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1981 - Michael, now a man at twenty-one, teamed up with his old partner Diana Ross again in 1981, appearing as a guest on her CBS-TV special, called Diana (not to be confused with Diana!, another CBS Ross special where Michael made his TV debut in 1971), which was broadcast at 10 p.m. on March 2, 1981

This time, the pair’s chemistry had evolved, they were now both adults, and their flirtatious between-song banter seemed less ironic and comedic than it had when he was still a boy.

1988 - Michael performed two songs (The Way You Make Me Feel and Man in the Mirror) at the 31st Annual Grammy Awards. Despite bringing the crowd to its feet with his spirited performance, Michael lost the Record of the Year award (his only nomination, for Man in the Mirror) to Bobby McFerrin for Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Michael's performance on 30th Annual Grammy Awards was his first TV performance since 1983's Motown 25 special 5 years earlier.

Suddenly. the lights dimmed and a silhouette appeared from behind a screen. Michael stood, poised very still, with a hat perched on his head, down over his eyes. He slowly glided from one position to another as the screen slowly rose revealing Michael wearing short black pants, well above his ankles, and a blue shirt with a white t-shirt underneath it. He also had a white strip of fabric tied around his waist, and one around his wrist, looking he just stepped from the set of the video for "TWYMMF".

He descended a small staircase and sang very slowly the opening lines of TWYMMF, putting out an imaginary cigarette on the floor. In a special cameo appearance, Tatiana crossed the stage in front of him. As the music assumed its usual uptempo beat, Michael tossed the hat, pulled his shirt tails out and was joined by four dancers. The dazzling choreography borrowed from the song's video, and showcased Michael's new variation on the moonwalk, gliding around in a circle.

After the performance of an abbreviated TWYMMF, the dancers left the stage to Michael. After a pause for applause, he began MITM. He was joined on stage by the New Hope Baptist Church Choir, all in blue gowns. Michael's other background singers included Siedah Garrett and Andre Crouch, who at one point went out to Michael to help him up from his knees and wipe his forehead, a gesture reminiscent of James Brown's performances. Michael gave an outstanding performance, falling to his knees at several points and giving full emotion to the song's moving lyrics.

Michael was given a standing ovation for his performance that evening, but no Grammy...

Despite his shutout, Michael won over the audience with a performance recalling his 1983 Motown special stunner

His minimal showing in the statuette sweepstakes hardly diminished his uncontested talents

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just a pity that the performance was lip-synched....

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