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1971 - Motown released Mama's Pearl/Darling Dear, the second single from the Jackson 5ive's Third Album.

The single, written by The Corporation, was one of six consecutive Top 5 singles for the legendary Motown, soul and funk group, reaching #2 Pop and #2 R&B and sold 2.3 million copies worldwide (1.8 million in (US). It peaked at #25 in the UK.

Mama's Pearl was originally called Guess Who's Making Whoopie (With Your Girlfriend). Producer Deke Richards reportedly had the lyrics and title changed to preserve Michael Jackson's youthful, innocent image.

By the time the the Jackson 5’s 5th single was released, it had already been available to fans for four months as an album cut on the Third Album. Motown issue the regular stock 45 with a picture sleeve, the first and only time Motown gave a Jackson 5 group single this kind of treatment in the US.

The song got quite a bit of air play on U.S. radio stations in the early weeks of 1971 and it entered the Billboard Top 100 pop chart the last week in January. Although industry insiders used terms like "new smash hit," "the week's fastest mover," and "sure to be a million seller" when describing the single, it became the first J5 single not to reach #1, peaking a month later at #2.

Ironically, they were blocked from #1 by a song that had been written for them but had been rejected by Berry Gordy. Instead, it was given to the Osmonds, a family group who were striving to remake their image as pop stars, mainly by imitating the Jackson 5’s sound. This was the beginning of the rivalry between the two groups that flared for the next few years.

1993 - Bravo magazine [Germany] featured Michael on the cover.

1994 - Michael invites a group of 100 disadvantaged children to spend the day at Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday gala at Neverland Valley Ranch, Los Olivos, Ca

Meanwhile, "HTWF", with partners "Unihealth" and "Los Angeles Immunization Coalition", disseminate vaccines to the homeless children in Los Angeles, beggared by a damaging earthquake in the area. Moreover, the singer’s "HTWF", along with "Discovery Playthings", hands hundreds of toys to children attending an immunization drive. "Heal L.A.", additionally, donates more than 85,000 dollars to the "Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center", "Casa Rutilio Grande", "Clinica Para Las Americas", "Families in New Directions", "Meeting Each Need With Dignity", "Proyecto Esperanza", "Pueblo Nuevo", and "Vaughn Street Family Center" sheltering the victims of the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley earthquake. Associated with "General Electric", "Lever Brothers" and "Surf Wash", "HTWF" deliver washers, dryers and soap to 25 NGO’s, as well as free laundry services, all for the earthquake-stricken people, in addition, along with "Heal L.A." and "Salvation Army", 400 homeless people and their children are invited to spend a day at "Universal Studios".

Michael Jackson and his residence are also hosts to 100 children from the "Community Youth Sports and Arts Foundation" in Los Angeles, whom he speaks and plays with, poses for pictures and signs autographs; the children, moreover, watch film "Beethoven's 2nd" with him in his amusement park, and visit his private zoo.

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