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1984 - Just one month after the accident, Michael had recovered well enough to enjoy his big win at that year’s Grammy Awards on February 28, 1984, taking away a total of eight trophies for the Thriller, including the coveted Record of the Year that had eluded Off The Wall.

Michael attended the ceremony with two dates: Brooke Shields, a close friend who had also been his date at the American Music Awards a month earlier, and child actor Emmanuel Lewis, star of the sitcom Webster, who was a few weeks shy of thirteen, but looked much younger.

At the 26th Annual Grammy Awards Michael won 8 Grammys in ten categories: Album Of The Year ["Thriller"], Best Pop Male Vocal ["Thriller" LP], Record Of The Year ["Beat It"], Best Rock Male Vocal ["Beat It"], Best R&B Male Vocal ["Billie Jean"], Best New Song Of The Year ["Billie Jean"], Producer Of The Year [with Quincy Jones] and Best Children's Recording ["E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial" with narration by Michael Jackson].

Michael's date for the evening was Brooke Shields.

It is the most ever won in a single year and entered The Guinness Book of World Records.

Michael Jackson wins a total of 8 awards at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California.

On receiving the Grammy award for ‘Album Of The Year’ – ‘Thriller’ – Jackson declares:

“This is a great honor, I’m very happy. I’d like to thank Epic Records – it’s the best record company in the world and the best – the best President of any record company, walter Yetnikoff, come up here, Walter, where are ya? Walter Yetnikoff, ladies and gentlemen. […] I – I also would like to say something very important that some people are entertainers, some people are great entertainers, some people are followers and some people make the path and are pioneers. I’d like to say Jackie Wilson was a wonderful entertainer. He’s not with us anymore [voice slightly trailed off], but Jackie, where you are, I’d like to say I love and thank you so much. […] This is one of my best friends in the world, I love Quincy Jones and he’s a wonderful producer and he’s a wonderful person.”
On winning the Producer Of The Year Grammy Award with Quincy Jones, he briefly states: “I don’t wanna take up much time, I just wanna say thank you and I love you all.”On accepting the "Best Recording For Children" Grammy award, he declares:
"Of all the awards I’ve got now, I’m most proud of this one, honestly. Because I think children are a great inspiration and this album is not [only] for children, it’s for everyone. And I’m so happy and I’m so proud..And I’ll just say thank you so much."
He makes the following speech on accepting the award for ‘Best Pop Vocal Performance’ – ‘Thriller’:
“Thank you. Thank you. When something like – when something like this happens, you want those who are dear to you up here with ya. I’d like to ask for my sisters, La Toya and Janet, please come up. My sister, Janet, as well, come up. First of all, I’d like to thank God, who is – Rebbie, I’d like to have you up here too, you know -, also I’d like to thank my mother and father who is – who are with us all the way. My mother, she’s very shy, she’s like me, she won’t come up. [laughs mildly]. [Here is] my other sister. I have three sisters. Also, I’d like to thank all my brothers who I love very dearly, all of – including Jermaine. I forgot to thank Steven Spielberg on the E.T. album [award], I love him very much, and I also forgot to thank Quincy’s wife – Peggy Jones, she was a great help on the E.T. album. I’ve made a deal with myself - if I win more – one more award, which is this award, which is 7th, which is a record, I would take off my glasses. [smiles] You know, I - I don’t wanna take them off, really, but… [fans screaming] [to his approving sisters:] Should I take them off? Okay. Well, Katherine Hepburn, who is a dear friend of mine, she told me I should and I’m doing it for her, okay? And the girl – and the girls in the balcony. [takes them off, gets embarrassed] Thank you.”
‘Beat It’ wins the ‘Record Of The Year’ award.
“I love all the girls in the balcony. [smiles] Again, thank you, my mother and father, thank you, Epic Records Promotion Department, Walter Yetnikoff, thanks, the disc-jokeys, for playing the records. Thanks to the public. I love you all. Thank you.”
Producer Quincy Jones reads his speech, after which Jackson adds:
“I’d like to thank Lionel Richie, who is here tonight, and he’s a wonderful person and a wonderful songwriter. I’ve been knowing him ever since I was 10 years old. Also, I’d like to thank again Quincy Jones and the fans in the balcony.” , says the entertainer
That night, he also wins the ‘Best Male Rock Vocal Performance’ award for ‘Beat It’, the ‘Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for ‘Billie Jean’ and the ‘Best Video Album’ award for ‘Thriller’.

The Jacksons' Pepsi commercials were aired during the award telecast and are amongst the most successful and most popular ads ever, and the first and only set of advertisements ever to be included in the weekly "TV Guide" listings.

Michael Jackson is on the Blues & Soul Magazine [United Kingdom].

1986 - Michael telephones and invites 14-year-old Donna Ashlock from California - convalescing after a heart transplant - over to "Hayvenhurst" mansion in Encino, there dining and watching a film with the young patient, the actual visit taking place on March, 8. That same year, he invites 12-year-old Danielle Finmark (attending "Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times", an organization for children with cancer) to the ranch, where she tours the residence, visits his menagerie, has lunch with Jackson and watches movie "Short Circuit" with him, according to Finmark.

1996 - Michael and Janet Jackson take home the “Best Music Video, Short Film” Award for “Scream”, alongside producer Cean Chaffin and director Mark Romanek at the 38th Annual Grammy Award ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca.

2003 - Michael Jackson won an early skirmish Friday in his legal fight to ban a British television company screening unseen footage from a controversial behind-the-scenes documentary about him.

The American singer had asked the High Court in London to grant an injunction preventing Granada Media Group showing any more footage from its hugely popular "Living with Michael Jackson" show but lawyers for both parties said they had managed to reach a private agreement.

Granada's lawyer, Geoffrey Hobbs, told the court that his client had agreed not to exploit copies of the program or any out-takes until a full hearing of the case after March 31.

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Today in MJJ HIStory

1979 – The Jacksons perform their Destiny Tour in Avignon, France.

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