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1973 - Michael was on a recording session of CALL ON ME, arranged and produced by Gene Page, Fonce Mizell & Freddie Perren. The song included, with added overdubs and remixed, on the solo compilation FAREWELL MY SUMMER LOVE, issued in May 1984 in the States and June 1984 in the UK.

1985 - Keeping with the philanthropic theme of the times, USA for Africa's instant-classic "We Are the World" won Best Group Video (and with everyone from Michael Jackson and Tina Turner to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, it was some group), as well as the Viewer's Choice Moonman.

Lauper and Ken Kragen prove music can be used for a noble cause, accepting a Moonman on behalf of USA For Africa at the MTV Video Music Awards held at Radio City Music Hall, NY.

1987 - Michael performs Bad tour at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo [Japan] attending 45,000.

Michael displays his support towards a campaign against racism, as well by lending his name to the NAACP's endeavour to help arrest prejudiced conduct and widespread discrimination against black artists.

1989 - Michael Jackson signed a $28 million deal with L.A. Gear.

A press conference was held in Los Angelese to announce Michael's new multi million endorsement deal with "L.A. Gear". The two year deal called for Michael to design and market a line of sports shoes and sportswear as well as appear in commercials. Under the marketing campaign 'Unstoppable' a wide range of activities was promised to promote the collection.

At the press conference, Michael wore black pants and jacket with a purple shirt and sunglasses. He also wore, instead of the usual black loafers, a pair of black & silver L.A. Gear tennis shoes. As usual, Michael was very brief with his comments: ""I look forward to the challenge of creating and designing with this hot LA fashion lead... I am very happy to be part of the L.A. Gear magic and I hope we have a very rewarding, successful career. Thank you."

Pop singer was said to be paid close to $28 million to be the company spokesperson and to design a line of men’s leisure shoes, black shoes, and T-shirts - for double what Pepsi had paid him, the highest corporate association ever.

The company's stock responded strongly, rising four points in the three days following the announcement. The company's use of Michael Jackson was 'more than a growth opportunity, they're trying to maintain their fashion image,' Paine Webber analyst Frank Podbelsek told Advertising Age. Under the umbrella theme Unstoppable L.A. Gear prepared to tap Michael Jackson's worldwide popularity by coordinating the Jackson line rollout with the release of a collection of his greatest hits called A Decade which was never released and the deal was dropped after only one commercial.

DECADE: Originally scheduled for release in November, 1989, DECADE was to be a double album of Michael's greatest hits with 3 to 5 new songs included, among them his cover of the Beatles' Come Together. Slated for release simultaneously was a DECADE video cassette. The poject was later shelved due to an avalanche of new material, prompting thoughts of a brand new album instead, much to the delight of his fans, which become, DANGEROUS.

In August 1990, commercials for "L.A. Gear" with Michael began airing in movie theatres.

1992 - Michael performs Dangerous tour at Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris [France] attending 85,000.

1993 - Jet magazine features MJ on its cover with the story Family And Fans Support Michael Jackson In Child Abuse Investigation.

1995 - Michael Jackson's "Dangerous - The Short Films" was certified Platinum.

1996 - During HIStory tour, Michael visits a state orphanage in Bucharest, Romania, prior to his concert at Lia Manoliu Stadium attending 70,000 fans.
He gives away toys & sweets to and plays with children from the "Leaganul De Copii Sfanta Ecaterina" state home, which he also acknowledges with 35 million Lei ($ 1 million).
Along with children, he visits the monument dedicated to the victims of the 1989 Romanian revolution, kneels before the memorial & renders a bouquet of flowers.

Michael was also is invited at the Parliament Palace, where children give performances for him. He attends a folklore performance - music and dances - by children dressed in traditional Romanian attire, after which is received on stage by the children, chanting his name and thunderously applauding him. They also perform a few song remakes in Romanian of famous anthems, such as Stephen Foster's "Oh, Susanna" or The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", to which Jackson happily bops his head and claps his hands.

When he is invited to take the stage, he makes the following appreciative discourse: "This performance was one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And I’m not just saying that, I really mean it from my heart. It was the highest in artistic presentation and I only wish all of the world leaders could be here to see this, because I think they would think twice when they so quickly send our brothers to the killing fields. Because this is our future – all the children. And I love you so much. And… [children loudly chanting his name] I just once again wanted to say thank you very very much, and from the bottom of my heart I truly and endearly love each and everyone of you. Thank you so much." (rare footage provided by LovinTheKingOfPop on YouTube)

1997 - Michael attends a public service for Princess Diana at St. James Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, CA.

2003 - Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was opened for a "once in a lifetime" event for guests that had paid $5,000 for a tour and two meals.

Michael hosted a star-studded charity event at Neverland. Only 400 tickets were available for purchase. Ticket price at pre-sale was $725, with proceeds going to charity. Among those in attendance were Aaron and Nick Carter, Mike Tyson, Penny Marshall, Pink, and Boys II Men, to name a few. R&B singer Ashanti performed her hit single, Aww Baby mixed with Michael's hit Rock With You, from the Off The Wall' album. The Carter brothers later presented Michael with a belated birthday cake. This led to a massive food fight—which of course, Michael started! Michael addressed those in attendance: "Thank you all for coming tonight. For in my opinion, in my opinion, is a very special cause and the cause is our future and the future is our children. I will continue to fight for them for the rest of my life."

2009 - The trailer for THIS IS IT was premiered at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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