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1995 - "HTWF", "Permanent Charities" and "EC2000" finance transportation facilities for 46 children from 18 countries to attend the "World Congress of Children" ("WCC") held at Neverland, a 3-day seminar and leadership preparation tackling children’s critical issues, such as reports on Switzerland’s child rights, the solutions being submitted by "HTWF" and "WWC" for the "World Summit of Children", during the United Nations’ Golden Jubilee in California. Jackson and his wife at the time, Lisa Presley, welcome the children to the residence. Additionally, "HTW" and "International Rescue Committee" channel 2 boxes of toys to the war regions of Bosnia-Herzegovina, while, along with "WCC" and "Children's Torch of Hope", convey "WCC"s mission and statement across the U.S. at over 30 events.

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