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1972 - The Jackson 5 on their first European tour in Brussels, Belgium

– The Jackson 5ive performed Dancing Machine, Get it Together and Don't Say Good Bye Again, as well as answering the audience questions. Joe Jackson talked through a home movie of a party at their home family, Michael performed With a Child's Heart.

1974 - The Jackson 5 perform a concert in Oakland, California

1979 - The Jacksons perform Destiny tour in Cleveland, Ohio

1984 - The Jacksons perform Victory tour at Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, USA attending 66,000

1991 - TV Guide featured Michael on their cover with the story The Making Of Michael Jackson's New Video

Michael begins filming the video of Remember The Time in Los Angeles directed by John Singleton and featuring Eddie Murphy, Iman & Magic Johnson.

2005 - Michael Jackson attends Rosa Parks' funeral service in Detroit, Michigan. The megastar assists a 7-hour long long ceremony, seated between Park's relatives. Tens of politicians, businessmen, religious leaders and people of the show business are present to pay their respects to the woman having made the fights for the civil rights in America possible. Among the famous guests were Reverend Jesse Jackson, former president, Bill Clinton, then president George W. Bush and singer Aretha Franklin. Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005, at the age of 92, notably famous for refusing to leave her seat on a bus to a white man, in 1955, Montgomery city. Her arrest caused the protest against the racial discriminations led by Martin Luther King Jr.

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