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1958 - Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on a late summer night on August 29, 1958; the seventh of nine children. Father Joe Jackson was born in Arkansas. In 1949 Joe married Katherine Scruse, whose people are from Alabama.

In her book My Family Jacksons Katherine speaks about Michael's birth:

"My experience with Marlon and Brandon didn’t dissuade me from getting pregnant again. The following year August 29, I gave birth to another boy.

I remember that day well... my neighbor Mildred White and I were driving over to see the new grammar school under construction, Garnett Elementary. At my request Mildred drove me home. I called my mother and she and my stepfather drove me to Mercy Hospital.

Shortly after I got there, I began having contractions. Later that night, my son was born.

'I want to name him,' my mother said. I hated her first suggestion: Ronald.

'How about Roy, then?'

'Oh, my gosh, Mama, no.'

She thought for a little while. 'I’ve got it -- Michael.'

'That’s it,' I said.

By then I was used to seeing my babies born with funny looking heads, so I wasn’t alarmed by Michael’s. The two other things I remember about him as I held him in my arms for the first time were his big brown eyes and his long hands, which reminded me of my father-in-law’s."

1965 - On Michael's seventh birthday, he and his brothers performed at a fashion show held at Big Top department store in Gary, Indiana.

Evelyn Lahaie, the woman who owned the modeling school that was hosting the show, booked the band, but told Joseph Jackson that the name "The Jackson Brothers" sounded too ordinary, and suggested he change it to "The Jackson Five". It was with this gig that the band first played under their new name.

1972 - The Jackson 5ive perform at Honolulu International Center Arena in Hawaii.

1979 - Michael Jackson turned 21. His management contract with his father’s company, Joseph Jackson Productions, lapsed and was not renewed. Michael wanted to take full control of his music and business affairs and he hired his own accountants, lawyers and management. Weisner and DeMann were signed on as Michael’s personal management.

1988 - Michael performed on his 30th birthday at Leeds, England, where 92,000 adoring fans sang him "Happy Birthday".
Michael turned 30 years and 92,000 fans packed into Roundhey Park in Leeds celebrated by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Overhead, a plane circled, a huge ‘Happy Birthday Michael’ banner in its wake.

After the concert, Michael donated $1.3 million grossings to "Give For Life", a British charity in Leeds, England, aiming to raise towards an immunisation programme for 40,000 children. He also presents a check for 65,000 pounds to the mentioned charity-organization.

1992 - Michael spends his 34th birthday in Regensburg at the castle of Princess Gloria Von Thurn And Taxis.

1993 - In Singapore, a 47,000 strong sell-out crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Michael following the opening number Jam. It was his 35th birthday and Michael, pointing to band members for their cheeky ploy, was clearly embarrassed.
But – dominating front pages headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons – Michael must have been far from happy.

1997 - Jackson performed at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark on his 39th birthday with 50,000 fans. He was presented with a surprise birthday cake, marching band, and fireworks on stage before the Jackson 5 Medley. A concert was supposed to take place on August 7 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, the only concert that was cancelled during the tour.

Michael Jackson Private Home Movies:

MJ:One of the best moments is right here. It’s right in the middle of the show and ...it’s my birthday and I’m thousands of miles away from my family.

When they surprised me with the full marching band and then they brought out this huge, beautiful birthday cake...

(Happy Birthday is performed by the band)

MJ: I realized that I’ve got family all over the world. Everywhere I go, because my fans really show me the love and I love them just as much♥

MJ: (wiping his face) This is wonderful. Thank you so much♥

2002 - News broke that Michael is singing back-up on Monica's new album [same titled first single] "All Eyez On Me".

Michael Jackson was presented a massive birthday cake at the MTV Video Music Awards. Britney Spears presented the gifts to Jackson. At the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on August 29, Michael Jackson received a special award. At the beginning of the MTV show, singer Britney Spears came on stage to present the award. As it was Michael Jackson's birthday there was a huge four-layer cake, white with black musical notes and silver stars positioned in the back. The award, a silver treble clef, was on the table with the cake.

Britney Spears started with the following words:
"I am thrilled to be here with you in New York on such a special night. And it's more special because it just so happens to be someone special's birthday. This is someone who's inspired me and just about everyone in this room and the world. I consider him the artist of the millennium. He's a true innovator who pioneered the true art of music video, broke down countless barriers and sold more records than any other artist along the way. So, happy birthday my friend, the King Of Pop."
Then Michael came on stage to the intro to Billie Jean and received a standing ovation from the audience. Wearing black pants, a red top with applications and white/golden knee pads, his hair was shoulder length and straight. He was smiling and looked very happy.

