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1974 - The Jackson 5ive perform a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada during the quintet's first World Tour.

1991 - On occasion of MTV's 10th Anniversary Show, he appears live on stage to perform songs, 'Black Or White' and 'Will You Be There', the latter being included in the videoclip as part of a montage of other stage performances of the song.

The day following the release of Dangerous, Michael performed his new single on a TV special celebrating the 10th anniversary of MTV. The hour long special aired on ABC and featured some of the biggest names in pop and rock music. There were performances by Aerosmith, George Michael, REM, and a spoken tribute by Madonna, each performed one song.

The special concluded with Michael performing two songs from his brand new album. Guns and Roses guitarist Slash, who plays on 2 tracks on Dangerous, Black or White and Give In To Me, joined Michael for Black Or White. Michael was dressed just as in the video, in black pants and white t-shirt underneath a opened white shirt. Michael's performance was energetic and fun, and he noticeably keep his hands off his crotch in the wake of the turmoil over the original video.

A gospel choir of various ages joined Michael for Will You Be There, with an angel, performed by Angela Ice, flying down to Michael and putting her wings around him symbolizing hope. Vincent Patterson choreographed the performance which was filmed in an airplane hunger in Los Angeles, with Michael Jackson fan club members being invited to attend the filming and make up the audience. The performance of Black Or White was completed in 6 takes.

At the end of the song Slash tossed his guitar through the front windshield of a car that was parked on stage which then exploded. When the pyrotechnics used in Black Or White were being tested Michael was careful to stand back saying, "I'm gonna get back, I was burned before by this kind of stuff."

During the rehearsals, two of Michael's chimps visited the set, and MTV CEO Tom Freston presented Michael with a 6 foot version of the astronaut statue used as the network's music video award. While Freston spoke, the huge statue was lowered to the floor on cables. "We've made you this statue to show our appreciation for all you have done for music and MTV, and here it is. And it's rather large." Michael quietly said, "Thank you" and shook Freston's hand.

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