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1974 - The Jackson 5ive perform a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada during the quintet's first World Tour.

1991 - Michael Jackson's Dangerous album was released.

A few record stores in the US opened at midnight to begin selling the album as soon as possible. Tower Records in West Hollywood had a 20 foot by 150 foot replica of the album cover on the roof along with other over-sized displays from the album cover. Tower Records had an impromptu midnight opening and sold over 300 copies in 2 hours.

CBS Records initially shipped out 4 million copies of Dangerous, a new record. Dangerous is the first album to achieve advance orders of 50,000 units in the former Communist part of Germany. A spokesman for France's Virgin megastore said Dangerous was the quickest selling album the store has ever handled.
The cost to produce Dangerous probably also set new records, with an estimated cost of over $10 million. Seven recording studios were used to record the tracks. Michael had 24 hour a day access for 2 years to Record One in Sherman Oaks, California at a cost of $4,000 per day. Three rooms at Larabee Sound Studios in Los Angeles were reserved at $3000-$4000 per day.

The expense seems to payoff when Dangerous debuted on Billboard's top album chart at #1, with 326,500 copies sold in its first week. It held the position for four weeks. With record-breaking sales of 7 million in under two months, Dangerous become Michael's fastest-selling album ever in the US, breaking the sales record for Bad. Dangerous spent 117 weeks in the Billboard 200, 30 more than Bad. The RIAA certified Dangerous 7 times platinum (7 million copies).

Dangerous also debuted at #1 on the UK albums charts, the first album to do so on the strength of just 3 days of sales; it surpassed U2's new release, Achtung Baby which had a full week of sales. Dangerous spent 23 weeks in the Top 10, and a total of 96 weeks on the Top 75 chart.

Michael's new album didn't do too shaby throughout the rest of the world either, debuting at #1 in Australia, Spani, Switzerland, and Finland. The album entered the charts at #2 in Sweden and Germany, and at #3 in Italy. In Japan and the Netherlands, Dangerous debuted at #35 on the albums charts.

1996 - Michael Jackson visits the "Royal Children’s Hospital" in Melbourne, Australia, where he delivers toys to and signs autographs for the children.

Michael performs a concert at Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, Australia attending 65,000 fans.

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