Michael hugged Britney Spears, took the award from the table with the cake and walked to the microphone for his acceptance speech:
"Well...um...God Bless you. Um...I love you too [to the fans yelling at him]. Thank you very much, Britney Spears you're wonderful. If... when I was a little boy in Indiana, if someone had told me... if someone had told me that one day I would be getting, as a musician, the 'Artist Of The Millennium' award I wouldn't have believed it [laughs]. This is really amazing. I can't believe it. Thank you so very much.
But there's a couple of people I have to thank who made this possible [he reaches into his pocket for a piece of paper, and unfolds it]. First I'd like to thank God who makes all things possible. My mother, Joseph Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Trudy Green, Howard Koffman, the genius of John McClain, John Brenka, Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, I love you. David Blaine your magic is real and I believe in you. And I'd like to thank... I think James Brown is a genius. And all the fans around the world, I love you. God bless you. Thank you."

Then Michael made the peace sign, took the award, looked again at the cake and exited the stage.

The same night there was a controversy as to whether or not MTV actually gave Jackson an award. MTV promised to honor Jackson by presenting him with a new, special award. Jackson showed up, helping to boost their ratings, while MTV later made a mockery of the entire event, when higher-ups had MTV pull the award to teach Jackson a lesson--this happened during the big falling out Jackson had with Sony Music.

MTV pretended like Jackson went up on stage and gave himself an award, or had a "misunderstanding" of how he was being honored that night; his birthday by the way.

But apparently nobody warned to the guys running MTV's website that the award had been yanked or that Jackson was being made a fool out of because they posted the information about the Artist of the Millennium Award on MTV's site that night: "Michael Jackson's unprecedented Artist of the Millenium award!".
The next year MTV show, the presenters Fred Durst & Jack Black participated in a disgusting -- and rather unfunny actually -- parody of the event where he mocked Jackson, with Durst stating that Black was the "funniest man alive."
In 2009, MTV retconned that he had indeed been honored with the Artist of the Millennium Award.
Years after denying it and making hateful jokes about it, someone at MTV is apparently trying to come clean by admitting -- in a nondirect, cowardly way -- that the Michael Jackson did receive the "Artist of the Millennium" award in 2002.

The caption (see screenshot) underneath a picture of Michael Jackson that night reads: "Britney Spears presents Michael Jackson with the Artist of the Millennium Award at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards".

Now after Jackson's gone, along with the subsequent outing of MTV as a racist network in the 80s for refusing to play black videos before Jackson broke through, apparently they are a little less tight lipped with the truth.
At the 2009 Video Music Awards ceremony, MTV even made a tribute show to honor Michael Jackson.

After Madonna[rather unqualified for that task] opened the show talking about her experiences with Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson tribute commenced, including Janet Jackson performing the duet "Scream" the duet she and Michael recorded together in 1995. Janet matched footage of brother’s dancing in the music video move-for-move as it played on a screen behind her. The show closed with a sneak preview of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" documentary movie.

MTV's sudden realization of the power of Michael Jackson came too late... 7 years too late :(

Source: MJeol

2008 - Michael gives an interview by phone to "Good Morning America" from his home in California with Chris Connelly.
Facing a personal milestone that finds many people looking back, Jackson is focused on the future, which he thinks is brighter then ever.

MJ: I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things, so that's hard....I think the best is yet to come in my true humble opinion.

His every appearance setting off a frenzy of fan adulation, his every performance a jaw dropping marvel like when he first busted out the moonwalk.
Decades later it's fair to wonder can Michael Jackson still do all that at the age of 50? Oh yes he can, he says!

MJ: Yes!! Because I am expanding a lot of the avenues... People see some of the things I do and they say why don't you show this to the world. People don't know you do these things! Well, maybe I will.

And he says he wants to give his kids the kind of childhood he never had.

Chris: Would you like them to have the same kind of upbringing you did in terms of getting into show business at an early age? Or do you want to say to them whoa, take a moment, enjoy your childhood?
MJ: I am letting them enjoy their childhood as much as possible. I really do. I let them go to the arcade and get out and go to the movies and do things.
I think that comes naturally, you know. I want them to get to do the things I didn't get to do.

Chris: It must mean a lot for your kids to be able to do the things that you weren't able to do, huh?
MJ: Yeah, I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time.
When they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy and they are running. It makes me emotional.

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