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1969 - The Jackson 5ive's contract with Motown records did not come into effect until March 11, 1969, after negotiations were made to buy out the existing Steeltown contract.

1976 - The Jackson 5's Motown contract has expired and their CBS/Epic contract, come into effect on March 11, 1976.

It was the beginning of a new chapter in Michael’s education. Despite the contentious nature of the lawsuits between Motown and the group, he was impressed by Gordy’s acumen in registering the name “Jackson 5″ under trademark, and was beginning to learn about business and law in a serious way, knowledge he would someday wield with great capability.

1993 - Michael Jackson attends The American Film Institute dinner to present Elizabeth Taylor with AFI's 21st Life Achievement Award.

Despite his dancing accident, Michael, walking on crutches, attended the star-studded dinner held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood in honor of his friend, Elizabeth.
The necklace around Liz's neck shimmered in the light of huge chandeliers, the same chandeliers that reflected in the mirrored sunglasses worn by Michael, who sat at her side.
Michael says: "I love her very dearly, She's always there for me, and I try to be there for her--forever"♥

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