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1984 - Michael Jackson's "Thriller" won Best Overall Performance, Best Choreography and Viewers' Choice at the MTV Video Music Awards held at the Radio City Music Hall, NY. Here, La Toya Jackson shows up in Moonman-inspired fashion to accept her brother's awards.
Michael Jackson, who scored three Moonmen, among his trophies was one for Best Choreography and the all-important Viewer's Choice Award. Both were bestowed upon him for his epic John Landis-directed "Thriller" music video, a groundbreaking entry into the field that substantially impacted the way these silly, little music videos were judged in the wider arts community.

To honor a legend like Jackson for his visionary talent (who, before going off the deep end, would have a prestigious Moonman award named in his honor several VMA years later).

1987 - Michael performs Bad tour at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo [Japan] attending 45,000

People magazine featured Michael on the cover with the story Michael Jackson - He's back. He's Bad. Is this guy weird, or what?

1990 - Michael Jackson received the first ever "Michael Jackson Good Scout Humanitarian Award" at the Century Plaza Towers in Los Angeles.

Michael was the first recipient of the award named in honor of him. The Michael Jackson Good Scout Humanitarian Award was presented to Michael in recognition of his humanitarian efforts for all mankind through his fund raising efforts for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Prince's Trust, The UNCF, and Childhelp USA.

Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner presented the award to Michael. Dressed in a gold & black military style jacket and sunglasses, Michael said only, "On behalf of the millions of past, present, and future Boy Scouts, I will try to abide by your motto of being prepared and always extending a hand to others."

1996 - Michael performs HIStory tour at National Stadium, Bucharest [Rumania] attending 70,000.

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