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1983 - On being required by the Jehovah Witness Church elders - which he was a part of - to issue a statement repudiating his video for Thriller, he refuses, but within several days, he contacts his attorney, John Branca, and instructs him to destroy the Thriller tapes. Branca doesn’t oblige, but, after a while, he suggests that a disclaimer could be added at the beginning of Thriller. John Landis wouldn’t agree on this, but Jackson does, therefore, before the release of the 14 minute-music video on December 3, 1983, the following disclaimer will be added: "Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult."

2001 - "Cry", the second single release off "Invincible" had been commercially released. Sadly, it would prove to be the last single release off "Invincible".

Outside the States, Cry was issued as a single, included a previously unreleased song Shout (produced by Teddy Riley) as a bonus track. It was preceded by a short film directed Nick Brandt (who also worked with Michael on the promos for Earth Song, Childhood and Stranger in Moscow). The short film was shot at six different locations (five in California, one in Nevada), and the cast included members of a real gospel choir who formed a human chain. But – Michael himself didn’t appear and, compared with previous efforts, the end result was woefully tame and did little to promote the single.

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