" featuring many young artists speaking about Michael's influence.

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