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1974 - The Jackson 5 fly home from Dakar after three concerts and many social activities they got involved.

1984 – Michael Jackson is on La Semaine magazine, from Canada. The main article is entitled “Le nouveau Dieu du Showbizz-qui est Michael Jackson? –The showbusinnes´s new God-Who is Michael Jackson?

1984 – Michael Jackson is on Manchete Magazine (Brazil). It pays special attention to this new star that comes after The Beatles and Elvis, the way a new star is born, how he lives as an idol and more.

1990 - Michael joined other stars at the Sammy Davis Jr 60th Anniversary TV Special, musical gala honoring Sammy Davis Jr.

Michael performed "You Were There", which he wrote with Buz Kohan especially for the occasion.

The night before the tribute show, Michael and Buz Kohan, who wrote the script, went in the rehearsal hall and wrote a song. They arranged it overnight, and the night of the show was the first time he'd ever sung it. He wanted to sing something that really related to Sammy.

Sammy Davis Jr. had helped to ease racial tensions and break down the walls separating the different races. This lead directly to Michael's tribute.

Michael stepped from the glare of several spotlights to perform, "Your Were There", dressed in black pants and red shirt with white strips tied at his waist and wrist, and white tape covering three fingertips.
Michael's touching tribute brought tears to his idol, who was then battling throat cancer.
It was certainly one of the more stationery performances Michael has ever given. With very few of his customary moves, Michael stood relatively still behind the microphone stand delivering the song only a few feet away from Davis.
After Michael finished the performance with one hand raised in the air, he walked over to Sammy and hugged him warmly.

Other performers included Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Ella Fitzgerald.
Sammy Davis Jr TV Special aired on ABC on Feb. 4, 1990, with all proceeds, $250,000 being donated to the UNC Fund.

1994 – Michael Jackson is on Derniere Heure magazine (Canada), talking about his history. Tout sur l’affaire Jackson.

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