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1975 - The Jackson 5 performed in concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

1979 - The Jacksons perform a concert in London, UK on Destiny tour.

1984 - Michael had been inducted into the Guinness book of Records, in recognition of Thriller having broken all album sales records at twenty-five million copies sold.

Michael, dressed in naval jacket and Calvin Klein blue jeans, attends a "Celebrate Michael" party, together with actress and friend, Brooke Shields, 11 days after he suffered hair and scalp burns filming a Pepsi Cola commercial. That evening, he is honored for his entry in the Guinness Book of World Records - selling the most popular album in history, Thriller.

Braving sub-freezing weather, hundreds of excited fans stood shivering behind the police barricades outside the New York's Metropolitan Museum of Natural History on a cold February night in 1984 hoping for a glimpse of a famous face. Inside, CBS Records hosted a party at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to honor Michael Jackson. There were 1500 invitations mailed out on white cloth gloves, which were required to gain admittance into the museum. Michael specifically asked that the party be held there because he was interested in animals and natural history.

At the party, CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff presented Michael with presented with the first edition of the 1984 paperback version of the Guinness Book of World Records, who had stopped their presses to include the new record holder for the biggest selling album of all time, Michael Jackson's THRILLER.

THRILLER had surpassed the 25 million mark in sales, making it the most successful album in history. It had outsold the soundtrack album for Saturday Night Fever to take over the top spot.

Allen Davis, president of CBS Records International, read from a long, impressive list of awards and record breaking sales figures of his label's biggest selling artist, presented Michael with the honor:

Tonight, Michael, your international milestones for the album, THRILLER are a total of 67 gold awards, 58 platinum awards in 28 countries on 6 continents. And the singles with 9 million in sales have earned 15 more awards, bringing the total to 140 gold and platinum awards.
To date, 'Thriller' has sold over 25 million copies worldwide - more then any other album in recording history.

Confetti falls everywhere as dance girls surround during Michael receives one of many tributes. In the longest public speech that close associates could recall during his two-decade career, 25 year old Michael, the shy and sensitive singer, told the invitation-only audience of 1,500 how he felt about epic $1.4 million party staged to salute him. Clutching the wireless microphone in his sequined-gloved right hand, the child star who became a grown-up superstar smiled and said softly:
"I’ve been performing for twenty years. I started at 5 years old touring with my brothers, The Jackson 5, and still I haven’t – you know, I feel like I’ve just begun, you know...
And I’ve always wanted to do great things and achieve many things, but for the first time in my entire career I feel like I’ve accomplished this, because I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records.
I'm so honored and deeply touched by it and thank you all.
And I also thank CBS Records, which is the best record company in the world and Walter Yetnikoff, who is the best record company president in the world. And thank you all. You are all wonderful people. I'm very embarrassed but thank you."
As modest Michael relinquished the mike, Yetnikoff grabbed it, beaming and blushing. "We have a little surprise," he began. "I don't know if I'm the best record company president in the world but Michael is sure the best artist in the world." He continued:
"Michael just got a presentation for the best solo performer of all times. I'm reading from The Guinness Book of Records. The best-selling album of all time is Saturday Night Fever with 25 million copies globally. I have news for you. Today, we surpassed 25 million copies for THRILLER! Michael Jackson - the number one artist in the world!" Yetnikoff shouted.
Then, with the recording of Michael's hot-selling Billie Jean blaring through the loudspeakers, Brooke Shields bounced onto the stage and hugged the handsome hero to millions and the superstar with whom she shares a special friendship. As the guests shifted from the VIP reception area to the area of the museum where collection of stuffed elephants and other animals are on exhibit, holding Brook's gloved hand, Michael, an unabashed animal lover, sled the tour and mingled with celebrity guests. He carried with him the special bound copy of the Guinness Book of World Records, which had been presented him earlier by Norris McWhirter, editor of the Guinness Book, who said: "We stopped the presses for Michael at 23 million. But now he is already on 24 million."

1989 - Michael Jackson paid a visit to Cleveland Elementary School to see the children and families effected by the massacre occurred on January 17, 1989, at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, United States.

Michael had just returned from his Bad World Tour. He arrived at the school to comfort the surviving children by giving them confidence to view the world more positively after such a traumatic experience. Michael visited two children who were still hospitalized and met with the other children at a nearby church.

Fans gathered outside the hospital, church and school never saw Michael. He entered through back entrances accompanied by bodyguards. He wore black pants with multiple zippers and buckles, a black & red military jacket. He handed out gifts to each child, an autographed photo, a BAD tour t-shirt, and a BAD cassette.

Patrick Purdy may have destroyed many lives that day, but Michael Jackson's presence helped bring more attention and compassion to the victims than anybody else on planet Earth could have done in a hundred years.

Michael Jackson visits each classroom from the "Cleveland Elementary School" in Stockton, California, the parents of the children at the nearby Central United Methodist Church, as well as the children checked in the hospital, 3 weeks after a gunman had fired 100 bullets into a playground, then committing suicide. 5 children were murdered and 39 injured during the attack.

The pop star arrives to comfort the surviving children by giving them the confidence to view the world more positively subsequently to the traumatic experience. 8 year-old Thahn Tran, who had lost his younger brother during the massacre, speaks about the effect Jackson’s visit had on him: "I didn’t want to go back to school, but Michael made it all right again. If he goes there, it must be safe. Michael is my friend and I’m very glad.", sharing the sentiments of other children there, according to Diane Batres, a counselor from the district support unit. In addition to making another visit to the nearby church hosting the injured ones from the attack and the parents of the dead – to whom he offers words of sympathy, signs plaster casts on the wounded youngsters’ legs, while chatting and joking to them.

Michael makes another stop at the "San Joaquin General Hospital", and talks to two wounded children under treatment there. 7-year-old Alice Montejano says, while raising her autographed picture: "I’m not frightened about going back to school now, because Michael will keep all of those bad men away". Afterwards, Michael Jackson says the following to the children in the mentioned hospital: "You are very brave. When you are better, perhaps you will come and visit my private zoo." Vice-Mayor of Stockton, Ron Coale, has this to declare on Jackson’s goodwill visits: "Words cannot say how much turmoil this town had been through over the past few months. Michael Jackson’s visit has helped us to try and overcome it a little."

1998 - Michael has dinner with Lisa Marie at the Ivy Restaurant in Los Angeles.

2003 - Michael decides to cancel the press conference with Gavin's mother, Janet Arvizo and return to Neverland to give an interview.

He leaves Miami in a private Jet with Prince, Paris, Blanket, their nannies Grace & Patricia, his physician Dr Alex Farschian, Marie Nicole & Aldo Cascio, the bodygards Mike LaPerruque, Chris Carter & Danny Crawford as well as Gavin, Star; Davellin & Janet Arvizo.

2004 - Michael hires Raymone Bain as new official Spokesperson.

2005 - "At Large With Geraldo Rivera" T.V. Interview

2009 - Michael goes to the Bel Air Hotel for a business meeting with Dr Tohme.

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