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2003 - Michael invited the Wolfs - a German family affected by the floods - over to Neverland.
Michael was horrified when he saw TV footage of the floods that devastated parts of Europe in August, 2002.

Heiko and Susann Wolf and their daughters, Saskia and Sabrina, had watched in horror as their Meissen home was washed away by the floods.
They visited MJ and spent 3 days enjoying the ranch's facilities and also met with MJ's kids.

Michael also donated 16 autographed items: CDs, videos and cotton napkins to aid in the support of the victims of the floods.

Susann Wolf said the 3-day trip to Neverland was a "magical experience" which has given her and her husband a new perspective of pop's strangest star:

"Before, I was fascinated, like everyone else, with the way Michael Jackson looks. I read about all the horror stories and I was panicking a bit.

When I met him briefly in Germany and then again at his home I realized he's normal - like us.

The children immediately became friends with his. Paris ran to her dad and said,
'Dad, here is my friend Saskia.'

It was wonderful and they all played great together!

My children ate with his children and it was spectacular. They just talked and talked. Saskia can speak a little English, but they found another way of communicating using hand gestures."

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